The Power and Price of Survival

Understanding Resilience, Stress, and Trauma

Pamela Woll, MA, CADP

Written for people who have experienced heavy stress, threat, and/or trauma, this workbook is designed to make four things very clear:

  1. We all have resilience, and ways of strengthening that resilience.
  2. Post-trauma reactions really are signs of strength, rather than weakness.
  3. The things that happen to memories after trauma are not signs of being "crazy" or "dwelling on the past."  They make perfect sense, once we understand resilience, stress, and trauma.
  4. There are many things we can do to bring the stress system back into balance.
The Power and Price of Survival addresses:
  • The nature of resilience
  • Ways of getting back in balance
  • Considerations in seeking professional help
  • Information about the brain in resilience, stress, and trauma
The Power and Price of Survival is the civilian version of Finding Balance:  Understanding and Optimizing Your Stress System After Deployment. Like Finding Balance, this workbook has short chapters and a number of "Tools" that can help the reader understand and use resilience skills to restore the stress system to balance.

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