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Breaking the Chain

Prevention Programs and Children of Addicted Families

Author:  Pamela Woll
Guest Editor:  Cathleen Brooks
This Guide was written for people who want to help children who live in addicted families.  It addresses ways in which these children's needs and realities may differ from those of other children, and ways of making programs and practices more relevant and sensitive to their needs.  The first half focuses on building an understanding of:
  • The nature of trauma, and its impact on many children's lives
  • The complexity of substance dependence disorders
  • The generational momentum of these disorders
  • Effects of these disorders on family systems
  • Core issues that children develop in addicted families
  • The importance of health and growth among preveniton professionals
The second half provides a wealth of concrete and conceptual information on making programs for children safe and effective for all children.
Pam Woll,
Dec 4, 2009, 10:56 AM