Acknowledging our Spiritual Ancestry

Human Spirit

Having recognised our Spiritual Ancestry as the source of all things,
we can conduct a daily spiritual practice such as The Aum,
and we can familiarise ourselves with works of some Masters like Yogi Ramacharaka.
If we are fortunate enough to be able to see auras, then we can read how to translate them.
We can learn that Psychic Healing requires no special abilities
beyond concentration, understanding and love.
We can learn about enlightenment, and life beyond death as reported by advanced masters.

Find Yourself
David West's lessons learned along the path

Aura colours
How to translate the differing colours and flashes in the human aura

Applying Spiritual Practice
Tibetan advice on how to progress

An easy meditational mantra to sing which exercises all seven chakras.

Mystic Christianity
An insight into the thirty three years of the life of Christ

Psychic Healing
Healing of self and others using the mental powers of concentration

Emerald Tablets
Translations by various writers f the oldest known writings

Life Beyond Death
What occurs when the body expires
A simple understanding

At The Feet Of The Master
Astute advice on proceeding along the path

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