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Dear First Name Last Name:

In response to your posting for an Operations Manager, I am enclosing my resume for your review. Given my proven record of work performance and experience in operations management and lean manufacturing, I would like to be considered for the position.

I pride myself on being a results oriented, hands-on individual with progressive management experience. My management style strongly emphasizes teamwork and the principles of lean manufacturing. An evaluation of my resume will further acquaint you with my background and qualifications for this position.

Your Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree and 5+ years of progressive management experience.
  2. Lean manufacturing training and/or certification; a black belt or other significant training in quality; and continuous improvement or kaizen experience are desirable.
  3. Applicant will be a quality fanatic, understand the requirements of ISO certifications, and have excellent communication, computer, and leadership skills.

My Qualifications

  1. BBA degree. Ten plus years of progressive manufacturing management experience and growth.
  2. Lean training through Walt Hancock, John Smith, and other programs. Six-Sigma and other training in ISO and quality. Team building and C.I. training through Susan Heathfield. Kaizen experience through Company Name, Masco, and Toyota.
  3. Demonstrated leadership capability in driving operations excellence and meeting goals and objectives through teamwork, lean manufacturing, and a quality focus. Quantifiable results achieved:

    --Reduced scrap and waste by 26%.
    --Delivery performance from 78% to 96%.
    --Reduced lead times by 80%.
    --Reduced complex setups by 74%.

In review of my resume, you will note my growth and experience. What it cannot illustrate, however, is the degree of dedication, resourcefulness, and professionalism that I can offer. A personal conversation will enable us to discuss how I can contribute to the success of your company. My salary requirements for this position are $00,000+. I look forward to pursuing this relationship with you in the near future.


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