(High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project)

and North Polar Ozone Depletion, Weather Disruption and Electromagnetic Warfare

By Adam Trombly and Project Earth Network Scientists

Haarp transmitter nAlaska

One of the stated purposes of HAARP is to experiment with weather control. HAARP creates an astonishingly powerful potential in the Ionosphere which in turn can strongly influence the lower layers in which we all dwell.


Over the last few years a new and extremely dangerous technology has gone on line in Alaska. It is called the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project or HAARP. HAARP is one of the technological children of the Star-Wars Research and Development Program initiated under the Reagan and Bush Administrations. The purpose of this article is not to give a comprehensive overview of HAARP. Such an overview is already available in the form of a fine book entitled, Angels Don't Play This HAARP, written by Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning (www.earthpulse.com, Earthpulse Press, Anchorage, Alaska). We highly recommend this book to all concerned with the near term future of this planet. What we would like to communicate through this article is our observations of what we consider to be extremely important negative effects of this technology.1. Electromagnetic warfare technologies have been in development by several countries for the last few decades. These technologies have been developed to a highly sophisticated level by the US and the former Soviet Union. These countries both developed broadcast technologies that are capable of inducing symptoms of both acute and chronic disease in large segments of targeted populations. It is our experience that most people are simply unaware of these technologies.However, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere of this planet then you have probably been exposed to impact of ongoing experiments conducted with the HAARP transmitter. Only a small group of scientists have access to the type of equipment required to effectively analyze such transmissions. Extremely sophisticated Spectrum Analyzers are required to actually see the potentially biological components of the HAARP transmissions. We are most fortunate that some of these scientists are in the Project Earth Network and have come forward with their extremely sobering observations. That HAARP transmitters have consistently broadcast very complex and potentially pathogenic signals for well over a year and a half as of July 1997.The most dramatic component of these transmissions are in the form of a Double Helix Signature which mimics our own DNA molecules in such detail that researchers have been literally at a loss as to what other possible purpose these signals could have than to effect biological systems. To our astonishment Eastlund (the primary inventor of HAARP) admitted in a recent taped interview that HAARP does indeed have a characteristic double-helical broadcast signature although he denied that it had any purpose in terms of biological warfare. This is even more incredible to those who are familiar with Russian experiments to effect cellular metabolism at a distance using similar means. What is the purpose of these signatures if not biological and pathogenic?

Another component of the transmissions occurs in areas of the electromagnetic spectrum known for decades to effect mental functioning. Could it be a coincidence that during the recent broadcast, by the USAF, of The Case is Closed scenarios relative to the 1947 Roswell incident that broadcast signatures known to enhance PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL passivity and acceptance increased in amplitude by an order of magnitude? Is it coincidental that this also occurred after a recent national television broadcast (ABC) during which it was reported that tens of thousands of residents from Prescott, Arizona through Phoenix, Arizona witnessed an apparent Spacecraft at least six thousand feet across over flying their cities? There were literally thousands of individuals who took both still and video images. Did you notice how quickly that story died? Who controls your mind?


2. Weather Control?

One of the stated purposes of HAARP is to experiment with weather control. HAARP creates an astonishingly powerful potential in the ionosphere which in turn can strongly influence the lower layers in which we all dwell. Have you noticed any improvement in the weather? Neither have we. What we have observed is an accelerated degradation of the weather in the Northern Hemisphere. We are not claiming that the degradation of weather patterns in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres is either primarily or exclusively caused by HAARP. What we are saying is that HAARP has obviously not helped and that any experimentation that might exacerbate potentially damaging weather patterns in an already profoundly damaged and unstable atmosphere must stop even if requires an Executive Order. We request that all of our readers and networkers communicate this demand to the Office of the President and the Office of the Vice President of The United States. 

3. Ozone Depletion

Some of our more naive colleagues have, with what we believe are good intentions, actually promoted HAARP as a method to remediate the damage that has been done to the ozone concentrations in the stratosphere of Earth?s Northern Hemisphere. We would all jump on the band wagon if there were any hint of truth to such claims. Unfortunately, no matter how sincere any of our desires may be to see the emergency in the stratosphere remediated, HAARP has done nothing to make the situation better. Here we refer our readers to the following website: 
  Why is it that, in the last two years, since the inception of HAARP transmissions, Stratospheric Ozone Levels over the Northern Hemisphere's Polar Region have decreased at an unprecedented rate? Could HAARP actually be making the situation much worse? We suggest that we feel that this is highly probable and we also request that all of our concerned readers and network correspondents write to the Office of the President and the Office of the Vice President of the United States as well as all members of the US Congress as well as the Governing Bodies in your respective countries and demand a one year moratorium in the operation of HAARP. 


Adam Trombly

Project Earth
Adam Trombly is an internationally acknowledged expert in the fields of Physics, Atmospheric Dynamics, Geophysics, Rotating and Resonating Electromagnetic Systems, and Environmental Global Modeling. Taking the advice of his friend and mentor, R. Buckminster Fuller, Adam has maintained a "synergistic, global view" within a multi-disciplinary scientific background. From this perspective, Adam offers unique insights into the changes humankind has effected on our environment, and the adjustments our future requires of us now.
Is this anything to do with HAARP?
<< Dear NRDC BioGems Defender, I wish you could have been with us in court last week as we argued our landmark case to save millions of marine mammals from the Navy's deadly LFA sonar system. Getting this case to U.S. District Court has been an enormous undertaking: eight years of legal sparring with the Navy; hundreds of pages of carefully drafted legal arguments; tens of thousands of pages of documents entered into the court record; and a never-say-die belief on our part that the health of ocean ecosystems will one day prevail over the world's most powerful military establishment. But, above all, the road to the courthouse door was paved with thousands and thousands of letters and contributions from caring people like you. That's why, with a ruling in this case still a month away, I wanted you to know right away that we fought the good fight on your behalf last week. The rest is now up to Judge Elizabeth LaPorte. As you know, Judge LaPorte stunned the Navy last fall by blocking deployment of LFA sonar across 75 percent of the world's oceans until this case could be heard in full and all of NRDC's evidence presented. It is unusual for a judge to clamp this kind of injunction on the military -- especially in times like these -- unless the case against the government is exceedingly strong. We have that kind of case. Judge LaPorte's courageous ruling last year signaled that the Bush administration had likely violated multiple laws when it gave the Navy permission to harass and injure thousands of marine mammals by flooding ocean habitats with high-intensity noise. Since then, NRDC's case has only gotten stronger. We have uncovered reams of new evidence -- much of it drawn from the Navy's own files -- that high-powered LFA noise can cause hemorrhaging in whales, internal injuries in fish, and seizures in human divers. When our Marine Mammal Protection staff entered the courtroom last week, they encountered a phalanx of Bush administration lawyers and a parade of the government's top scientific experts. But that formidable array of government talent (all paid for by your tax dollars!) faced an uphill battle trying to refute the almost overwhelming case against LFA sonar that we have painstakingly constructed over the past decade. Based on Judge LaPorte's many thoughtful questions, there is little doubt that she understands the far-reaching dangers posed by this technology -- as well as the illegal manner in which the Bush administration approved its deployment. All we can do now is wait and hope that Judge LaPorte will impose a permanent ban on the global deployment of this acoustic menace until such a day as the Navy can prove it has complied with federal law and will do no serious harm to marine life. I will, of course, alert you via email the minute we have the judge's ruling in hand. On behalf of our entire legal team, I want to thank you again for coming to the defense of marine mammals around the world and making this historic case possible. Sincerely, John H. Adams President Natural Resources Defense Council BioGems: Saving Endangered Wild Places A project of the Natural Resources Defense Council http://www.savebiogems.org

The following was sent to me by an 80+ year old man

who has spent over 20 years at the highest levels of the CIA.

I was introduced to HAARP about 5 years ago...difficult to believe what I heard...and have been following HAARP ever since---have slowly become a believer...based on facts, not hearsay evidence.
  I few years a go, it was shut down....one of the operators, unauthorized, entered the control room...did 30 minutes of "work"...turned on HAARP for 4 minutes and shut it down.  That was exactly the time the spaceship returning from the space station, disintegrated over north Texas.  The unauthorized operator...nice Muslim guy, was promoted for proving HAARP could down any flying object...such as an incoming missile.
  Many experiments have proven HAARP can indeed significantly affect the weather, causing droughts or severe rain storms causing disastrous floods...and maybe earthquakes.  The security about HAARP has been significantly increased. 
  One of the operators became very concerned, worried over what he was doing and mentioned such to some news reporters and real quick soon like had an accidental death...and everything in his apartment confiscated by the FBI...and the reporters, after visits from FBI decided not to mention any more,  one word about what they heard.
  China is quite aware of HAARP's functioning and is significantly seeking ways to prove what it strongly suspects...the droughts and severe rain storms causing so many deadly, devastating floods in parts of China that never had any droughts or severe rains or bitter cold weather far south into China last year...just too many deadly, severe weather to be fortuitous circumstance.   And much concern about the earthquake that left 50 million people homeless.  China strongly suspects it may well be HAARP because it is capable of doing so. 
  God help USA if China is ever able to prove what it strongly suspects.
  I for one, do indeed believe the Youtube story that Mr. Fulford presents.  I do not particularly care for MR. Fulford, for a number of different reasons...but this story I believe. 
  I suspect that those of you who are not familiar with HAARP and not familiar with the manner in which the CIA, NSA, etc. function...will probably find it difficult to believe what Mr. Fulford says.  The HAARP people and our "intelligence" people are indeed a breed apart and live in a world much, much different than the world you live in.  I suspect it requires some one who has lived in that world...to believe what Mr. Fulford reveals.
  For what it's worth...I send this to you...hope some of you maybe able to believe.  God Bless.  Lee.

For more details of HAARP, see Youtube video at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnRPZOUVhJ4&NR=1