Forms of Domestic Violence



  1. PHYSICAL ABUSE.  Shoving, cutting of fingers, undressing of women in front of other men, calling her a whore, attempted burning and so on.
  2. Emotional and Psychological violence as in verbal abuse:  Telling the women to leave and never come back, mocking her publicly because of her looks, denying that they are married, ignoring her, accusing her of having affairs, threatening her or her loved ones with murder, suicide or deportation ( in the case of expatriates ), denial of sexual contact, destruction of property, etc.


      3.   Economic abuse: lack or absence of financial support, leaving debts for the

            jobless woman to pay, compelling her to surrender her entire salary to him,

            making her quit work, depriving her of inheritance, etc.


Because domestic violence is often a hidden problem, was only recently that is it was given pubic attention.  Battered women are not likely to report it out of shame and a displaced sense of loyalty to their partner.


The right of privacy gives no one the right to hurt anybody, least of all members of his her family.