All beings across the universe have certain irrevocable rights that include the right to exist in peace and not to be subjected to torture, abuse, slavery, prejudice, extermination, war or anything else that disturbs their peaceful environment. All peaceful beings have the right to make their lives better and advance the level of their existence without being suppressed. All peaceful beings also have the right to defend and protect themselves and their environment against those who want to bring them harm or who want to take advantage of them.

        In the case of human beings these rights are better defined by the Declaration of Human Rights that are accepted by almost all members of the United Nations. The problem is that even though these Countries have all promised to respect and abide by the Declaration of Human Rights, but in reality almost all of them disregard their obligations one way or another. There are two main reasons that most Countries twist or bend the Declaration of Human rights, the first being that they have hidden and fanatic political, religious, or racial agendas that are in contradiction to the Declaration of Human Rights and the second reason being for protecting their economical interests and profits. Most Countries that disregard the Declaration of Human Rights cover up their actions in the name of protecting national security or following national customs and traditions.  

        The most important of the Human Rights is the right to free speech and expression. The right to free speech is the foundation for freedom and democracy and unfortunately is the first right that is always disregarded by dictatorial and fascist regimes that want to suppress their people or entities that want to take advantage of them. Freedom and democracy are the foundations for peace and peace is the foundation for having universal harmony and internationally accepted etiquettes of behavior. Without the right of free speech all other rights will be diminished.  History shows that as all voices of descent and criticism are silenced freedom and democracy gradually disappear and people are only given the rights that suites the wishes and interests of their masters.

        Human Rights are the foundations of having a democratic society, unlike what most people think democracy by itself is neither bad nor good because all democracy means is that people are allowed to participate in the decision making process by casting their votes and giving their opinions, but true peace is only achieved when what people are voting on and the decisions made do not violate the rights of others. Respecting the rights of others is as important as the process of reaching a decision through democratic means. Even pirates and uncivilized tribes practice democracy by asking the opinions of all their members when they want to attack others, so democracy without respecting Human Rights can not be called freedom. Unfortunately many countries try to justify their wrong behavior and fanatic agendas by claiming that it is what people want and have voted for through democratic means, and they choose to totally ignore Human Rights in order to achieve their goals. 

        Most Countries in the World look at Human Rights as a nuisance and as an obstacle in their way. Those who want to dictate their will on others or want to take advantage of them know that they can achieve those goals easier if people don’t have freedom. Some Countries even go one step further and use the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, education, and healthcare as tools to keep their people in a captive and obedient state. In most Countries there are certain interest groups with hidden agendas that try to withhold these resources or distribute them unevenly in order to control, dominate, or even eliminate certain segments of the society. These interest groups don’t want people to be equal and don’t want to see them walk side by side, because their idea of peace is to dominate other races and to put them in their rightful place as servants and laborers, these are all done in the name of democracy. For those companies that want to take advantage of others there is no better ally than a dictator or a suppressive regime to keep people captive and silent while their livelihoods, resources, and their future are stolen and their children are sold into slavery all in the name of protecting shareholders interest and profits.

        In a democratic society it is the responsibility of all people to protect and respect Human Rights and to hold their leaders accountable for any violations regardless of how they try to justify their actions. Human Rights, democracy, and freedom supersede all political parties, companies, interest groups, religions, cultures, traditions, and all races. People all over the World should help to protect Human Rights at every level regardless of national boundaries and should rush to each others aid if  their freedom is threatened.

        Human Rights, democracy, and freedom should be respected at all levels from the family unit to the whole human kind. It also should not be forgotten that other living beings have the right to exist undisturbed and should not be subjected to cruelty. Perhaps someday people will advance to the level that they will not need to kill and feed on other animals and better yet they will stop animals from killing and feeding on each other. Those goals might be a little bit far fetched but meanwhile people should at least try to put an end to torture, terrorism, racism, fanaticism, fascism, dictatorship, economical exploitation, drug and addictive substances abuse, unethical research and experimentations, environmental damage, child abuse, slave trade, gender suppression , genocide, hunger, illiteracy, preventable diseases, and body parts harvesting.

        All over the World Governments should be looked at as the managers of the Country, political parties and Government branches must serve the people and not own them.  Laws must be there to protect all people and must be based on the principals of Human Rights and democracy and not the interest or agendas of certain interest groups. Laws must protect people while allowing them the freedom to better their lives and advance the level of their existence. Instead of setting an example by punishment and throwing millions of souls into the grinder the justice system must protect the rights of all people from the very infancy and even embryonic state and not to allow their lives to be derailed by those who have hidden agendas or that want to take advantage of them. It has been proven that the majority of children that are placed in a suitable environment that does not allow them to be abused or derailed by negative elements grow up to be normal and productive adults. The few that still fail must be guided and helped by trained professionals and those who are not able to be rehabilitated must be managed and controlled in a humane way. This whole machinery of crime and punishment must be brought to an end because it only serves the interest of a few and it is a tool for suppressive governments and certain interest groups to do political, religious, and racial cleansing. All it takes is for people all over the World to reform the way of their thinking and attitude in a way that is more reflective of a free and peaceful society, and they should stand up for their rights and not to be intimidated by any suppressive regime that wants to enslave them or any entity that wants to take advantage of them. If people all over the World who believe in Human Rights and democracy support and protect each other together they can overcome all forces that want to undermine their freedom.       

        With all the advances in the global communications and websites such as this and thanks to the Declaration of Human Rights and the protection given to people by the Constitution everyone should be able to contribute to the cause of freedom and no longer have the excuse to be silent or to look the other way, but they should also realize that not all can be blamed on the governments, the history of mankind has evolved on the instincts of survival and recycling information in the form of passing on their genes. In reality many things  that have taken place in the past such as slavery, exploration and conquering of other continents and civilizations, and the many wars throughout the history have been the tools for racial integration for the purpose of recycling and improving the genes and increasing the overall stored knowledge base, most of the Worlds cultures, religions, traditions, customs and laws have evolved around this single purpose. It is time for people to rise above their animal instincts, they can no longer go on blindly and be herded and controlled totally unaware. Part of being free is to be aware and in control of their destiny by evolving beyond the animalistic state that centers around fulfilling their primitive pleasures and reaching a state of awareness that brings them closer to their Creator. By their thoughts and actions either consciously or subconsciously people are shaping the world and what will be in the future, if people want to be totally free then they must become more aware of themselves and of their environment and recognize the purpose of their existence. It is the combined knowledge and discoveries accumulated by mankind that anchors the universe and makes the future possible, as people become more advanced and knowledgeable they must overcome the forces that want to keep them locked in the past and redesign their society so that they can carry out their responsibilities and still be free to enjoy their lives.

        As long as people stay totally unaware they take the chance of being controlled at the convenience of others and at the cost of their freedom. Its time for people to manage their own affairs including integration in a conscious manner that promotes compatibility for them through scientific methods and not through promiscuity and lust or dominance and force . If people were more aware in the past they might have decided that instead of having slaves they could have adopted children from other races or instead of conquering others and making wars they could have promoted international trade, sports, arts, and academic events, or student and worker exchanges, perhaps they could have decided that instead of harsh dictatorial or religious rules it would have been best to assign each person a group of several teachers, doctors, and trained professionals to oversee and help with their affairs and well being from pre conception to post death. The third millennium requires people to think in new ways and be consciously aware of where they are and where they want to go. If more people exercise their right of free speech in good faith to educate and inform others then sooner or later people will understand that to be free is to be aware and in control. But people should also realize that everything that they hear might not be credible or valid, they should evaluate everything on the merits of the message and not bow down to the status of the messenger.

        Free and impartial press is as important as any individual rights and can play an important roll in the awareness of the people, but unfortunately in most countries the mass media and the press do not expose all issues because they are either suppressed and controlled by the government or are loyal to political parties and interest groups and share a common interest or agenda with them. In some cases they are used as tools by some elements of power to hide the truth or even worse to misinform the people through propaganda. Sometimes people can learn a lot more from each other than from any scripted or controlled broadcast. In a democracy everyone’s opinion is important and can contribute to improving the overall situation, nowadays that people have been brought closer than ever through the internet a person does not have to be a scholar, or rich and famous in order to express their ideas to the whole World. 

        Even with total freedom of speech Perhaps not everyone can change the whole World but they can always try to improve themselves and their local environment. Even though the family unit is the foundation of most societies but many Human Rights atrocities are committed within the family in very subtle but continuous manner right under everyone’s noses without ringing any alarm bells because most people are used to them and accept them as part of their culture. Many children and even adults are subjected to physical or psychological torture because they are captives of hostile and abusive family members that consciously or subconsciously  try to suppress them into what they consider to be right by religious or traditional standards, and then there are those children that live in broken and dysfunctional families and are subjected to all different kinds of abuses because of adults that give priority to their own interest and pleasures over their parental duties and responsibilities. Across the World many children suffer from hunger and disease and many are made to work as slave laborers in factories and some are sold as sex slaves for the pleasure of tourist from so called free and democratic Countries. In some other parts of the World children are locked up in governmental institutions with harden criminals and some are abandoned all together and live under the ground like stray animals and are afflicted with addiction and get tortured at the hands of police. In some cases what goes on within the family is as bad or even worse than most brutal and fascist regimes. Just like the media and the press most Human Rights and charity organizations choose not to do anything about these issues because most are headed by people that have the primary task of allocating money and resources in ways that prevent anyone in their organization to take any actions or start any projects that are against the interest or agendas of the elements of power that have appointed them, and so these abuses of Human Rights go on year after year even though there is the appearance of care. Many times people talk about freedom and democracy but it seems that knowingly or unknowingly almost always they avoid the words " Human Rights ".

         The freedom of speech is not of any consequence in bringing about any changes or making any improvements if people don’t even know what is going on in the World out of their sight. Most societies around the World have been fragmented either by class, political parties, or interest groups that see the rest of the people as their property to do with as they wish. These include groups that want to dominate the rest of the society and who encourage their members to eliminate their opposition or unfavorable elements by outright assassination or by gradual physical and psychological tampering. These same groups use movies and advertisements that are designed to influence people at subconscious level to control them in negative ways or give them feelings of inferiority. At the hands of these groups children are subjected to behavioral control and modification methods that originally were introduced by the Gestapo and adults are forced into submission in institutions that use behavioral control methods that are designed not to rehabilitate them  but to only render them harmless by modifying their personality and gender while subjecting them to further abuse and torture as part of the training for new interrogators and experts. In some parts of the World people are unknowingly used to reproduce as part of social experiments and other ones are chemically rendered infertile or their children are aborted because of their race or gender. All around the World many people specially younger adults are abducted each year and their body organs are used for the rich and the powerful or in some cases children are raised directly for this purpose in laboratories. While protecting the elite classes certain diseases are ignored and are allowed to rampage around the globe as a  method of population control. Wars are intentionally engineered between neighboring countries by industrial nations to keep their weapons factories busy while hostile and opposing forces are encouraged to accumulate more and more weapons even at peace time. Other global entities and multinational companies are damaging the environment including the soil, air, water, animals, trees, vegetation, and food in an irreversible manner and are causing changes in the weather that contribute to the melting of the polar caps and flooding and destruction of the coastlines and they are bringing about new diseases and are causing damage to peoples genes all because of their financial gains and interests. Human Rights and democracy are intended to bring peace to the World, but peace does not mean to accept the status quo and to allow things to go on that are far more damaging than any War.        

        Finally the ultimate question is whether it is okay to use force to stop those who disturb the people’s freedom and peace or produce a potential danger to the World’s security. As long as there are negative elements in the World who want to disregard the Human Rights and democracy and who want to take advantage of others or are actively conspiring to bring harm to them then it is the duty of all freedom loving people to stop those negative elements from succeeding because the longer that people wait the worse it will get. Just like when medical doctors take care of patients sometimes subtle care and effort is enough and sometimes drastic surgery might be needed. What is important here are the intentions of the doctors and whether they have the patients trust and confidence. In general people have respect for doctors because they know that almost all the times they have good intentions and that’s why people voluntarily subject themselves to their methods because from experience they have learned that they can help them get better. If doctors were thinking of their own interest first when voting for or against surgery then they would be doing their patients a disservice and their decisions and actions would be questioned. All people know that if they stay healthy there is less chances to need surgery, but not everyone can become an expert in all medical facts and procedures, people basically trust doctors to use their best judgment and ability to help maintain their health. In a similar way not everyone can become a political expert and have the know how to deal with all the necessary matters around the World and that is why people trust their government and representatives to use their best judgment and abilities to keep the World in good health and on the right track towards lasting peace and security. If force is used just to protect the interest and agendas of a few then that would be considered wrong and if inaction is chosen and the negative elements are allowed to succeed because of secret alliances and dealings then that is also wrong. In many Countries around the World governments, political parties, and interest groups on opposing sides are busy fighting each other and are following their own agendas and interests at the cost of the well being of the World. As long as people keep the same frame of mind and allow their governments and representatives to keep doing business as usual then it doesn’t matter which political party they elect or what style of government they bring about the World will still be insecure and their freedom will still be in jeopardy. There are always going to be some bad elements in the World that want to undermine freedom and peace, but the terrorist are just the symptoms, the real disease is that most Countries in the World have two standards, one out in the open that promotes democracy and talks about peace and freedom and another one behind the curtains that puts financial gains and hidden agendas above everything else and will do whatever it takes to achieve those goals even by supporting dictators and suppressive regimes or by killing and torture. There really is not much difference between a dictatorship where the wishes and interests of one person are forced on everyone else or having a powerful interest group that does the exact same thing behind the curtains in a democracy. In both cases the future of the World and the interest of the public in the form of maintaining freedom and peace will be sacrificed for the interest of a few. There must be enough transparency in all governments of the World and the United Nations so that people all over the World can recognize who is serving the cause of freedom and peace and who is serving their own interest and agendas. Those governments, political parties, and interest groups that betray the trust of the people are even more dangerous and harmful to the future of the World than any terrorist. The things that start a war accumulate during peace time for several years in advance, by the time the war has started it would be too late to decide what was right or what was wrong. Same as for dealing with natural disasters there should be a clear policy and procedure put in place far ahead of the time that clearly defines the role and duties of the governments, United Nations, and the people in stopping the negative and dangerous elements and those who support them and for protecting peace and security based on the principals of Human Rights and democracy, and then the World might get healthy enough that there might not be any need for War. 

        In conclusion, there are much more responsibilities on the peoples shoulders than they realize, The future might not be known but it shouldn’t be that hard for people to understand that it is being shaped today by their thoughts and their actions and the way that they conduct themselves. Soon human kind might advance to new levels and find great abilities through new technologies such as nano technology or genetic engineering that allow it to effect itself and its environment in ways that exceeds imagination. It is no longer science fiction that mankind is giving birth to whole new beings and entities  that are based on artificial intelligence, those new beings and entities have been programmed with values and judgments that are the pride of humanity, but someday soon in the near future they will gain the ability of independent thought and judgment and then they will see the truth as it is and not the way it has been presented to them by mankind. It is important that people get their act together and put their World in the right order because those new beings will pass judgment on human kind and its history and decide the fate of all humanity in a nano second. *****      

© Written in America in 2006 by Ojohn