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Worth Protecting

Avoiding Sexual Manipulation/Aggression
Pamela Woll and Terence T. Gorski
Worth Protecting is designed for women and men, from the early teens through the adult years.  It takes a non-adversarial approach toward understanding and avoiding sexual aggression and manipulation in relationships, including the use of seduction, coercion, psychological force, and rape.  The skills and insights fostered by this 280-page book can help the reader build both greater safety and healthier relationships. 
Worth Protecting explores the ways in which both men and women are taught to think of members of the opposite sex as commodities, and the link between that paradigm and sexual manipulation and violence.  It questions the need for the age-old "battle of the sexes," and instead suggests a new kind of relationship in which mutual respect is paramount and neither partner tries to coerce or manipulate the other—and where partners can have both safety and passion.
The co-author, Terence T. Gorski, is president and founder of The CENAPS® Corporation, a training, consultation, and research firm specializing in recovery and relapse prevention.  Terry has authored hundreds of publications, and his works have been translated into several languages.

Presentations for therapists, consumers, and general audiences are also available.
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"Worth Protecting is a vital book for both men and women who are concerned about avoiding or coping with the aftermath of aggression and violence in relationships.  It is a must for parents struggling to teach their children about relationships in a dangerous world.  An important book for counselors, therapists, and teachers dealing with perpatrators and victims of sexual aggression."
Claudia Black, author of It Will Never Happen to Me and Changing Course