"Humanism is about reading, it is about perspective.  It is also the practice of identities...."
                                                                                                               -Edward Said

Here are the syllabi for recent and upcoming courses:

  • Syllabus for Humanities I
  • Syllabus for Humanities III
  • Syllabus for Humanities IV
  • Syllabus for English I
  • Syllabus for English II
  • Syllabus for English IV
  • Syllabus for Senior Project
  • Syllabus for Techniques of Writing
  • Syllabus for AP Language and Composition
  • Syllabus for AP Literature and Composition
  • Syllabus for Appreciation of humanities: A Global Perspective
  • Syllabus for American Literature and the Lost Generation
  • Syllabus for American Literature and the Beat Generation


  • Please use the following email address to contact me: I will do my best to reply as soon as I can.  Please note, however, that I do not usually check my email in the evenings or on the weekends.  If you have questions about assignments or exams, you need to make the effort to contact me during office hours or raise your questions during class time.

Classroom Expectations:

1. Come to class on time every day and prepared with the proper materials.

2.  Participate responsibly in class and small group discussions. 

3. Ask for help when needed. 

4. Challenge yourself to find meaning and learning in all activities. 

5. Place your Homework in the assigned basket as soon as your enter the class. 

6. Respect your own and others' beliefs, ideas, and personal property.

Statement on Plagiarism:

Proper citations and documentation of any sources that you quote, paraphrase, and/or summarize in your writing are required whenever you borrow the words, facts, and/or ideas of others. Note well that even putting others’ ideas into your own words still means you are borrowing, and you need to give credit where credit is due. To avoid plagiarism, source(s) must be cited and documented, both (a) at the point in your papers where the borrowing occurs (using parenthetical citations for most documentation styles), and (b) in a list of all sources cited given at the end of your papers.

Plagiarism—intended or not—is considered a serious academic violation of intellectual property rights, and may earn your written assignment an automatic "F" or worse.

Quick and acceptable ways of citing sources in written assignments will be discussed further in class. A handout on documenting sources using MLA for the Critical Review will be distributed and discussed in class. Meanwhile, for more guidance, visit my webpage for digital sources.

Fighting Plagiarism:

 Welcome to the digital