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No Human Rights no Democracy

Democratic values are founded on human rights principles. There is no way to promote democracy where the respect of  human rights is absent. The role of CDHD has been the promotion of human rights in unstable countries by conducting thourough researches which are useful to consolidate democracy in States at risks
African Union Commission Chair Urges Zimbabwean Government to put the Past Behind and Look Ahead
Addis Ababa, 12 February 2009-
“For me personally and the African Union Commission as a whole, today is an extremely important and historic day, not only for the people of Zimbabwe but for the whole of our continent” said Chairperson Jean Ping in his address, yesterday Wednesday 11 February 2009, in Harare, Zimbabwe, at the swearing in ceremony of the new Head of Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsangirai, in the presence of President Robert Mugabe.
(Source: Afican Union) 

DRC-Rwanda agreements 

CDHD observes that the agreements made between the DRC and Rwanda might hinder the ongoing peace process in the DRC. This is the second time the DRC decides to disarm Interhamwe militia by force.The region has been in crisis for a decade; the DRC and Rwanda have taken a risky initiative which may jeopardise diplomatic efforts to end years of conflict.

The Durban Review Conference 

The 2001 conference on Racism held in Durban will be reviewed in two months in Geneva. NGOs are invited to submit their applications to attend the conference. For more information



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Human rights crisis i n Africa

Every year millions of africans lose their lives; they are victims of wars, civil conflicts and other forms of internal crisis. The state of human rights in African countries is very critic. The war in the DRC and the genocide in Rwanda have been the most deadliest  since 1945.

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