Brain Stuff

What the Brain Does in Stress and Trauma

Copyright 2009, Pamela Woll

Not everyone likes to read about brain stuff, but for those who do, it can provide scientific evidence that post-trauma reactions are:
  • Natural
  • Normal
  • Logical (they make sense!)
  • Signs of the body's power to keep us alive and functioning under stress and threat
  • Not signs of "going crazy" (whatever that is)

If you're here by mistake (you really hate brain stuff), you can click here to go on to the next page, Help and Training in Managing Reactions.

But if you don't mind reading a little about the brain and a few of the chemicals it uses, this page has four sections:
  • The Stress System
  • How the Stress System Works Toward Balance
  • The Brain Under Stress and Threat
  • Brain Chemicals Under Stress and Threat