Paleolithic Diet Fantastic overview of paleolithic diet

 Regional Ethnobotany An excellent introduction to Plateau ethnobotany Another good read Nez Perce ethnobiology


General Ethnobotany


Regional Anthropology

An ethnography of the Sanpoil and Nespelem Indians, a phenomenal look into hunter/gather life

A shorter ethnography of the Middle Columbia River Salish  Another excellent ethnography about the Thompson Indians A map of Plateau Indian territories

Pliestocene Rewilding: index of detailed information on mammals, including fossil record


Regional Permaculture My friends, the Pagliaros, in Kamiah Idaho Okanagan based Michael Pilarski's website Spokane based non-profit doing some impressive things, they hold regular workshops Matt Trotter in Forest Grove, Oregon


Sustainable Living Tom Elpels web portal to a variety of sustainable and natural living interests The Nepal Farmer's Handbook


Regional Environmental issues Excellent reporting on Western environmental issues Following Columbia River water wars The decline of the Odessa Aquifer Pesticides in Washington wells The Palouse wheat growing region Soil losses on the Palouse Pesticide illness in Washington NW climate change


Rewilding Blogs: Nobody does it quite like Urban Scout... Interesting and instructive blog about going feral Great info on the health aspects of rewilding Feral Permaculture at its finest with Kevin Torjus Gaaren in Scandinavia, this dude is serious!


Primitive Skills: the best modern abo forum on the web Tom Elpel's fascinating primitive living skills site great blog from a very active group of abos


Primitve Skills Schools: Lynx does the purest primitive living coarses I know of fantastic coarses led by Killiii Yu


Regional Natural History: A naturalist's treasure trove Digital Atlas of Idaho A passionate website about Eastern Washington

Animals: Distribution maps for every vertebrate in Washington!

Plants: Photo database of WA plants Plant lists for WA counties! Passionate work on Central Washington's botany


Regional Horticulture: Fascinating calendar for commercial fruit varieties Some opinions on regional fruit growing


Regional History: The Kettle Falls Historical Center Whoa. I like how this guy thinks.

Colville Acupuncture, Anne Cranston:


More to come...