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History of The House of Rothschild

The Rothschild family has been gaining increased control of the world for over 200 years

Detailed 270 year history

Rothschild's Illuminati Organisation

Amschell Rothschild's Will

The current Head of the House of Rothschild is

Evelyn Rothschild
Evelyn Rothschild

In 1760 Amschell Mayer changed his name to Amschell Rothschild. He gained the confidence of Prince Ferdinand of Prussia [Germany] and was entrusted with the Prince's fortune which he used to finance war and make huge profits. He had four sons who were each sent to four European cities, including Nathan Rothschild (pictured above) who was sent to London.

Nathan Rothschild

Nathan Rothschild

In London Nathan Rothschild started a bank (N.M.Rothscild), and became a major trader in the London stock exchange. The four brothers had realized the advantages of accurate and prompt news and so created a system of horseback messengers around Europe.

During the Napoleonic wars between France and England the London Stock Exchange was poised with baited breath awaiting news of the war. They knew that Rothschild's messengers were the only ones allowed through the blockades [because they were financing both sides – they had already amassed a sizeable fortune].

They were therefore watching Nathan Rothschild's moves very carefully. When the messenger arrived Nathan Rothschild's actions made them decide that England had lost the war, because Rothschild sold all of his English stocks. There was an immediate panic selling of English stocks, including government bonds, which fell to rock bottom prices. Nathan Rothschild then bought them all. By owning all the government bonds he effectively owned the British government, and the Rothschild's family still holds that control until the present time. There is always a Rothschild appointed as advisor to the monarchy.

They took over the Bank of England, using a gold-based currency, and made it seem to all intents and purposes to be like a government owned bank. But who controls the price of gold. It was declared daily even until very recent times by N.M.Rothschild's Bank.

So now we move to America. After several false starts the Rothschild's through the Morgan family, into which they had married, arranged a meeting on Jekyll Island, between several US government members and representatives of the J.P. Morgan bank.

This meeting resulted in the Federal Reserve, a private bank owned primarily by the Morgan’s and Rothschild's. Concurrently the Rockefeller family through dubious medical business, and financing by the Rothschild family had accumulated money, and they bought land which produced oil and eventually became Standard Oil, Esso, and then Exxon - owned by the Rockefeller's.

I should mention of this point, the family rules set out in the will of Amschell Rothschild

– no female shall be involved in the business

– no family accounts shall be produced

– no marriage outside the circle of first and second cousins shall take place

– the eldest son of the eldest son shall be the head of the family unless all other sons agree to a change.

The same rules may have been adopted by the Rockefellers as the Rockefellers and the Rothschild's tentacles stretch way down into the major secret services of MI5, MI6, CIA, FBI, Mossad, and ISI, representing the UK America, Israel and Pakistan. Many of their operations, and the reasoning behind them, are known only to the heads of the Rockefeller and Rothschild's families.

One researcher has reported that the Rothschild's are the major shareholders, through a spider's web of subsidiaries, of the central bank of all of the United Nations countries, except four.

So back to the Rockefeller's.

They declared in 1848 their intention to take over medical education. They took all the known history of medicine from Egypt, Greece, Rome, and England and removed from it all aspects of spirituality, turning it into a science. Of course the spirituality was, and is the most important part as far as healing is concerned.

It seems incredible that modern medicine is totally devoid of spirituality, when all previous medicine was totally dependent on spirituality.

It is quite easy to ascertain that the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's are the prime movers in world events because they have sufficient control of money, government, and business to be able to achieve anything they desire.

However, finding out what they desire is not so easy. Control of public knowledge and the presentation of propaganda are so complete that the truth is hard to find.

There is one major truth, although some researchers have expressed doubt about its authenticity.

It is a document called PNAC (The Plan for a New American Century, which is said to have been found in a second-hand photocopier. I believe that such a far-fetched story is probably a stroke of fortune for we researchers.

In summary, the PNAC document sets out arguments that the world is over populated, and explains how to reduce the population by over two thirds. The document contains a huge section on mind control explaining how to manipulate the minds of the public, by controlling the mass media. Most mass media is owned by only a few wealthy families, so it requires only a few important people to agree with the plan in order to carry it out.

It is obvious, if only by omission, how the press is controlled. Certain insignificant news stories are heavily promoted, and some significant news stories are completely avoided. So the public perceives a much distorted impression of the truth, hence operating on the basis of a controlled mind – the results are self explanatory.

One basic element of civilized society, namely spirituality, is blatantly missing. Even the religions have been corrupted, from the teaching of basic morals to the lack of promotion of the simplest way to a satisfying life – a direct contrast to the spiritual energy.

Back to the PNAC plan for population reduction, we discover that the entire allopathic medical industry is intended to shorten active life spans, hence no cures for cancer being publicised, when in fact there are many cures.

The PNAC document also explains the possibility of mind control through wave-transmission.

Additionally the subject content of school curricula has been gradually evolved to direct students to think totally in terms of the material world, and to be totally unaware of the spiritual world.

As a result most of the world's population are suffering from one delusion or another. In other words most of the world's population is totally mind controlled.

It is a very lucky few, who by dint of their own experiences are able to rediscover the spiritual values.

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The Rothschild Family - Puppet Masters - World's Only Trillionaires - Full Documentary

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