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Song Lyrics, and one Choral Piece

Pam started writing songs very early in life, in the pre-school years.  Her first effort was a very operatic three-line aria for bovine soprano, written in collaboration with her sister Judy (a wonderful musician in her own right), called "Whatever goes up comes down."  The next one she remembersa steamy torch song called "Blue Indigo"popped out of her head in the fourth grade.  (Out of kindness and respect, the lyrics of these two are not included in the sample that follows.)

In the early 1980s, Pam started singing in the incredible choir at St. Pauls UCC Church on the North side of Chicago, and fell in love with choral music.  About the same time, she met Igor, a beautiful little neo-Celtic harp made by a gentleman named Bob Welland (neo-Celtic means it's bigger than the little lap harps and has gut or nylon strings instead of wire).  She also met Liz Cifani, Principal Harpist for the Lyric Opera of Chicago, who had a passion for Celtic music and was willing to teach and mentor and encourage Pam even though Pam couldn't read music and was way too lazy to learn (still is).  Under Liz's guidance, and that of Dr. Ron Price of Northern Illinois University (now retired), Pam began to study the healing power of music and first learned that she was fascinated with neurobiology.  (Go figure.)

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