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Cancer   History and  Cancer Business

Cancer has been around for thousands of years of history , and is still not fully understood.

A huge business has built up around cancer, and all would be destroyed if Cancer Cures became public knowledge.

However, for those whose beliefs are set in nature as opposed to technology, many cures are available.

1 Cancer Business* - where a full explanation of Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, and a list of natural cures is provided

"Ever aware of the need to protect their brethren in the petro-pharmaceutical cancer machine, the cancer P.R. boys, aided and abetted by their on-the-payroll media pals - passing themselves off as unbiased observers - faithfully maintain the line that the whole thing is down to smoking and sun-bathing. One thing that they need to explain is the canine carnage: in a population of 7 million domestic dogs, over a million per year are dying from cancer - or the treatment.3 This constitutes a dog cancer death-rate 50 times that of the human rate, due to the regime of vet-approved vaccines, antibiotics, worming drugs, flea sprays, pesticides, herbicides etc. - all 'safety tested' on animals - tinned dog-meat etc. We are all - humans, dogs, cats - dying, like flies, from the synthetic deluge. The farm animals would exhibit the same syndrome if they were not killed, prematurely, for 'food'."

2 Cures - Doctors - 5 doctors explain their natural cure method, in video and words

3 Cancer Tutor - an extract from a fully comprehensive cancer education programme.

4 Cancer Products -  Natural products that help with curing cancer

* This is a very comprehensive compilation of information based on solid research into the history of Cancer, the Big Pharma money machine that proliferates the mythology and advancement of this global epidemic. As a hope for avoiding cancer, the author of this article offers a thorough how-to avoid health and immune system deterioration through nutrition and energy awareness.

This is an article worth reading for anyone who needs to be disabused of the belief that the orthodox cancer treatments with toxic chemo-"therapy" actually work.

Since when is the destruction of one's immune system with toxic chemo and radiation therapeutic?

Something to ponder while reading the article.

Cancer Business By Pat Rattigan
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