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Welcome to Kilakarai Bukhari Aalim Arabic College


A Model institution par excellence in Islamic studies combined with modern disciplines to promote Ulama (Islamic scholars) capable of bringing about a positive change for the betterment of self, family, society and humanity in the light of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah with the sole aim of serving and pleasing Almighty Allah, the Creator.


To impart high level revealed knowledge and to offer degree courses on modern disciplines simultaneously.

To train students in Ibadat to strengthen their relations with Almighty Allah, the Creator.

To develop a balanced Islamic personality to be a role model for Muslim Ummah in the new millennium.

To develop various skills.

To prepare and train students to serve Islam and the community in addition to preparing them for careers.

Five Year Course
The academic programme is designed for higher education combining both the revealed knowledge and human sciences, for students having passed Matriculation or SSLC / OSLC level.

This academic package programme consists of four simultaneous courses for a total duration of five years;

On successful completion of the 5 years, a student will go out as a multi - graduate receiving the following four Degrees/ Certificates:

Higher Secondary Certificate, State Board of Tamil Nadu.

Aalim Degree (Arabic Medium): B.A.Islamic Studies, B.S.Abdur Rahman University, Chennai.

Afzal - Ul - Ulama - Diploma in Arabic Language and Literature – (Equivalent to B.A. degree) under Oriental language faculty of the University of Madras. (Arabic Medium)

B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration) – Distance Education of University of Madras.

Aalim Course
The curriculum of Islamic Studies offered by the Kilakarai Bukhari Aalim Arabic College is comprehensive, more effective and more relevant to the requirements of modern age.

This updated and modernized syllabus has been prepared by a team of academicians. In this context, the team had visited various universities and Muslim educational institutions namely Al-Azhar University - Cairo, Ummul Qura University in Holy Makkah, International African University- Khartum and Jamia Naleemia in Srilanka and carried out a careful study on the curriculum and syllabi of these universities before framing the curriculum of this college.

As far as the programme for Arabic language is concerned, our syllabus is based on the courses of Arabic for non-Arabs developed by Ummul Qura University and the International African University.

Regarding the teaching methodology of Islamic Studies, the advanced techniques suggested by Islamic Universities are being adopted.
Subjects & Textbooks:
Thafseer bn Katheer, Al - Waseet, Fath Al Kadheer, Al - Baidhavi
Usool Al thafseer Al Fouz Al Kabeer, Uloomul Quran
Hadith Riyad As Saaliheen, Bulug Al Maram, Mishkat, Al Bukhari, Muslim
Usool Al Hadith Istilah Al Muhaddiseen, Nukhbathul Al Fikr, Kitab Al dhu'afa
Fiqh Al Fiqh Al Muassar, Umdah, Noorul Eelah, Fiqh Al Sunnah, Al Hidaya, Al Mahalli
Usool Al Fiqh lm Usool Al Fiqh - Khallaf, Al Wajeez Fee Usool Al Fiqh - Al Zuhaili, Usool Al Shasi
Comparative Fiqh of various schools of thought(Madhabs) Bidayathul Mujtahid - Ibn Rushd
Islamic legacy Al-meerath - Al Sabooni
Islamic history (Politics and Civilizations) Noorul Yaqeen, Durus Al Tarikh Al Islami, Muhazharath - Khizari Baig, A Concise History of Muslim World
History of Arabic literature, History of Islamic Jurisprudence, Comparative Study of Religions, Arabic Literature, Prose, Poetry, Arabic Language, Grammar & Rhetoric.

Other Course
1. Higher Secondary Course of Tamil Nadu State Board:

During the first two years, regular classes are conducted to prepare the students to appear for the public government examination of +2 as private candidates in addition to Arabic and Islamic Studies.

2. Afzal-Ul-Ulama:

It comes under the Oriental language courses of the University of Madras and is equivalent to B.A. degree course. It has two stages: Preliminary and Final. The syllabus covers Arabic Literature (both classical and modern), the Holy Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Usool, Islamic History, the History of Arabic Literature and philosophy. The college undertakes to prepare students to appear for the examinations of the University.

3. B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration):

B.B.A. is a three-year degree course under the Institute of correspondence education of the University of Madras. The College undertakes to prepare the students for the examination by conducting regular classes with well-qualified and experienced lecturers. In addition, the M.B.A. department of B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Engineering College extends academic support and provides visiting faculties to enhance quality education.

4. Computer Science:

In the duration of 5 years, the Computer Science Course covers the following:

Introduction to Computer, Operating Systems and Networking.

Computer Operations in English and Arabic.



Internet Programming.

C programming.


Visual Basic.


5. Language Skill Development:
Students are trained in Communication skills in Arabic, English and regional languages. They are also regularly guided to practice delivering Jumua’h sermons and public speaking in all the three languages. In addition, Crescent School extends its support by providing facilities at the Language Resource Centre to develop the communication skills.


Qualification for Admission:

A pass certificate in S.S.L.C / Matriculation or any other equivalent examination.

Proper recitation of the holy Quran.

Age limit is 17 years.

Admission Process:

Application forms are issued during the month of April every year.

After scrutinizing the filled-in applications, students are called for an Entrance examination.

Results of the Entrance test, Quran recitation test and 10th standard marks are taken into consideration for selection.

Admission will be given only on the basis of merit.