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Concussion & injury risk in rugby

Dr Moore is leading a project investigating the risk of concussion and subsequent injuries in elite rugby union. The database includes all time-loss injuries sustained by players in the Regional Welsh rugby and the Wales men's national team across several seasons. The work is funded by the Welsh Rugby Union and World Rugby. This interdisciplinary projects draws upon expertise from sport science, epidemiology, sports medicine and computer science.

The following collaborators are involved in current work or have previously been working on associated project outcomes:
Dr Imtiaz Khan (Cardiff Metropolitan University); Dr Jim Rafferty (Swansea University); Mr Prav Mathema (Welsh Rugby Union); Prof Tom Crick (Cardiff Metropolitan University); Dr Giles Oatley (Murdoch University); Ms Leah Bitchell (Cardiff Metropolitan University); Dr Simon Kemp (Rugby Football Union); Prof Keith Stokes (University of Bath); Dr Matthew Cross (Premiership Rugby); Dr Mohamed Mostafa (Cardiff University); Dr Craig Ranson (English Institute of Sport)

Our research was showcased on BBC Wales current affairs programme 'Wales Live'
You can watch the piece below:

The key concussion-related findings from our work to-date are:

Concussion education needs to target the following (Mathema et al., 2015):


The above findings were incorporated into the Welsh Rugby Union's concussion education programme.