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    Human Priorities is the home of Pamela Woll, MA, CADP, Chicago-based author and consultant in writing, training, and instructional development.  Since 1989, Pam has been writing books, manuals, and booklets for client organizations, for professionals, and for general audiences, on a wide range of human service topics.  Some of these works are also available for download from other web sites, but this site shows the range of materials and offers access to the best of them.  It also offers a web-based section for general audiences on understanding Resilience, Stress, and Trauma.

    New on this Site:  Link to Multimedia Presentation:  "The Red Blood of the Somme"

    You can watch a multimedia presentation (music, lyrics, and photographs) of Pam's song about a WWI Soldier who serves at the Battle of the Somme and then faces some challenges when he gets back home.  Just go to:

    Called "The Red Blood of the Somme," this song contains words about and images of war, so please don't watch it if you're in a vulnerable place.

    Please Note:  Resilience 101 materials are now called Finding Balance.
    Pam's primary focus, through her writing and training, is on helping individuals, organizations, and systems:
    • Recognize and build on resilience
    • Understand the nature, neurobiology, and effects of stress and trauma
    • Promote successful recovery from the effects of embodied stress and trauma
    • Integrate their understanding of, and efforts to build, physical, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual health
    Areas of concentration include:
    • Reintegration needs of service members, veterans, and their families
    • Neurobiology of resilience, stress, and trauma
    • Family trauma and interpersonal violence
    • Trauma and addictive disorders
    • Trauma and mental illness
    • Healthcare integration
    • Disaster human services
    • Trauma-informed care

      Photo by Allan Landau

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