Quickstep to Enlightenment

progress towards Self-Actualisation

By David West
20 Final Words

1 - Introduction

Quickstep To Enlightenment originates as a result of the desperate emergency that befalls our planet.

We have a few years of life remaining, as we know it, after which we will experience the full consequences of our destructive actions. For too long now, we have totally ignored the warning signs, and every one of us has decided that it is someone else’s problem.

The buck stops here. In fact, everything we have ever known stops here.
We understand that many citizens may consider this an alarmist attitude. It is quite alarming; the number of people who are completely ignoring the fact that this planet has been dying for the last fifty or more years, with the rate of death increasing each year at a continuously accelerating pace? The seasons are changing, with record highs and lows every year. The human body and human mind are closing down and preparing for a lengthy hibernation.

People are staring at television and computer screens, hypnotised by flashing stock exchange figures, whilst outside the flood waters are rising, the air is becoming unbreathable, governments are murdering innocent women and children, and every natural law points to the fact that the majority of the population has lost its balance of mind. How can people be so unconcerned?

How can they be planning for their retirement thirty and forty years hence, when they will not live that long? How can they occupy most of their time performing trivial duties in order to increase their bank account, and then occupy their "spare" time either sleeping, or conducting some pointless activity that reduces the bank account? What a perverse way of living, with no benefit accrued at the time of death.

Therefore, we need a rapid way of getting out of this hole, and that is what
Quickstep To Enlightenment is all about. We believe that Quickstep To Enlightenment can provide some of the answers that help to maintain a steady progress towards our goal of enlightenment.

2 - Time-line

Before our birth, unknowingly, with the help of our guides, we determined the next lesson which we needed to learn, in order to progress along our path of evolution, and we scanned the probability vortices to identify a mother likely to provide the necessary circumstances for that lesson. This is the purpose for our incarnation, although during incarnation we forget what we have been born to learn. Nevertheless, our guides will steer us towards suitable opportunities, if we will but let them. Inevitably, our lesson is to do with learning to love.

It appears that a certain amount of discomfort is necessary before, after or during the opening of any opportunity. Many entities take drugs, illegal or prescribed, to ward off the discomfort, and hence ward off their opportunity for evolution. Here we see how it is possible that the short-sightedness of Western medicine, and vaccination in particular, can stunt the evolution of man.
The knowledge of suitable herbal medicines for use during opportunity openings is not available to most Western medicine practitioners. Here's what one writer has to say: -

"Our way of looking at things has been guided and created by the way those around us look at things. We are the products of our environment. Whilst we may not agree with the views of others, having once heard them, then their views affect our final decisions in one way or another. This melding of views is how the species of man has been able to cooperate and hence survive”.

If, however, those around us had all been accustomed to an alternative way of thinking, then we ourselves would also be accustomed to an alternative way of thinking. As our desire is to accelerate our own personal evolution in order to try to catch up with nature, which has already moved on, then we can help ourselves by adopting a completely new way of thinking.
This new way is possible because our programming is to think of time as linear, yet time is man made. We are attuned to the opinion that time moves, and that one hour follows the previous one. We are not attuned to the fact that time is stationary, and that we ourselves are moving along the time line. If we move to a different part of the time line, then we get a different life, using this same body.

The whole point is to try to remember why we are here. That is because we choose to be here, no matter what our circumstances. If we are having a rough time of it, it is because we are not listening to our spirit guides. How often do we hear them say "The highest thing you could do here is "x", and then we proceed to do "y". If we always did the highest thing available to us, then we would constantly be stretching ourselves and experiencing a higher level of life. Moreover, the higher we get, then the higher we get. We must not taint our progress with the fact that almost all of those around us are still in the middle of sweet dreams and aware of very little. We are not all in the same place on the time line, although we do cross one another’s interweaving paths regularly.

It is best for us to leave behind items and relationships, which belong to a point on the time line behind us. We are unable to take material possessions and personal relationships with us to another part of the time-line, and therefore hanging on to them causes us to remain where we are. We are not on the same time line as our parents, or brothers and sisters, or wife or children, or friends, or anybody. Our time-line is unique, created by our own spiritual vibrations, some of which were programmed before incarnation and some of which have been picked up during this lifetime. We are trying to balance these two sets of vibrations, to produce a New Harmony of a higher order, and hence to know that we have evolved one more step. The resulting vibration will again be unique, with no guidelines available. We must learn how to read our own feelings and reactions, so that we can adjust our auto-response system.
We must learn to listen to our heart

3 - Sentimentality

We spend much time and effort keeping, maintaining, or grieving over sentimental items.

Sentiment is defined as:
1 susceptibility to tender, delicate or romantic emotion
2 exaggerated, overindulged or mawkish feeling or emotion
3 a thought, opinion, or attitude.

Here we are talking about something over which we have control. We can decide whether to be sentimental or not. When we are clearing out the old mental store cupboard, in the past we have cleaned carefully and sentimentally replace items that have not seen the light of day in years.

This mental state is detrimental to a rapidly active mind. We are trying to leave behind human traits which are of no benefit to us. Sentimentality consumes energy while creating zero benefit to anyone, and more often than not generates morbid memories as opposed to the hoped for joy.

We are best to dispose of it - all of it. Unless there is a high chance that we will use an item in the next few days, then it is of no use to us. We should sell it, give it away, or otherwise dispose of it.

Old clothes, folders of photographs, ancient trophies, childhood toys, ornaments, books, pictures, even out of date telephone directories and all manner of things are stored in all manner of places. Just think how much energy this total weight of sentiment absorbs, and holds back the human race.

Once we get into
Quickstep To Enlightenment , we no longer wish to carry any unnecessary weight. We wish to be able to travel quickly, with a light load. We soon grasp that by disposing of all of this unhelpful matter, and mind stuff, we are making room for something far more useful and beneficial. We see that not only do we suffer from the excess weight of sentimentality, but also that we fail to benefit from the more positive energy which would replace it.

 In short, sentimentality is a tool used by us in order to keep ourselves feeling secure within our own illusion. As such, it is a deterrent from breaking out of the illusion, and we remain convinced that it is real.

The world is now changing so quickly that the links from the past to the present are becoming more tenuous. Trying to hang on to links that snapped long ago is a good way to stay in the hole. Let us let go of the past, and try to stay with the present. It is far more exciting, far less morbid, and free.

4 - The Body is a Battery
The human body is a wonderful thing. It is a self-charging, self-regulating, and self-repairing battery. However, we are not our body. If we examine the "I" in ourselves, we will find that there is more "I" than there is body, and therefore conclude that the "I" could be in control of the body. We can improve the performance of the body by causing the "I" to increase the positive charge in the body.

By removing items that create a negative charge, such as toxic diet, impure air, excess noise, excess physical disturbance, and intake of impure matter, we make room for the increase in positive charge.
Then we can increase the elements that generate positive charge, such as pure food and water, clean air, peaceful atmosphere, sunshine, exercise and love.

By removing negative elements, and increasing positive elements, then we find that the positive charge increases to the point where we achieve unbelievable levels of vitality. We are able to do more of the many things that we truly enjoy, and which are truly of benefit to ourselves, to others, and to the planet that hosts us.

If we allow the positive charge to drain away by indulging in negative habits, then eventually there is insufficient positive charge, and the body ceases to function properly, or at all.

It is easy to witness citizens who have a low positive charge, as they are lacking in energy, short tempered and intolerant. This is not a basis on which to build foundations of a long and satisfying life, and is indicative of a society that is regressing.
There is some time remaining, but very little. The rapid increase of the total negative charge is causing the positive charge of the planet to deplete, and soon, if we make no change, the planet will be unable to support human life. There is no future for human life as we know it today, with most people locked inside their own illusion.

.  The environment is degrading, the financial status of the controlling currency, the dollar, has been propped up for so long that it is now laughable, the medical industry is filling us full of mind-numbing drugs, our food contains less nutrition every year, our media feeds us more lies, and everything points to an imminent collapse of society. We must be fit and ready.

5 Daily practices

The increasing positive charge will already be making us feel better, and we will become interested in ways of generating further increases. The best way is to commence some daily spiritual practice. We will initially not feel like doing this every day, but by trying a few different ideas we will decide what best suits us. Then we will gradually develop a habit, and find that most days we like to do our selected thing.

Most spiritual teachers recommend a form of meditation. There are many forms, and incorporating at least a brief meditation into our daily practice will definitely be of positive benefit. A simple one called the twenty-four second meditation involves picturing numbers made up of dots as shown on large digital displays. We commence by picturing the digits 24. When we can clearly visualise each dot which makes each of the two digits two and four, then we move to 23, and 22. The concentration on the dots helps to eliminate other thoughts from the mind, and with a little practice over a few days, we are able to move from 24 down through all the digits to 0. If another thought enters our mind during this process, then we must start again. This is why it takes a few days before we are able to succeed Once we can succeed then we are achieving an alpha state of mind, which is relaxed, and free of the linear thought process. This is the state of mind required for deep meditation, which we discuss later.

Other daily practices include hatha yoga, tai chi, prana yama (breath control), and a host of related activities.

6 To strengthen our resolve

Sometimes we feel as though we could achieve more. On examination, we will usually find that we are still placing higher emphasis on things other than our survival and evolutionary growth.

As soon as we place priority on survival and evolution, we begin to see the results. Whatever we decided to do some time ago begins to manifest itself within us, as if given grace by some magic power. We have thought about it long enough, with our resolve growing a little each time we think about it, until we reach the point where we have sufficient energy to action our desires. We notice that our negative activity reduces, and in some cases is eliminated, and that we feel good about that. We realise that while we do not yet always conduct our daily affairs to include all of our desired practices, nevertheless we begin to conduct our desired practices several times per week. With just a little patience, these practices will become second nature
Once we have our minds and bodies gradually cleaning themselves out, then we are gradually lightening our load. In gentle waves our performance improves until one day, we feel ready for the next step. Our resolve to continue on the Track strengthens, and there appears to be little point in returning to our previous ways.

In fact, our resolve strengthens itself so much, that not only do we make some effort to avoid situations with negative vibrations, but we even begin to dislike some of the things that we previously thought we loved.
It becomes easier to say 'no' where we used to say 'yes', and easier to say 'yes' where we used to say 'no'. The whole process of change becomes less painful and we actually look forward to the continuing adventure.
We improve our diet, our exercise and our spiritual practices, and soon begin to feel the benefit.
Our energy levels rise and we begin to feel that we can take on greater challenges.

We find ourselves less inclined to want to keep down with the Jones’s, and more inclined to be creative on our own account. We find that we can take the time, and have the energy to become more deeply involved with the things that we truly love.
We begin to better our previous performances on a regular basis and realise that our potential is so much higher than we ever believed that we are able to conceive of greater challenges.

Our confidence increases, and we find that we become more adaptable, more patient, and more tolerant.br> The first seeds of unconditional love are beginning to sprout.

Our capability to forgive increases and our need to prove ourselves as a winner decreases. We begin to feel the urge to help others, and gradually our own ego begins to recede.

We learn more about ourselves, and more about the reasons why we act in certain ways, and as we become more mindful, our own behaviour improves, as if of its own accord.

We become more precise in steering our ship, and less needful of steering the ships of others. We feel guilty less often, and begin to remove one of the major causes of depression - guilt.

We begin to remove some of our fears, though others may still persist. We begin to discover much of the curtain of illusion which has been created by the business world. As we begin to receive glimpses through the curtain we become encouraged, and have to guard against more guilt feelings as we discover more about ourselves.

The past has gone, and we realise that our memory and our history books never were very precise As the fog begins to lift, every aspect of the planet begins to manifest its clarity. We are able to understand more of what is happening here and now, and this enables us to feel compassion towards our fellow citizens, to experience deeper levels of unconditional love and to experience less fear.

During the inevitable times of depression, when our resolve is weak, we will find that our spiritual practice becomes a significant aid. Slowly we learn to be able to control our depressions, and life begins to roll along less painfully.

7 – Beginning to analyse the mind

We will already be detecting improvements in the condition of our body, and we will already be conducting our practices regularly.

Now we are going to start work on the mind. Until now, we have had very little understanding of our own mind, which has caused us embarrassment on many occasions.

We are going to begin by analysing our own mind. We are going to determine why we think in certain ways.
When we think, for example, "I would like an ice cream", then we can analyse where the thought came from. Often we can trace it to a recently experienced advertisement or someone else eating an ice cream, but often it goes far deeper. Such as "I have always liked ice-cream, and it is a long time since I had one, and there is no reason not to have one today".
This is not an exercise in denial - if we want an ice cream, then we have one, but while eating it, we work out for sure why it is that we wanted it.

This example is over-simplistic. However, it helps to demonstrate a method by which we can take control of our thought patterns, simply by watching our thoughts. By being conscious and readily aware of what we are doing and thinking at any one time, we can learn to examine the ways in which we think

8 - Exiting the illusory world

We cannot exit the illusory world until we have become more familiar with the truth. There are just as many false things as there are true things, and it is not a simple task to distinguish between the two. However, we can start by examining the two extremes - the complete falsehood, and the absolute truth. The best example of absolute truth is what we see, feel, hear, smell and taste, right here and now. We have no need to make judgement of good or bad, as we can accept things just as they are - true. The best example of a complete lie is a soap opera on television. We know that this is not real life. We know that this is just people performing as directed in order to try to produce make-believe.

Between these two extremes, there are many other pieces of information, which reach us daily - are they true or false?
If we experience something ourselves, then we are able to say that for us the experience is true.

If someone else tells us that they experienced it, then we can believe that it might be true for them. As far as we are concerned, we do not yet know, as we have not yet experienced the topic or event in question for ourselves.
Therefore, we will not include this information in our repertoire of absolute truth. By constantly discerning each piece of information as we receive it, then we improve our ability to reject untruths. This helps us to rid our mind of much irrelevant trivia. Gradually as we progress, we will find new truths that begin to change our opinions. We find that we begin to dissociate with those who are unable to speak the truth.

We avoid gossip and rumour, as our experience tells us that these are at best distorted, and often false.
Eventually we discern that the only truth for us is what lies within our own experience. We become less affected by happenings around us, as we begin to control our inner self, and avoid the ups and downs experienced by many others.
With practice at avoiding mistruth, we eventually achieve the status of having more truth than untruth inside us, and we are now ready to seek an exit from the illusion.

We now understand how we had allowed our circumstances to manipulate our thought. As our thought grows more pure, then we begin to discover different sensations within our body. Our likes and dislikes change, which also accelerates our progress.
Soon we discover that those around us are basing their choices on foundations of falsehood, and we can now see how easy it is for people to follow the same circular route, without ever breaking out.

We become able to adopt more than one viewpoint on a subject based on the level of truth that we apply to that subject.
We can look at a subject in the same familiar way, concurring with those around us, or we can look at it in the light of truth, even though this opinion differs from that of our neighbours.

As we improve, we find that we have more time available to help others, if they indicate that they need help.
We become disinterested in the toys that formerly occupied our lives, and become more interested in spiritual advancement. Once we have climbed out of the illusion created by the belief that money brings happiness, then we are able to tackle the other illusions that keep us feeling separate from the rest of the planet. Our feelings become more at one with nature, and we use Nature's Law as our guideline for decision making.

Our diet changes, our exercise regime expands, and the quality of our thoughts improves. We begin to notice the first sensations of unconditional love, and our spirits rise as we register considerable progress.
We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we are encouraged to proceed towards it, taking pleasure in leaving things behind us as we lighten our load, and make forward progress more comfortable.

When we can clearly see the illusory world from the outside, then we know that we have safely exited, and will never have a desire to return. In fact, we are unable to return and live as before, because our knowledge is now too great.
We are able to make visits in order to help others, but we will never wish to immerse ourselves as before.

9 - Introspection

Introspection - the examination of ones own thoughts.
Once we are able to understand the ways in which we think, then we are in a position to control our thoughts.
One of the aspects of the mind most difficult to understand is the capability to switch rapidly from one subject to another with no apparent linkage. Thoughts just spring to mind constantly, some new ones, and sometimes, the same old thought just coming around again.

Before we are able to institute any sort of control, then we must determine what we are going to apply our mind to, but, more importantly, to what we are not going to apply our mind. We purify our mind by removing the impurities.
Therefore, an intensive period with limited excuses for mind wandering is a good way to learn to watch ones own mind. Once the technique has been learned, we can practice constantly, with new revelations happening at regular intervals.
Watching ones own reactions to the statements and actions of others is a way of learning about ones-self, whilst demonstrating patience and tolerance.

Whenever we recognise anger arising, then we know that we have catalyst for a lesson.
Initially, we may need aids to memory and concentration, so that we can help ourselves by acting immediately when we register any anger. Firstly, we can write a few words about what has made us angry. Then work out why we are angry - applying the mantra that we create our own destiny - i.e. how have we made ourselves angry. We soon become aware that we have made ourselves angry as a result of our own reaction to the words or actions of others. If we feed our anger, it grows, but if we are able to smile at the menagerie of creatures which has created the angry thought, then it dissipates.
Different categories of spiritual advancement, or attainment of people, are noticeable by:

The use of alcohol or other drugs
The ability to walk correctly
Non-interruptive listening
The smile
Dress and presentation
Sexual Relationships
Fineness (thermostat)

As society sinks faster into the debris of its own technology, we can take a look at what is happening of a more permanent nature. The minds and souls of people who live and work in cities are so restricted that there is insufficient time to create the required changes, even if they started on
Quickstep To Enlightenment today. The only ones with a chance are those at least a part of the way down the path, or those who are able to generate regular quiet periods.

By sitting quietly, we are less likely to offend.
In the last fifty years, the human population of Planet Earth has more than doubled, whilst in the same period, the levels of morality have halved.

The western ideas on sexuality, and right livelihood, and alcohol, are dragging the planet deeper into the mire.
One thinks of the Quakers and the bigoted thinking that they had to tolerate.

There are many aspects considered by some to be right behaviour, of which we are not aware. Therefore we do not conform to the highest levels of right behaviour, always leaving room for improvement in our behaviour. Being polite, courteous, quiet, sober and clean go a long way towards right behaviour.

10 How do we get out of the hole?

The best way to get out of anything is to become aware of what it is that we are in. It could be termed a quandary. How can it be that most people we know are going flat out to make money, when we feel that there must be a more satisfying way of spending a lifetime?

The massive vibration of energy created by the corporate machine has taken over the minds of most people. The majority of thoughts and decisions which take place in the minds of the average human being in the twenty-first century are almost all based on information received from a profit making organisation.
We apply little or no consideration to the long-term effects that these profit-making actions have on the human being and the planet.

Therefore, we now provide an insight into a way out of the hole that could take effect immediately.
If we all stopped spending money except on essentials, the planets natural environment would right itself within a couple of years or so, and we would preserve the species.

There would be severe shocks all the way down the profit line, but there would also be tremendous benefits.
On a personal level, we would be removing stress. Instead of having to decide to buy A or B, we simplify life by deciding to buy nothing. One thing less to worry about and a little more money saved - life is improving already.
We have to get rid of the idea that we can purchase our happiness, and this change of attitude alone will start the acceleration on the
Quickstep To Enlightenment route.

Now, we have made the decision to make some space in our lives, and we have the time, energy and finances to proceed along the track. Once we get used to the idea of essentials only, we will amaze ourselves by how little we can get by on, and how much simpler life becomes. We confirm that spiritual development is more important than the development of the bank account.

We can utilise our time to think about things which we have ignored, like learning to breathe properly, and to chew our food properly, bodily and mental hygiene, exercise and relaxation. We begin to learn the important things in our new life, and as we begin to adjust, we gain more energy, and our power of thought increases.

Here are a few
Quickstep To Enlightenment clues of what we are aiming for. Do not knock it until you have tried it they say.
- Vegetarianism
- Reincarnation
- No alcohol
- Daily spiritual practice
- Daily exercise
- Daily search for the truth
- Daily reverence.

This sounds like a tall and maybe unnecessary order of things. The problem is that we do not have much time remaining, as the planet is being destroyed daily, and we have proven repeatedly that the above clues are of great assistance in development.
Both the planet and ourselves need all of the benefit we can get, and by spending at least a little time each day doing beneficial activities, we will be progressing. Gradually, systematically, we will adopt a lifestyle which does not revolve around the death of other life forms, and which strengthens ourselves for the journey ahead.

So already, just in a matter of a few minutes, we have discovered something that we are able to do which starts building the ladder that helps both the planet and ourselves out of the hole. Just learn to say no to that little luxury or comfort item which you were about to buy!

Please see the Find Yourself Series (One published - six more coming.)