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 Hemp Lifeline to the Future By Chris Conrad, Creative Xpressions publications Los Angeles, California.


One reason hemp was made illegal was in order to sell oil instead of using the oil from hemp seeds. No-one has ever found any detrimental effects from the herb. There is a control mechanism in place, to ensure continued profits from oil, wood-pulp, pharmaceuticals and war.
Once the answers become obvious any further problems problems in understanding are usually caused by minded-controlled androids who classify a normal garden herb along with the manufacture of evil drugs, due to a quirk of the law. 

British Raj Commission

In 1894, the British Raj Commission made a study of hemp drugs in Indian belief systems, and reported that.......

"Yogis... take deep draughts of bhang that they may centre their thoughts on the eternal ... By the help of bhang, ascetics pass days without food or drink. The supporting power of bhang has brought many a Hindu family  safe through the miseries of famine. To forbid, or even seriously restrict use of so holy and gracious a herb as hemp would cause widespread suffering, deep seated anger  and annoyance to the large bands of worshipped ascetics..."

Obviously the British Commission were not aware that ascetics do not have deep seated anger, but nevertheless, their observations are reasonably accurate.

The Hindu and the Holy Herb

        One of the fundamental texts of Hinduism, the Rig Veda, from 1500 BC, says "Drug plants preceded even the gods by three ages." Cannabis was a gift from the gods, who spilled a drop of nectar onto the earth. Where it touched the ground, the hemp plant sprouted.(2). Hindus believe that Lord Shiva brought the plant down from the Himalayas for human use and enjoyment. One day, Shiva went off by himself in the fields. The shade of a tall cannabis plant brought him comfort and refuge from the blazing sun. He tasted its leaves and felt so refreshed that he adopted it as his favourite food, hence the title: "Lord of Bhang."(3) Cannabis is also called Indrica, the food of the God Indra. The Supreme Lord Krishna at one point in the Bhagavad-gita, "I am the Healing Herb."(4)

In late Vedic India, cannabis was used in fire ceremonies for good fortune as well as for healing. The fourth book of the Vedas, the last accepted into the orthodox religion, written around 1400 BC, calls it one of the "five kingdoms of herbs ... which release anxiety.

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(3)Abel, E. Marihuana: The first 12,000 years. Plenum Press. NY NY. 1980 p.17

(4)Bhagavad-gita Ch 9:16

USA government promotional film

14 Minutes

"Hemp for Victory"

This movie will teach you how to make hemp cordage, typically requires for battleships and parachutes.

It taught me that all the work necessary to make a few metres of battleship  rope would need a constant intake of burning herb, especially if I thought the results of my work were going to help in killing someone called an enemy.


Hemp used by ancient Greeks.
Cordage and coarse cloth grown in China and the East.
Hemp rope and sails until 1850.


Farmers have Federal registrations and tax stamps to grow mariujana in Kentucky and Wisconsin as part of the war effort.
The labour required is enough to put anyone off.,

It's much easier just to buy it in Walmart.

Hemp for Victory

Hemp  Cured Cancer: A Cannabis Story

9.15 minutes

Clips from mainstream media promoting hemp oil as a cancer cure.
Canibanoids can be demonstrated to kill cancers.
Close up camera demonstration of cancer being pulled to the surface of the face, and falling out and healing - all in just a few days.

Because of Profit and politics, a cancer cure has been kept from us.

Hemp cures cancer


Marijuana in medicine

15 minutes

Juicing  raw cannabis leaves

About four to six weeks of juicing every day removed all pains and all need for pharmaceuticals.
Canibanoids are more advanced than other medicines, because they provide feed back to help the body to heal.
Eating raw is not psychoactive.
Still fighting stigma of people who think of cannabis as a drug instead of a dietary necessity.

An incredible food source
An incredible preventative medicine source

An incredible therapeutic source


Run From The Cure

Hemp oil cures cancer

Run From The Cure

If you've read this far, you deserve  a laugh.

Holy hemo cartoon