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Partner Organizations

Among the greatest sources of fulfillment in Pam Woll’s life as a consultant have been the many individuals and organizations with whom she has worked in collaboration and partnership.  Many of these organizations are listed on this page, but first, a few deserve special mention because of the pivotal roles they have played in Pam’s ability to develop and use her knowledge and skills.
First as an employer in the early 1990s, and later as a client, Prevention First, Inc. (PFI) sponsored Pam’s best early efforts in the field of prevention and health promotion.  Under the direction of Executive Director Karel Ares, PFI is a national leader and highly esteemed contributor to the body of prevention knowledge and effort.

At the time, former Executive Director Jackie Garner and her team offered Pam the chance to learn and grow as a writer and forge multiple collaborative relationships.  And the mentorship and encouragement of Steven Guerra, former Director of the organization’s Chicago Office, created an atmosphere in which Pam found many opportunities for creative exploration of topics of vital importance, including the influence of trauma on human development.