"Humanism is about reading, it is about perspective.  It is also the practice of identities...."    
                                                                                                               -Edward Said

Why am I building this website? 

As an English/humanities teacher, I am searching for ways to incorporate effectively technology in the classroom. As a teacher, I need professional development opportunities to learn more about historical content and to develop technical skills and teaching strategies for the modern computer-equipped classroom.

Equally important, students need original source materials in their classrooms to master content and improve thinking skills. Modern educators are eager to teach computer operating skills, but more high quality social studies materials are needed for those who use computers. Learning is a cooperative process between teachers and students.

Teachers and scholars alike acknowledge that primary sources are essential to understanding the past, yet few original sources are readily available for classroom use. The Internet provides teachers and students with access to virtual archives in their own schools. The use of original sources promotes higher level thinking skills.  Because students are more engaged with the materials, they retain more basic content information and gain a deeper understanding of the past. 

The electronic classrooms not only deliver original sources, but involve new ways for teachers and students to organize and present materials in an interactive mode. 

In this global era, we need the technology to transcend the days of  pushing carts between our classrooms. Computers in the classroom, linked to the outside world through high speed networks, will create exciting new possibilities for our students.