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Age of Enlightenment Timeline 1948-57
With thanks to Trufax

1948 Randolph K. Byers and Frederick C. Moll of the Harvard Medical School publish an article describing children who had suffered brain damage after receiving Pertussis vaccine. The findings provided the first clear evidence that the vaccine caused the serious neurological complications in children.

1948 US Marshall Plan $17 billion "European Aid".

1948 Study done in England where bone defects in three groups of school boys were studied. Two groups were from districts where the water supply was practically free of fluorine. The third group was from the town of Launton, where the natural water supply contains 1ppm of fluorine (the same as the level deemed "safe" by the U.S. Public Health Service). X-ray examination revealed that 20 percent of the first two groups had mild non-specific spinal irregularities. In the third group, the one consuming 1ppm fluoride in their water, 64% were found to have spinal defects, and lesions were more severe.

1948 Los Alamos underground facility constructed by Brown & Root of Texas. The existence of the 6000 sf facility declassified in 1959.

1948 Israel comes into existence, displacing indigenous population.

1948 Randolph Byes and Frederick Moll of Harvard Medical School validate that severe neurological disorders follow the administration of DPT vaccine. The research was performed at Childrens Hospital in Boston and published in Pediatrics magazine. Nothing was done by physicians to halt the use of DPT vaccine.

1948 Project Phoenix I allegedly comes on line, using microwave energy to cause brain damage.

1948 A study on Pertussis vaccine reaction is done by Randolph K. Byers and Frederick C. Moll of the Harvard Medical School. They examine 15 children who had reacted violently within 72 hours of a Pertussis vaccination. All the children were normal before the shot. None had ever had a convulsion before. One of the children became blind, deaf, spastic and helpless after being given the Pertussis shot. Out of the 15 children, two died and nine suffered from damage to their nervous system. Physicians were displeased by these results.

1948 John McCone becomes Secretary of Defense of the United States. McCone gives contracts to Standard Oil and Kaiser Aluminium, in which he already has financial interests.

1948 Standard Oil changes its name to Esso, which acquires a large interest in Arabian American Oil Company and Oil companies in Switzerland.

1948 Price of uranium rises to $1600 per ton.

1948 Antibiotics aureomycin and chloromycin prepared.

1948 CIA begins to study behavior influencing drugs.

1948 George HW Bush graduates from Yale University and the Skull and Bones. It is known that George HW Bush is a distant cousin of the Queen of England, part of the Black Nobility which traces its power back 5,000 years.

1948 Crowleyan ritual magic worked by Jack Parsons and reputed Naval Intelligence agent Ron Hubbard, who would later found the Church of Scientology, based on initiatory grades and a cosmology reminiscent of Theosophy. The symbol of Scientology is identical to the Crowley emblem depicted in the Book of Thoth. Hubbard is reported to have maintained that he was a reincarnation of Cecil Rhodes.

1948 Assassination of Gandhi in India.

1948 Israel creates Central Institute for Intelligence and Security.

1948 World Council of Churches founded in Amsterdam, Holland.

1948 Operation Ohio, a CIA plan for assassination, begins. Over 100 European figures are assassinated under this program before 1958.

1948 Value of television as mass control medium realized.

1948 Dr.Sander, Vet Admin, discovers sugar intake related to polio development.

1948 National "Campaign Against Cancer " conducted by medical monopoly to gain financial support.

1948 Lord Franks becomes British Ambassador to the United States. Franks also becomes a director of the Rockefeller Foundation, a director of the Rhodes Trust, a director of Schroder Bank, and chairman of Lloyd's Bank. Lord Franks is a member of the London Group which maintains the US as a British colony.

1948 Oscar Ewing convenes National Health Convention to enrol US in WHO.

1948 Selective Service Act provides continuous military draft until 1973.

1948 Truman elected President of the United States.

1948 Wellcome Trust (UK) Oliver Franks ambassador to US until 1952.

1948 George Orwell writes his book "1948", later renamed "1984".

1948 Lucky Luciano, with US government support, starts heroin labs in Cuba, later turning it over to Santos Trafficante in Miami.

1948 England bans smallpox vaccine.

1948 North Carolina polio cases number 2,498. See 1949.

1948 Walter Freeman, who performed more than 3,500 lobotomies, demonstrates his "icepick technique" at the University of Virgina in Charlotteville.

1948 The Rockefeller milk trust sells frozen products and pasteurized milk in North Carolina, closely allied with the Coca Cola company who sells large quantities of carbonated soft drinks.

1948 In North Carolina, Dr. Benjamin P. Sandler reveals that sugar and starches lower the blood sugar level, producing hypoglycemia, and that soda pop (recently introduced) contains phosphoric acid that absorbs phosphorus and sulfates in food before natural metabolism can get it to the nervous system, causing the nerve trunks to fail to function properly. Sandler says that dairy products and sugared soft drinks are aggravating the incidence of polio.

1948 Polio cases in North Carolina number 2,498.

1948 Louis Sauer makes an interesting observation at an AMA meeting where Pertussis vaccination was discussed. Louis Sauer points out that "the neurological damage caused by Pertussis vaccine is the same as the damage caused by Pertussis (whooping cough). (Which is logical, because they use the bacteria in the vaccine). According to Sauer, "a customary prophylactic dose of Pertussis vaccine seems to illicit a chain of nervous system reactions and in some cases irreversible pathological changes in the brain. These findings resemble those encountered in cases of severe whooping cough (Pertussis)." In other words, the vaccine is causing the disease condition.

1949 Egas Moniz, the first lobotomist, receives Nobel Prize for Medicine in recognition for his "discovery". (See 1935).

1949 AMA Council of Pharmacy and Chemistry goes on record to deny that dietary changes could have anything to do with prevention or treatment of cancer.

1949 Onassis buys the US surplus "liberty ships".

1949 A report appears in the August 1949 issue of Diseases of the Nervous System featuring research by Spradley and Marin-Foucher entitled "Hypothermia: A New Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders". The authors note that the most complete investigations in the bio-physiological field were carried out by German researchers in WWII, and discuss some 30 experiments done on mental patients in the United States.

1949 Air Force begins tunnelling into Manzano Mountains to create underground facilities for nuclear weapons storage. A second facility constructed in 1989.

1949 Rand Corporation established as an outgrowth of Strategic Bombing Survey, an analysis of the psychological effects of the bombing of German population centres during the war. I.G. Farben escaped damage during the war.

1949 Central Intelligence Act exempts CIA from disclosure laws.

1949 Gehlen organization transferred to CIA control.

1949 US Public Health Service Division of Biologics Standards establish a national potency test for Pertussis vaccine, and modify it in 1953 to establish potency limits. Despite this, the Pertussis vaccine that is pronounced "safe" still causes minimal brain damage (MBD) in humans.

1949 Rand Corporation's Dr. Irving Janis recommends to the USAF that they initiate a study to note the effects of electrical frequencies on the human brain.

1949 US Army begins 20 year period of simulated germ warfare attacks on American cities, conducting 239 open air tests with biological agents.

1949 Noticing that polio strikes most in the summer, when children increase their intake of sugar, Dr. Sandler warns residents to cut down on sugar and dairy products in North Carolina. Polio cases dramatically decrease to 249. (See 1948).

1949 Interpol granted consultative status by the United Nations.

1949 Construction starts on AEC property in Nevada for Groom Lake Facility.

1949 Creation of Chinese Secret Police.

1949 Autopsies of soldiers killed in Korea reveal 80% had advanced heart disease.

1949 Morris Fishbein removed from the AMA editorship.

1949 John J. McCloy is US Military Governor and High Commissioner of Germany until 1952.

1949 Soviets explode a nuclear device.

1949 US General George Marshall pressures Chiang Kai-Shek, forcing his government to Formosa, clearing the way for the Korean War to occur.

1950 The 1948 findings of Dr. Sandler in North Carolina are denigrated in the public media, who claims that Sandler's findings are a "myth."

1950 Rockefeller Milk Trust and Coca Cola force return to previous levels of sugar and dairy product consumption. Polio levels rise to pre-1949 level.

1950 John McCone becomes Under Secretary of the Air Force.

1950 The Korean War begins. William Jennings Bryan III becomes the "Chief of Medical Survival Training" for the USAF. After the Korean war, Bryan becomes a consultant for the CIA relative to projects concerning behavior modification and mind control. Bryan later begins a hypnotherapy practice in Hollywood, the "American Institute of Hypnosis, which was functional in the mid 1970's. Bryan was believed by some to be one of the programmers in the famous Candy Jones case.

1950 Attempted assassination of Truman by "Puerto Rican Nationalists".

1950 Internal Security Act of 1950.

1950 Hearings are heard relative to placing the United States under a One World Government by adoption of a World Government Constitution. The "age of Nations must end and the era of Humanity begin".

1950 The U.S. Navy sprays a cloud of bacteria over San Francisco in a biological warfare experiment conducted on the American public. Many residents came down with a pneumonia-like disease and one person died because of it.

1950 US Army "simulated" germ warfare in San Francisco and in the Pentagon.

1950 National Council of Churches founded in the US.

1950 Pacific Corporation organized by CIA as a holding company.

1950 Alleged CIA plot to introduce UFO Contact ideas and radio contact from space.

1950 Worlds in Collision published by Immanuel Velikovsky.

1950 Professor Pierre LePine, noted scientist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, is reported in the March 30, 1950 edition of the New York Times, as saying "no more than one injection in 2000 really prevents polio."

1950 Canadian scientist Wilber Smith writes that US considers gravity disks a greater secret than the H-bomb.

1950 Tranquillizer Miltown (meprobamate) comes into use in the United States.

1950 Revised edition of "The Effect of Atomic Weapons" prepared by the AEC advises complete underground placement of bases.

1950 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg framed for Soviet acquisition of atom bomb.

1950 TB death rate down to 50:100,000

1950 Einstein General Field Theory (attempt to expand Relativity).

1950 Introduction of Anti-histamines as popular cold remedy.

1950 Plutonium first separated from pitch blend concentrates.

1950 Britain officially recognizes Israel. US recognizes Vietnam, Saigon gov't.

1950 Truman instructs AEC to develop hydrogen bomb.

1950 Internal Security Act of 1950 authorizes detention camps in US.

1950 Paul Warburg declares before the US Senate "we shall have world government whether you like it or not, if not by consent by conquest."

1950 Soviets add fluorides to water in prison system to maintain subservience in the inmate population, affect the central nervous system and produce compliance with authority.

1951 North Korean brainwashing of American prisoners.

1951 Project Redlight begins at Groom Lake in Nevada.

1951 CBS broadcasting begins cooperation with CIA.

1951 CIA Project Artichoke develops behavior control techniques employing drugs, hypnosis, electroshock and extrasensory perception.

1951 German Bundestag passes a law reinstated 163,477 German administrators from the Nazi period back into government.

1951 International Geodetic Survey to place crystalline resonators at grid points.

1951 US High Commissioner John McCloy orders general amnesty and early release for all convicted Nazi war criminals. (Jan-Feb 1951).

1951 German concentration camp staff put to death by allied courts. Twenty-nine of the staff are reprieved. Over 15,000 Germans are
brought to the US to function in American technical and scientific projects.

1951 Invention Secrecy Act of 1951. According to the act, "a secrecy order issued during a national emergency declared by the President shall remain in effect for the duration of the emergency and six months thereafter."

1951 Truman declares a state of national emergency. Since no one declared an end to it, it remained in effect until 1978.

1951 General MacArthur relieved by Truman.

1951 Krilium developed from acrylonitrile for use in fertilization.

1951 Blair flies solo over the South Pole.

1951 Theiler wins Nobel for work on yellow fever vaccine.

1951 McMillan & Seaborg win Nobel for discovery of plutonium.

1951 The U.S. Public Health Service, with the cooperation of the American Dental Association, holds a meeting of state dental directors at which the methods for promotion of fluoridation were outlined. Thus the USPHS formed an alliance with medical trade unions and industry to promote the addition of toxic fluorides to the public water supplies. A concentration of 1.2 ppm was suggested, and state dental directors were instructed to lie to the public about the toxic effects of sodium fluoride, deliberately misinform the public by relating the presence of "high-fluoride areas" to "less cancer and less polio" - an entire public relations campaign meant to convince the public to allow themselves to be medicated - just like the inmates in Soviet and German prisons and camps. Their technique was not to refute the thing but to show that the opposite was true, even if the opposite was not true.

1951 Approximately 400,000 pounds of penicillin and 350,000 pounds of streptomycin produced in the United States.

1951 Allen Dulles orders 100 million doses of LSD from Sandoz.

1952 Eisenhower elected president of the United States. Nixon elected VP and John Kennedy elected to Senate.

1952 John Foster Dulles and John D. Rockefeller III set up the Population Council. The American Eugenics Society moves from its headquarters at Yale University to the Population Council offices. Frederick Osborne, former head of the Eugenics Society, becomes president.

1952 The American Dental Association publishes an issue of its Journal instructing its dentists not to discuss their personal opinions about fluoride.

1952 American Council on Germany founded to exercise control over West Germany. Together with the German Marshall Fund (CIA), control was maintained over German government, academic life and communications. All those having connections with these two groups would be supporters of the original Morgenthau Plan, which resolved to lay waste to Germany after World War II, protect the borders of the Soviet Union, exploitation of the German people and extortion of huge reparation payments from German workers, part of which would be diverted to Israel.

1952 United States explodes hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean.

1952 Cyram and Becker statistically demonstrate connection between death rate and weather.

1952 The 1952 US Army Soldiers Guide re-defines Democracy as "including the policies of the Armed Forces".

1952 Albert Lasker, who manages the ACS, dies. Mary Lasker lobbies Congress for funds "to fight cancer", and the National Cancer Institute Budget goes from $18 million per year to $110 million per year - half involved with the chemotherapy paradigm. Mary would also begin to plan the looting of the US Treasury for the "cancer program". (See 1969)

1952 Cornelius Rhoads, who had been chief medical officer of the US Army's Chemical Warfare Division, is head of the Memorial
Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

1952 Nobel prize Bloch & Purcell for work on magnetic fields in atomic nuclei.

1952 Germany becomes member of the World Bank.

1952 Britain explodes nuclear device in Australia.

1952 From 1952 to 1956, the cities on the "fluoridation list" began to fluoridate their water supplies. As the process of water fluoridation continued, the cancer death rate of the fluoridated cities began to far exceed the rate of the unfluoridated cities.

1952 US Representative Dr.A.L.Miller, Chairman of the Special Committee on Chemicals and Foods, stated, "I sometimes wonder if ALCOA Aluminium and its subsidiaries might not have a deep interest in getting rid of sodium fluoride, a toxic waste product of the aluminium industry. In this connection it is interesting to note that the person in charge of the public heath, Oscar Ewing, is also an attorney for ALCOA."

1952 Contraceptive birth control pill using phosporated hesperidin produced.

1952 82nd Congress, 2nd Session, Hearings of the Select Committee to Investigate Use of Chemicals in Food and Cosmetics. Dr. Miller "The US Dental Assn made some examination and recommended to the farmers that fluorine not be added to the water of pregnant sows because it did something to the pigs that were unborn" Dr. Porterfield "There is more money available for matters that have economic value than there is for health."

1952 Germ warfare project in Key West Florida and Ft.McClellan, Alabama.

1952 Formulation of the polio vaccine begins. Tens of millions of doses of polio vaccines produced from virus grown in monkey cells infected with SV-40 (Simian Virus #40). Scientists "perform experiments in laboratories to determine the correct doses of antigen and supplementary chemicals to use in the polio vaccine. (Ironically, since the scientific premise of vaccination is faulty, a "correct dose of antigen and chemicals" does not exist).

1952 Third "UFO Flap" year. George Adamski and George Hunt Williamson.

1952 Prince Bernhard comes to US to campaign for Congressman Gerald Ford.

1952 Canadian gov't and USAF cooperate in biological experiments in Canada.

1952 US Army Chemical Corps fund experiments at New York State Psychiatric Institute lasting until 1957 on the effects of mind control drugs on humans. The chief investigator, Dr. Paul Hoch, later heads up New York State's Dept. of Mental Hygiene.

1952 Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller become Eisenhower's "representatives for cold war affairs", responsible for further
importation of ex- Nazis into the US.

1952 A series of mysterious disks overfly Washington DC.

1952 A two year program ending in 1953 begins where the US government conducts biological warfare experiments over Canada
(Winnipeg, Manitoba) and the US (St.Louis, Minneapolic, Fort Wayne, Leesburg and the Monocacy River Valley in Maryland. A military report noted respiratory problems.

1953 Allen Dulles becomes Director of the CIA.

1953 In the United States, Senator Charles Tobey begins a Senate investigation into the cancer industry. U.S. Justice Department attorney Ben Fitzgerald is hired as special counsel. Fitzgerald's report concluded that "the AME, in direct collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and the Federal Drug Administration, entered into a conspiracy to suppress alternative, effective cancer treatments." Said Fitzgerald, "if radiation, surgery and drugs are the complete answer, then the greatest hoax of the age is being perpetrated upon the people by the continued appeal for funds for further research." Senator Tobey is dispatched with a convenient "heart attack", as has happened to others who threaten the cancer industry. Tobey's replacement, Senator John Bricker, orders Fitzgerald to stop the investigation. Fitzgerald refuses and is fired. The investigation is halted and buried.

1953 Dr. C. Nash Herndon becomes president of the American Eugenics Society.

1953 Planning meeting held by Dulles, Ford Foundation director Robert Hutchins and Dr. Humphrey Osmond, personal physician to Aldous Huxley, for Ford Foundation-funded mescaline and LSD research. Another meeting in 1953. Aldous Huxley was the grandson of Rhodes Round Table Group co-founder Thomas Huxley. Aldous Huxley, author of Doors To Perception, had a personal paradigm which included the concepts of Dionysian "children of the sun" and an Illuminist-Osiris-Isis orientation. Aldous was also tutored by H.G. Wells, who was also in charge of British Foreign Intelligence in 1916. One of the curious books written by Wells was The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution. Huxley's initiation into psychedelic substance was provided by Aleister Crowley. It is thought by some that the British push of psychedelic chemicals on the United States is reminiscent of the paradigm of opium in China.

1953 Tavistock Institute, connected to the psychological warfare division of British Intelligence and funded by the Ford Foundation, British Defence Ministry and Harvard University, sponsors conferences on such subjects as the "dialectics of liberation", hosted by psychoanalyst R.D. Laing and attended by Angela Davis and Stokely Carmichael.

1953 Dr. Frank Olsen suicides after LSD dose by CIA.

1953 Dr.Sidney Gottlieb runs CIA drug programs.

1953 At the University of Zurich, Dr. S.Kong of the Paediatric Clinic compiles a list of 82 cases of Pertussis vaccine damage from world literature.

1953 Robertson Panel (CIA) views "UFOS" as national security threat. CIA is reported at this time to have been well penetrated by the KGB. CIA is hostile to those who witness strange aircraft.

1953 Army germ warfare projects in Panama City, Florida.

1953 John Magdiel writes T.Henry Moray from Mexico and tells him that great changes will be taking place in Russia, and tells Moray that it would be his big chance for Radiant Energy - under Russian auspices. Moray refuses.

1953 Senator Charles Tobey, Jr enters an investigative report into the Congressional Record (Fitzgerald Report) which indicated that evidence existed of a conspiracy to suppress medical advances in the treatment of cancer in the 1950's.

1953 Soviets begin research on biological effects of microwaves. A special lab is set up at the Institute of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases, Academy of Medical Sciences. Other labs are set to study the effect of microwaves and low frequency electromagnetic radiation.

1953 Return of Korean prisoners of war, some of whom are brainwashed.

1953 Otto Bender closes down his International Flying Saucer Bureau after a visit from three MIB.

1953 Soviet Union explodes hydrogen bomb.

1953 Eisenhower inaugurated as President of the US and Queen Elizabeth crowned.

1953 B.F.Skinner publishes Science and Human Behavior.

1953 Between 1953 and 1957, the US Army gave $140,000 to the New York State Psychiatric Institute to discover what effect selected drugs would have on patients.

1953 Thomas Brown demonstrates electro gravity for USAF. It becomes top secret.

1953 CIA transfers $10 million to Ewen Cameron for MK Ultra projects.

1953 Pertussis vaccinations in France, Chile, Austria, Holland and the Scandinavian countries are positively correlated with cases of autism. US ignores data.

1953 The Swedish conduct a study on the Pertussis vaccine. Anna L. Annell, a Swedish researcher, writes a major work on Pertussis which indicates that "pertussis vaccine may be associated with the most varying kinds of cerebral complications which may be cortical, sub cortical or peripheral." Encephalitis after vaccination is known to produce the same range of disabilities and impairment. Annell also wrote, "during the past few decades certain of the epidemic children's disease, measles in particular, have shown an increased tendency to attack the central nervous system. After the 1920's a large number of cases involving CNS damage were reported.

1953 Alcoa's Oscar Ewing builds 7300 acre Research Triangle Corporation.

1954 Wilhelm Reich begins cloud buster experiments in Maine.

1954 Smith, Kline and French puts Thorazine on the market. By 1975, doctors would write 200,000,000 prescriptions annually for psychotropic drugs for people not hospitalized.

1954 First recorded Bilderberger meeting in Oosterbeek, Holland.

1954 Attempted assassination of several Congressmen by "Puerto Rican Nationalists".

1954 Joseph McCarthy vs. The Communists scenario.

1954 Salk vaccine begins to be given to school children in Philadelphia.

1954 Parke-Davis pharmaceutical company combines the DPT shot with Polio vaccine. The new combination of four vaccines is called Quadrigen. (See 1959).

1954 Nobel prize to Enders & Robbins for work on polio virus.

1954 United States explodes another hydrogen bomb in Bikini Island.

1954 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) memo deems LSD A "new agent for unconventional warfare." CIA orders 100 million doses from I.G. Farben through Sandoz for mind control experiments well into the 1960's.

1954 New York Times announces Stephen Bechtel, chairman of Bechtel Corp., has become a partner of J.P. Morgan Company.

1954 Oppenheimer dismissed from government service.

1954 Temple of Mithras excavated in London.

1954 Locust plague in Morocco.

1954 Physicists Enrico Fermi and Fritz London die.

1954 Euro vision network formed.

1954 Army germ warfare project in Point Magu and Fort Hueneme, California.

1954 Russian KGB created to replace secret police.

1954 A study is published which links fluorides and the development of cancer in animals. Ref: A Taylor, "Sodium Fluoride in the Drinking Water of Mice", Dental Digest, Vol 60, pp170-172.

1954 Broadcaster Frank Edwards fired for discussing UFO on radio station.

1954 "Strange voice from space" speaks from shut-off radios in Midwestern US and London. Voice warns against preparations for war.

1954 Mass introduction of sugared soft drinks in the United States.

1954 Wilhelm Reich organized expedition into American south west to undertake experiments on desert development. Reich also disables two UFOs with his cloud buster. DOR removal programs begin with cloudbuster.

1954 General vaccination programs against Polio begin in the United States.

1954 Reward of $30,000 offered to anyone who proves polio vaccine not a fraud. Not one person was able to claim the reward.

1954 C.E.Perkins, I.G.Farben chemist, admits fluoride is to reduce resistance in people to authority.

1954 Mrs. Oveta Gulp Hobby, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, allows a press photo to be taken during a ceremony declaring Salk vaccine safe.

1954 Polio rate caused by the vaccine accelerates ten-fold in Massachusetts.

1954 Eli Lilly company begins renovation of a five-story building in Indianapolis in July 1954 for the production of Salk vaccine. It is in full production by October of 1954. Wyeth, Parke-Davis and others follow suit.

1954 A study on "neurologic sequelae of prophylactic inoculation" summarized state-of-the-art knowledge in noting that the common factor in the pathology of encephalitis from vaccination is "anaphlactic hypersensitivity".

1955 Kissinger chosen as head of Jason Group.

1955 Under the MacArthur regime, every citizen in Japan receives two smallpox vaccinations. (Life magazine Aug 22, 1955).

1955 Georgia State public health officers meet in Atlanta (May 1955) to discuss what was going wrong with the Salk vaccine program. A U.S. Public Health scientist at the meeting told the group that "he was not permitted to disclose what had happened because it would jeopardize the investment of the pharmaceutical firms in the vaccine program."

1955 Patuxent Institution established in Maryland. A psychiatric prison with high powered behavior modification programs established under the "Defective Delinquent Statute", Patuxent saw a flood of racial and political prisoners. The associate director at Patuxent was Werner Kohlmeyer, educated in Germany.

1955 Measles death rate has naturally declined, without vaccines, to .03 per 100,000 by 1955.

1955 At the University of Illinois School of Medicine, Department of Neurology, Niels Low shows that the EEG of infants is sometimes altered by a DPT shot, concluding that significant cerebral reactions and neurological changes occur.

1955 American Cancer Society advertising circular states "cancer will strike one of every four persons now living. More children from 3 to 15 years of age die of cancer than from any other disease." (50 years before, cancer was unheard of in children). According to the ACS, they are predicting 6.4 million deaths from cancer, compared with 128,000 in 1933 - an increase of 6.2 million cases in 22 years. Vaccination, pesticide use and chemical pollution are the main factors that have increased since 1933.

1955 Despite the sky-rocketing cases of vaccine-induced polio, the AMA, NFIP and USPHS claim a reduction of 40-50%.

1955 Idaho brings its Salk vaccination program to a halt on July 1, 1955. Utah does the same on July 12, 1955.

1955 Boston Herald newspaper reports on April 18, 1955, features an article entitled "Drug Companies Expecting Big Profit on Salk Vaccine", which stated. "A spokesman for Parke-Davis, which made 50% of the Salk vaccine, said 'now that it has been declared safe, we can get back the millions we invested in the development of the Salk vaccine and make a profit out of it. Our company will made over $10 million on Salk vaccine in 1955.'"

1955 Rhodes and Company, Wall Street brokers specializing in drug securities, estimate that the gross revenue of the six vaccine houses licensed to produce and sell Salk vaccine would be about $60 million, with profits of $20 million.

1955 The CIA conducts a biological warfare experiment in the Tampa Bay area in Florida with agents withdrawn from an Army CBW centre. A sharp rise in whooping cough (Pertussis) cases occurs, including 12 deaths, following the test.

1955 The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis asks the public for $47 million in its "March of Dimes" campaign. The program took over $249 million from the American public since racketeers decided to use FDR's birthday in 1933 as the time of year for the campaign.

1955 American Cancer Society publication "Cancer Facts" states "there are only three proven ways to curb cancer - x-rays, radium and surgery, either singly or in combination."

1955 Washington Bureau of the Detroit Free Press reports, on June 3, 1955, that "The USPHS reported that more children who received Salk shots made by the Wyeth Labs suffered polio more than could normally be expected;"

1955 AMA Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Article by James C. Spaulding who covered the conference was published in the AMA Journal, June 19, 1955, "A policy of secrecy and deception has been followed by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and the US Public Health Service in the polio vaccine programs. The nation's physicians were prevented from learning vital information about the trouble with Salk vaccine. The US Public Health Service had an advisory group made up almost entirely of scientists who were receiving money from the National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis, which was exerting pressure to go ahead with the program even after Salk vaccine was found to be dangerous.". Spaulding further said, "the Infantile Paralysis Foundation kept secret the fact that live virus was detected in four out of six supposedly "finished and safe" lots of vaccine."

1955 Salk Polio Vaccine again used in the US. Cases of polio skyrocket again in the United States.

1955 Reported that doctors on the staff of the National Institutes for Health are avoiding vaccination of their children with the Salk vaccine, and that after experimenting with 1200 monkeys, they declared the Salk vaccine worthless as a preventative and a danger to take.

1955 Commercial television broadcasting begins in Britain.

1955 MIT produces UHF waves.

1955 Atomic generated power used in Schenectady, New York.

1955 Molecular structure of insulin determined.

1955 The publication National Review incorporated for William Buckley (CIA) by William Casey, later director of the CIA. The National Review later became part of the network of fake "right-wing" organizations promoting communist organizations like the Heritage Foundation, run by a British Fabian socialist with profits from Coors, promoting ideas like "Project Democracy".

1955 Artificial manufacture of diamonds achieved.

1955 Eisenhower heart attack.

1955 Soviet Union declares end of war with Germany.

1955 First vaccinated generation become adolescents.

1955 Vermont reports a 266% increase in polio since vaccinations began in 1954.

1955 Rhode Island reports 454% increase in polio since vaccinations in 1954.

1955 Massachusetts reports 642% increase in polio since vaccinations began in 1954 with vaccination of 130,000 children. In response, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis states that the increase in cases was due to the fact that "no children were vaccinated there." Massachusetts bans the sale of Salk vaccine."

1955 Dr. Graham W. Wilson, director of Britain's Public Health Laboratory Service, who knew about the NIH Salk vaccine trials, says "I do not see how any vaccine prepared by Salk's method can be guaranteed safe."

1955 Bilderberger meeting in Barbizon, France.

1955 US Surgeon General Scheele admits in a closed session of the AMA that "Salk polio vaccine is hard to make and no batch can be proven safe before given to children". Despite this fact, the public is told that the vaccine is safe. The government announces that it has the intention to vaccinate 57 million people before August 1955.

1955 Surgeon General Scheele (who never practised medicine a day in his life) goes on public radio saying "I have complete confidence in the Salk vaccine. I urge doctors to continue vaccinations."

1955 Office of Naval Research allegedly receives Case for the UFO.

1955 Tavistock Institute injects "teen society" paradigm into US society.

1955 Rock music injected into society, providing "internal structure". Hyper- activity begins to appear in children. Children are born "only thinking of themselves", indicating neurological changes have taken place. The 12-atonal music scale injected into the US.

1955 Psycho surgeon Robert Heath of Tulane University does research for the US Army involving the use of LSD on psychiatric inmates in whom he had implanted depth electrodes.

1955 Albert Einstein dies.

1955 Dr. Isbell of the US Public Health Service Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky experiments using CIA funds on black inmates.

1955 Dr. Saul Krugman conducts experiments at Willowbrook Hospital in New York in which children are deliberately infected with active Hepatitis virus. as part of a study of the disease. Some of the children were retarded.

1955 Between 1955 and 1971, the number of institutionalized schizophrenics dropped by one half. This was because of psychoactive drugs that came out during that time period. These drugs were acting to control the mono mines: serotonin, dopamine, norephenephrine and ephenephrin. These substances are responsible for transmitting emotion-mediating signals in the brain from one nerve to another.

1956 Seventeen states in the United States reject their government-supplied Salk polio vaccine.

1956 The US tests experimental birth control drugs made by Searle on women in Puerto Rico and Haiti. The women were not informed about potentially serious side effects.

1956 The US Army begins a 3-year program testing biological warfare agents in poor black communities in Savannag, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida. The Army releases mosquitoes infected with yellow fever. Many people developed unknown fevers and some died. After each test, the US Army posed as health officials, photographing and testing victims, then disappearing as quickly as they arrived.

1956 US government appropriates $53.6 million to "aid states in providing free vaccine to people under 20 years of age".

1956 Idaho health director Peterson states that polio only struck vaccinated children in areas where there had been no cases of polio since the preceeding autumn. In 90% of the cases, the paralysis occurred in the arm in which the vaccine had been injected.

1956 American Public Health Service announces 168 cases of polio and 6 deaths among those vaccinated. Censorship is then imposed on the reporting of reactions to Salk vaccine.

1956 The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis conducts its annual "March of Dimes" campaign, bilking the public of $47 million.

1956 Transfer of the Gehlen organization to the West German government.

1956 Ford Foundation introduces "behaviourism" (people control) into the curricula at Harvard through director Donald K. David.

1956 Mind control experiments on prison inmates approved in the US.

1956 Curtis Shafer, an electrical engineer for Norden-Ketay Corporation, revealed at the National Electronics Conference in Chicago that "The ultimate achievement of biocontrol may be man himself. The controlled subjects would never be permitted to think as individuals. A few months after birth, a surgeon would implant the child. Sensory perceptions and muscular activity could be either modified or completely controlled by bioelectric signals radiating from state-controlled transmitters."

1956 American troops begin to pour into South Vietnam.

1956 Annual production of DDT 500 million pounds.

1956 Winthrop Rockefeller appointed head of the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission.

1956 Oral polio vaccine developed further by Sabin.

1956 Eisenhower re-elected President of the United States.

1956 March 1956 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association, H.C. Hodge remarks, "skeletal deposition of fluoride is a continuing process in which a considerable portion of the ingested fluoride, perhaps 25 to 50%, is deposited in the skeleton."

1956 ML King emerges as social force for racial desegregation.

1956 American Psychoanalytical Association study on sleep disturbances was convened, showing how the profession responded to various neurological disturbances emerging in society. Since the connection between changes in brain chemistry and external substances had been replaced by psychology, it made it extremely difficult (according to Gershwind in 1982) to accept that there are instances in which difficulties in emotional adjustment are the primary result of alterations in the brain.

1956 Bilderberger meeting in Frednsborg, Denmark.

1956 Scientific Engineering Institute (SEI) founded. A CIA cover facility to study the effects of microwaves/radar on the brain.

1956 Muller develops ion microscope.

1956 Neutrinos produced at Los Alamos and anti-neutron discovered.

1956 Rock and Roll in full swing.

1956 Four new antibiotics tested in the United States.

1956 The US Public Health Service and the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (Rockefeller) put on a drive to "sell" Salk polio vaccine to the public.

1956 Gray Barkers They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers published.

1957 Governor Knight of California asks the legislature for $3 million in order to insure vaccination for all those under 40 years old with Salk polio vaccine. The newspapers report that corporate profits from the Salk vaccine will be in excess of $5 billion. (Feb 6, 1957). Governor Knight notes there are 4 million Californians under 40 and signs the bill.

1957 Joseph McCarthy murdered at Bethesda hospital in Maryland.

1957 King Hussain of Jordan becomes a paid CIA agent. (Disclosed in 1977)

1957 Onassis kidnaps Howard Hughes from Beverly Hills. Wayne Rector, Hughes double since 1955 becomes "Hughes". In September
1957, Onassis calls the Appalachian meeting to tell US Mafia and adopt Hughes game plan to legally control the United States Government. Onassis promises Joseph Kennedy that a Kennedy will be president.

1957 United Nations 12th General Assembly adopts a resolution calling for the regulation, limitation and balanced reduction of all Armed Forces and armaments.

1957 FDA tests report that 10 of 13 certified food dyes produce cancer in rats

1957 Russians announce the orbiting of Sputnik.

1957 Bilderberger meeting in St.Simon Island, Georgia and Fiuggui, Italy.

1957 Pertussis vaccination programs exist in all industrialized nations, with the US leading the way. The vaccine is promoted as "risk free".

1957 In a 1957 AMA report it was stated " It is too early to know what the effects of artificial fluoridation will be. What is reported as a reduction in dental decay may in fact be a delay in recognition of decay, and reasons given for believing that artificially fluoridated water will have the same effects as water with natural fluoride are not valid."

1957 Records for New Britain, Connecticut (where the use of industrial fluorides had been in use for 6 years) showed that some of the children's teeth had been damaged beyond repair where the water is fluoridated, even when the percentage of industrial fluorine is kept at or below 1 ppm, mottling is produced in 10-15% of the children examined. Mottled teeth are teeth showing symptoms of fluorosis, and the enamel of mottled teeth is brittle and subject to mechanical injury which is difficult or impossible to repair.

1957 CIA helps Iran form secret police SAVAK.

1957 Experiments in behavior modification at Woodland Road Camp in California.

1957 Fourth "UFO Flap" year. Anti-nuclear literature by UFO groups scenarios.

1957 Unexplained short wave signals received worldwide.

1957 Examination of the 1957 directory of the American Psychiatric Association shows that an enormous percentage of individuals listed are foreign-born, mostly from Germany and Eastern Europe.

1957 Supposed year of Alternative 1,2,3 plan development.

1957 Britain explodes thermonuclear bomb in the Pacific.

1957 Queen Elizabeth addresses United Nations.

1957 International Atomic Energy Agency established.

1957 Mathematician Jon Von Neumann (Montauk) allegedly dies.

1957 Moray applies for a secret clearance for his laboratory. Granted.;

1957 Admiral Byrd dies.

1957 Proclamation of International Geophysical Year & Polar Expeditions.

1957 Rome Treaty and beginning of Common Market.

1957 Tavistock injects terms "beat" and "beatnik" into US language & culture.

1957 Project Redlight begins in Nevada. Dreamland construction begins.

1957 Atomic Energy Commission Project Plowshare and Gasbuggy in NM.

1957 Scientists isolate a series of Simian (monkey) viruses and discover that these same viruses contaminate polio vaccines. SV-40 found in both Sabin and Salk polio vaccines. ( made since early '50s), Information not made public. The same vaccines continued to be used until the early 1960's.

1957 The Ditchley Foundation is founded by Sir Philip Adams near Oxford. The Ditchley Foundation is a conduit for classified instructions from the Tavistock Institute.