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Human[i]ties Perspective
is an academic conference and career orientation event supported by the DG of Education and Culture of the European Commission.  As part of the REALISE IT joint initiative between the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) and OCEANS Network, this conference aims to facilitate a collective reflection on some of the key challenges facing the humanities in the 21st century in Europe among young academics, professionals, and professors. 

Our world is increasingly connected through higher education student mobility initiatives, especially in Media, Communication, Education, Cultural studies, European studies, and, more widely, the Humanities.  Integrated mobility in joint-degree and multilateral cooperation programmes like Erasmus Mundus and OCEANS are relevant examples of this.  


Thus, the humanities are becoming a more cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, and globalized field of study. However, the declining international career landscape for graduates of the humanities, as well as the applicability of subjects studied, pose new and complex challenges.  

Thus, to inspire and empower recent graduates in the humanities and strengthen the network of professionals in human sciences, this conference aims to provide an opportunity for delegates to exchange new ideas in the humanities and share career and application experiences face-to-face.  In addition, this event aims to lay the cornerstones of a wider Human[i]ties Professional Network, building research groups, project teams, and business relations across borders.