All necessary materials are included to improve the evaluation and selection of employees at all levels and grades within the organization.

Employee evaluation technique - profile analysis

This model will comprehensively assist you in providing an improved framework within which to evaluate employees against the requirements of jobs. Once familiar with the basic procedure it is quick and easy to deploy. The systematic procedure has the potential to be deployed across the organization and to be used in evaluating employees or potential employees at all levels, blue and white collar employees.

Basic Steps

Step 1. is easy to perform for any position, senior executive down to lowest grades. Use existing data (job descriptions, job analysis data) in compliling a position profile. Employee evaluation - step 1 job analysis

Step 2. Choose the evaluation questions to be used. There are over 600 evaluation questions to choose from (an average of approximately 11 per each of the 55 dimensions.) In the above schematic there are 5 job dimensions being evaluated (considered to be critical to job success.) Some dimensions will required 2 or 3 questions, other may require 4 or 5.

Step 3. Conduct your evaluation / selection process.
Step 4. Compare each person against the position. Your decision making is now made so much simpler, as will be your evaluation, selection and training and development processes.

Employee evaluation profile against the position profile

  • establishing a new position
  • seeking potential employees for hire
  • evaluating performance of existing employees
  • developing training and development programs
  • developing employees for internal promotion
  • constructing a project team having key skill, knowledge and experience bases
  • employee surveys, where you wish to compare an ideal situation, with the situation perceived by employees

this framework will provide you with an improved decision making tool to evaluate an employee or group of employees against the requirements of jobs and the values your organization.