Child Rights



As defined in RA 7610, the Special Protection of Children against Child Abuse, exploitation and Discrimination Act, children refers to persons below 8 years of age. These are very vulnerable individuals prone to abuse, exploitation and violence.


  1. Right to equality, regardless of race, color, religion, sex and nationality
  2. Right to name and nationality
  3. Right to grow in family environment
  4. Right to adequate means of survival: Food, clothing, shelter and medical care
  5. Right to free education, play and recreation
  6. Right to express hi views
  7. Right immediate aid in the even of disaster and emergencies
  8. Protection form cruelty, neglect and all forms of exploitation
  9. Protection from persecution and to and upbringing in the spirit of worldwide brotherhood and peace.




1        signing by the Philippine Government of the UN Convention on he Rights of the Child

2        enactment by Congress of Republic ACT 7610 in 1992 which provides for strong deterrence and special protection against child abuse, exploitation, discrimination, and penalties for such violations

3        launching of the “Munting Bayani Award” in 1995 to honor children who perform exemplary deeds of heroism in their communities

4        Proclamation of Child Development Week (October 5-11) to increase awareness and commitment of parent and communities in the promotion of values and respect for the rights of the children

5        Improvement of the teacher’s manual and conduct of teacher’s training to make the education system relevant to children’s development

6        Launching of the benchbook on the Child in the Criminal Justice System by the foundation for the advancement of the interest and the Rights of the Child (Fair Child) composed of prosecutors, judges and lawyers

7        To protect Children In Especially difficult Circumstances (CEDC), the GO’s and NGO’s initiatives results in the following development:


a.       creation of Child Rights Center under the Commission on Human Rights

b.      creation of the Child and Youth Relations Sections in Selected Police Stations

c.       inclusion of the CEDC in the National youth Development Plan

d.      setting up social worker’s desks at international airports in the country to prevent child trafficking and illegal transfer of children

e.       establishment of Sagip-Batang Manggagawa, a quick reaction team to respond to reports of child labor laws violations

f.        organizations of the Barangay Council ofr the Protection of Children and Bantay-Hotline to speed up reporting and action on child abuse

g.       NGO’s networking with local government units to ensure the inclusion of children’s protection in their plans and program

h.       Productions of various pro-child learning materials by socially-oriented child development agencies to provide children with alternatives to unwholesome reading materials

i.         The filing of 10 bills on children in the senate which focus on issues and pressing about children.

Republic Acts issued for the Protection of child's

R.A. 7610

R.A 7658