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Age of Enlightenment Timeline 1992-99

With thanks to Trufax

1992 The U.S. Senate adopts a resolution calling for the CIA to reveal its budget to Congress. The resolution is dropped for the second year in a row.

1992 Lancet, Journal of the British Medical Association, reports (3/7/92) that the oral polio vaccine used in the mid 1970's to treat recurrent herpes was contaminated with a number of potentially dangerous retroviruses, and may have seeded HIV among Americans".

1992 Temple of Set leader Lt.Michael Aquino travels to Wewelsburg castle in Germany and holds a magical ceremony in the Hall of the Dead, considered in World War II by Heinrich Himmler to be the place to summon the great powers of darkness and the focus today of the Order of the Trapezoid.

1992 Japanese embark on an Artificial Intelligence effort called the Sixth Generation Project, also known as the Real-World Computing Project, whose stated goal is to achieve human brain-like computing by 2002. The Japanese government has already committed $500 million, and industry could inject billions more. Computer maker Fujitsu alone spends $2 billion per year on research. Japanese research is moving away from using silicon to using biological approaches. Kyushu Institute of Technology has fashioned a set of neuron-like switches based on biological chemicals known as a "cyclic enzyme system", employed in living organisms to regulate biological processes.

1992 US agencies test mass telephonic wire-tapping equipment in six major cities, which would eventually manifest in the Wiretap Access Bill passed by Congress in 1994.

1992 The riots in Los Angeles (April 29, 1992) take place simultaneously with mind control projects High Tone and Xeno, which test human frequency operations and frequency wave manipulation techniques, many of which utilize cellular telephone frequencies which initiate a variety of physical and psychological effects. The riot is supplemented by "sleepers" and agency plants that ignite many of the structural fires in the city. Ships with unusual antennae are spotted in the Pacific adjacent to Los Angeles for three days prior to the outbreak of violence, along with Triad type black helicopter overflights.

1992 The "Cult Awareness Network" (CAN) conducts more than 1800 operations involving deprogramming, for which payment varied between $5000 and $20000 each. CAN began as the "Citizens Freedom Network", founded in 1974 by Dr. L.J.West (UCLA mind control), Margaret Singer and R.J. Lifton. The CFN changed its name to the CAN in 1985/86.

1992 Highly secretive, quasi-independent elements within the U.S. intelligence community, primarily the CIA, along with BCCI and laundered profits from drug and gun trafficking, back Arkansas' Bill Clinton for President.

1992 In Britain, molecular biologist Peter Duesberg publishes a 76-page article in Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Vol55), in which he systematically takes apart the theory that AIDS is caused "by an infectious virus" and that "HIV" is capable of the wholesale destruction claimed. Robert Gallo and others base their theory of the HIV-AIDS link on purely circumstantial evidence: that this virus is present in some people who have a general immune dysfunction. Duesberg quotes statistics presented by the Institute of Medicine which shows that no more than 50% of American AIDS patients have antibodies against HIV present in their systems. According to Duesberg, "twenty-five previously unknown and in part unrelated diseases have been redefined as "AIDS", provided they occur in the presence of HIV."

1992 The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) admits cases exist where there is T-Cell depletion in persons without the presence of the "HIV" virus. The admission is in the September 9, 1992 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

1992 Vancouver Sun (1/25/92) reports University of California chief neurosurgeon Ronald Young as saying that a way has been found to focus ultrasonic waves so precisely that a beam can be directed into a living brain and halt the activity of clusters of neurons. (UCAL Irvine). Neurons can be stunned or killed with a higher power level, according to Young.

1992 U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the Royal Society of London issue a joint statement calling for more rapid stabilization of the population. Entitled "Population Growth, Resource Consumption and a Sustainable World", the statement endorses the Malthusian paradigm, which says that (1) the planet can only support a certain finite population, and (2) that human population growth in itself destroys the environment. (Iron Mountain application as external threat to replace war - possibility).

1992 Vil Mirzayanov, scientist with a 26 year background in Soviet chemical weapons programs, is jailed for revealing Soviet continuation of chemical weapons program. Jailed again for the same reason in 1994. Mirzayanov smuggled out information about the program that was published in the May 26, 1994 Wall Street Journal, which states that "the greatest results in the Soviet chemical weapons program were achieved between 1985 and 1991. Because the military disguises production of binary chemical weapons as use of "agricultural chemicals" and the West does not know the formula for the new weapons, inspectors under the Chemical Weapons Treaty cannot identify the components." Apparently the Russians secured loopholes in the Treaty which allow it superiority in chemical weapons because the prohibited substances do not include those known in Russia as "substance A-230, Substance A-232, Substance 33, etc.

1992 American Journal of Epidemiology reports that children die at a rate 8x greater than normal within three days of receiving a DPT shot.

1992 Four (4) cases of Diphtheria in the United States.

1992 Virginia legislature passes the Health Care Decisions Act, which specifically targets patients in psychiatric or mental retardation facilities for extermination who have no "reasonable expectation of recovery".

1992 General elections in the United States.

1992 William J. Clinton becomes president. Cites Roosevelt as a model for change and ironically (as an inside joke) Carroll Quigley as his mentor.

1992 Original target date for consolidation of European Economic Community by the New York bankers.

1992 A study of 200 juvenile offenders reveals 33% have personality disorders.

1992 Phoenix police station officers overheard talking about the coming "war in the streets with the people". NBC discusses students serving a 4 year term in a "national police force" to pay for college.

1992 Article in the Washington Post, Nov 2, "On Vaccinating Safely" and Dec 14th press release by the National Vaccine Information Center indicate release by the FDA of a report acknowledging more than 17,000 adverse events - including more than 350 deaths - following vaccination, all in a 20 month period ending July 31, 1992. Reported events number far less than actual events, so number is actually larger, perhaps 170,000 or more.

1992 Estimates of US illicit drug consumption $150 billion, partially used as rationale to imprison citizens on minor possession and establish draconian policies.

1992 Clinton Administration rejects conclusion of RAND Corporation study that $3 billion in drug funds be switched from law enforcement to drug treatment.

1992 United States spends $24.9 billion on prison costs and allocates $79 billion for construction of new prisons.

1992 Michael Perrone, a legislative assistant in New Jersey, contacts the FDA requesting all information regarding the safety and effectiveness of fluoride tablets and drops. After 6 months of stalling, the FDA admitted they had no data to show that fluoride tablets or drops were either safe or effective. They informed Perrone that they will "probably have to pull the tablets and drops off the market."

1992 From 1988 to 1992, over $249 million has already been awarded due to hundreds of deaths and injuries caused by mandated vaccines. Thousands of cases are still pending. The permanent injuries from vaccines include, but are not limited to, learning disabilities, seizure disorders, mental retardation, and paralysis. Many of the awards for pertussis vaccine deaths were initially (and wrongfully) misclassified as Sudden Death Syndrome (SIDS).

1992 Clinton Administration legislation proposes a National Police Force.

1992 Percentage of Federal Prisoners in for drug convictions is 60%.

1992 Discovery Magazine (5/92) discusses the fact that disruption of the Earth's internal dynamo and the alteration of upper atmosphere magnetic belts (See HAARP, 1994) can "create a premature reversal of the magnetic poles, worsen the newly discovered wobble of the Earth, and possibly create a total polar reversal or Earth shift. During at least one reversal, magnetic north may have changed direction by as much as 4 to 8 degrees in a single day".

1992 US cost for drug offender incarceration $6.1 billion.

1992 US government decides to award process patent rights for all transgenic (genetically engineered) cotton to American biotechnology company (Agracetus), on behalf of chemical and nuclear multinational W.R. Grace; Europe has also granted them the patent. The patents will give the company a planetary monopoly on any new varieties of cotton. All cotton producing countries will pay royalties to use the seeds, and growers worldwide will be forced to return to aerial spraying of cotton resistant to chemical herbicides, which allows continued environmental contamination.

1992 Estimated that 11.2 million in US use illicit drugs.

1992 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 87% of all cases of polio in the United States between 1973 and 1983 were caused by the vaccine. The CDC also said that every case from 1980 to 1989 was cause by vaccine.

1992 Mars Observer launched (Dec 93).

1992 The EPA is ordered to reinstate a senior scientist, William Marcus, and pay him $50,000 for emotional distress, after firing him because he publicly questioned and opposed EPA policy on the use of fluorides in water supplies.

1993 Estimated that 11.7 million in US use illicit drugs.

1993 Princeton University historian Gerald Geison reveals evidence from the lab notes of Louis Pasteur (See 1878) that Pasteur broke standards of scientific and medical conduct with his experiments, many of which were unethical.

1993 Royal Swedish Academy of Science holds an international conference to discuss issues of population growth, development, and the environment.

1993 More than 25 percent of all measles cases are occurring in babies under a year old. CDC attributes this to growing number of mothers vaccinated between 1960 and 1980. When natural immunity is denied by vaccination, measles immunity cannot be passed on to babies.

1993 Dr. Robert Gallo, "co-discoverer of HIV" reveals in the June issue of Bio Tech that the protein "p24", which is generally accepted to be the proof of HIV existence, is in fact found in all retroviruses that live in the body and do no harm. It is not unique to "HIV" retrovirus. The detection of "p24" is the basis for the ELISA test. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (1988 V318,p448-9) revealed that antibodies to p24 were detected in one out of every 150 people.

1993 Arms sales to the Third World drop 20% to $23.9 billion from $28.6 billion in 1991. Third year in a row the US is the largest weapons broker to the Third World. Ironically, the US warns China about arms exports (Jul 93).

1993 Mars Observer planetary probe "falls silent" (August 93) just prior to orbit at Mars. $1 billion "loss".

1993 Scientists link 10 radio telescopes into an instrument capable of clearly imaging the deepest recesses of the universe, using a new system inaugurated in Socorro New Mexico called the Very Long Base Array (VLBA), capable of reading a newspaper from 3000 miles away. Los Angeles Times 8/20/93.

1993 New Mars Probe "considered as a possibility" by NASA (Sept 93).

1993 Sieges at Ruby Creek, Idaho (The Weaver incident)and The Waco incident. CIA "sleeper" Vernon Howell (Koresh) and six other "sleepers" (a product of CIA mind control programs) are killed along with 72 other men, women and children die as a result of nerve gas and fire in Waco. One of the CIA's prime mind control programming facilities is also in Waco, Texas. Four BATF agents who were former Clinton bodyguards are killed in the raid. The Waco compound is bombarded with 20 Ghz microwave transmissions in order to create extreme psychic trauma.

1993 Epidemic of Pertussis in Massachusetts, 218 students, 96% of whom were vaccinated against Pertussis (whooping cough).

1993 The U.S. Senate adopts a resolution calling for the CIA to reveal its budget to Congress. The resolution is dropped for the third year.

1993 Clinton administration announces plans for a National Childhood Vaccination Program. 103rd Congress introduces S732,S733,HR1460, legislation that would attempt to vaccine all children in the United States, while severely limiting exemptions parents could claim. The bills also seek to set up a national vaccine registry to track down parents who resist.

1993 The Great Midwest Flood in the United States. The Kansas City Star (9/24) reports that a research team from the University of Alaska's Geophysical Institute (which is involved in the HAARP program) discovered mysterious flashes of light in the midwest which shot from the tops of the clouds into the upper atmosphere at the same time the area was being hit with a huge standing waves generated by the combined effect of Russian Woodpecker waves and the US Gwen (See Matrix III) tower VLF waves. The newspaper reported that the mysterious flashes resemble "jellyfish" about 40 miles in altitude.

1993 The Journal of Geophysical Research reports immense lighting bolts over the Soviet Union. Such superbolts were first seen after the Soviet Woodpecker began transmitting. Additionally, Science magazine on 5/27 features an article "Atmospheric Scientists Puzzle Over High Altitude Flashes".

1993 Public media steps up graphic discussion of subject of alien abduction.

1993 Crime Control Act of 1993.

1993 Tactical Intelligence, Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (TIARA) budget $10 billion.

1993 Crime drops to 1973 rate, but Media broadcasts a crime increase.

1993 HR2892, Violent Crime Control and Regional Prison Partnership Act.

1993 National Foreign Intelligence Program (NFIP) budget $17 billion.

1993 Mediaeko Investigative Reporting Group releases report "Brain Transmitters: What They Are and How They Are Used" in Stockholm, October 1993, which details the "use of liquid crystals injected directly into the bloodstream that will fasten to the brain."

1993 Two Indianapolis attorneys, Linda Thompson and John M. Baird, file a lawsuit against President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno, accusing them of trying to destroy the US Constitution to set up a "one-world government". A total of $110 million in damages is sought over the Waco incident. (Aug 93).

1993 The "Hantavirus" strikes the South western United States. Media campaign produced at the Rockefeller University in New York.

1993 Seattle Times reports that all polio in the US is caused by vaccines. (6/10/93).

1993 CNN News announces that a couple win $2.9 million in a vaccination lawsuit.

1993 Media program (8/11/93) asking parents to order "Hepatitis vaccinations" for children.

1993 Associated Press (9/1/93) announces that five volunteers at the National Institutes of Health have died from an experimental drug touted as a "miracle cure" for hepatitis B. Drug: Fialuridine (FIAU). NIH Dr.Jay Hoofnagle "fears other toxic antiviral drugs as as AZT and DDL may attack patients the way FIAU did". The article revealed that Dr. Raymond Schinazi of Emory University found in 1986 that FIAU, under certain conditions, would metabolize into a very toxic compound. FIAU causes cells to produce flawed mitochondria and DNA.

1993 CDC announces that smoking causes 22% of all cases of myeloid leukaemia.

1993 The US Army directs Walter Reed Army Institute of Research to sign an agreement with MicroGeneSys in Meridan, Connecticut for a "large scale clinical evaluation" of an AIDS vaccine designed to block destruction of the immune system. The VaxSyn vaccine uses a genetically engineered protein that matches a protein called (gp160) that covers the surface of the HIV virus. (Note: That the HIV virus is harmless and does not "cause AIDS" is known, illustrating that the military is in on the AIDS scam). See Duesberg material.

1993 Increased presence and sightings of unmarked black helicopters.

1993 Centers for Disease Control announce expectation of a nasty A/Beijing flu season and recommend flu shots nationally. (Sept 1).

1993 Senator Edward Kennedy introduces a bill S.732, calling for a national computerized registry of US children under six years of age, together with at least one parent. "Childhood Immunization Bill". The Kennedy legislation calls for children to receive "smart cards" at birth, followed by vaccination tracking and total surveillance. Clinton proposes "national medical ID".

1993 It becomes public knowledge that US Chief of Staff Shalikashvili's father was a Nazi in Germany during World War II in the Waffen SS.

1993 Diphtheria outbreak reported in Russia and E.Coli outbreaks in the US. "Deep Lake flu" reported at a lake in Washington State.

1993 Safe Handling Labels are ordered for meat in the US. Producers protest.

1993 National Reconnaissance Office awards Martin Marietta a contact for a new space-based wide-area satellite system to "track Soviet ships and bombers."

1993 Julianne McKinney from the Association of National Security Alumni, states that in the 1980's federal mind control experiments began to heavily involve the use of children in ritual abuse, psychotronics an eugenics. Apparently, the wave of ritual child abuse allegations that swept the country in the 1980s cloaked federal psychotronic and eugenics experiments in young children, involving institutions like the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. The term "screen memories" (See Matrix II), or "False Memory Syndrome", is a scapegoat negating the believability and viability of more than 12,000 citizens who have put through this procedure. Experiments with psychotronics continue to be disguised, while Nazi inspired doctors implant biometric tracking devices into nasal cavities and ear canals. Brain transmitters can be tracked by Global Positioning Satellites.

1993 Sales of herbal products in the United States rose 70%.

1993 AT&T announces a future merger with McCaw Cellular in the US.

1993 On November 28, 1993, Canadian authorities discover that a story banned in Canada has been printed in three US newspapers. The Canadians stop and search all trucks entering Canada, and arrest 61 Canadians in possession of US papers containing the forbidden
information. The Canadians also routinely black out US television signals with "offending stories".

1993 Cellular industry pays for and receives a study which deems cellular phones to be safe. University of Utah, Dr. Om Gandhi. According to the editor of Microwave News, the results of the study do not support this assertion. The "safe" results are published in USA Today, Dec 10, 1993 to try to head off and minimize growing public concern after reports of cellular phones causing brain tumors.

1993 Planned Parenthood announces "condoms for females" in order "to protect against AIDS". (Note: Since AIDS is a scam, it is seen as population control in disguise).

1993 Associated Press releases article on August 18, 1993 claiming "no health risk for fluoridated water", as stated by the National Research Council and Dr.Bernard M. Wagner from the New York University School of Medicine. A statement that "132 million Americans drink water with .7ppm fluoride".

1993 Media announces that "world religious leaders press for disarmament". The 1993 Parliament of World Religions and the World Council of Churches (See Conspiracy of the 300). Refer also to Iron Mountain Report, 1961.

1994 In March 1994, the London Sunday Times reports that Russia has a new super plague powder that is so powerful that 400 pounds discharged in air burst bombs could kill 500,000 people. According to the report, it is thought that the West has no antidote.

1994 The National Academy of Sciences reports that 95% of the chemicals used in perfumes and fragrances are derived from petroleum, and many of these chemicals are causing allergic reactions, central nervous system disorders, birth defects, cancer and autoimmune disease. The FDA is powerless to remove these substances because by law the cosmetic industry is not regulated and exempt from listing all product ingredients. Many of the fragrance ingredients have been classified as neurotoxins, hazardous waste disposal chemicals and sensitizers. Townsend Letter for Doctors 7/94.

1994 The January 17, 1994 Los Angeles Quake preceded by mysterious radio signals. Increased radio signals including magnetic anomalies and electrical problems. Some in Los Angeles reported hearing strong "sonic booms" prior to the quake. Sonic booms often precede Tesla induced events. (Early Warning Earthquake Network at San Jose, Jack Coles).

1994 W.R.Grace and company, through Agracetus was granted a patent to transgenic soy beans - the first attempt to gain world control of a staple food crop. The soy bean industry is worth $27 billion annually worldwide.

1994 The Soviets hold a May 1994 conference where they prepare a tightly coordinated plan to take power. Socialism and Communism is described as the future of mankind. A restoration of the Soviet Union is called for. It is expected that former Russian Vice President Rutskoi will gain power in Moscow, and take control of Russia's powerful new biological, chemical and electromagnetic weapons.

1994 University of North Carolina finds that women employed in electrical trades are 38% more likely to die of breast cancer. For men, the risk of breast cancer in those occupations is six times normal.

1994 In the United States (Aug 94) a program begins in the mind control arena which involves the use of scalar energy and photonic information fields, to last until December 1994.

1994 The Sunday Times in London (May 22, 1994) reports that the Western Blot "HIV" test gave a positive result to some 85% of African patients found to be "HIV" negative. Proteins from the leprosy germ, which infects millions in Africa, can show up as a false positive for "HIV" (detected by p24 protein presence).

1994 Resolution Trust Company (RTC) places three senior criminal investigators who worked on the Whitewater investigation on administrative leave.

1994 An emergency room doctor in Riverside, California overcome by mysterious fumes while examining a dying woman files a $6 million lawsuit, claiming she caught a blood disease that ate away her bones. The blood of the victim had an ammonia smell and contained unusual white and yellow crystals. The emergency room doctor reveals she woke up with muscle spasms, numbness and shortness of breath after passing out in the emergency room.

1994 The government of Australia spends A$120 million funding biotechnology, A$30 million of which goes to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), which has researched transgenetics and seed genetics since the early 1970's. Australia was the first country to use recombinant DNA biopesticides. NOTE: A dangerous development in transgenic research is the development of plant species resistant to toxic chemical pesticides - permitting the poisoning of the people, but maintaining the profit incentive to produce food. At the moment, $6 billion is spent in the United States to achieve this objective. Perhaps worse is the transgenic research going on with animals, who are having human genes spliced into their DNA. (Proto-Atlantean research tendencies?).

1994 Dietary Supplement Health Education Act of 1994. Under the law, the FDA has its role narrowed relative to regulating the $2.5 billion supplement industry. The law places the burden of proof on the FDA when it claims a product is unsafe (isn't that backwards?) Additionally, the law establishes a presidential commission to review health claims on products. The law requires advertisers to prove claims of cures or disease prevention, but permits claims about how vitamins (synthetic, yet) and supplements promote good health. Manufacturers are to refrain from advertising health claims for vitamins, mineral and herbal products and amino acids for 4 years. (1998).

1994 Science News reports that scientists are "now realizing" that certain chemical pollutants chemically mimic female hormone estrogen. The effect is that normal sexual development in human males is being affected. Testicular cancer has risen. Sperm count has dropped 50% in men over the last 40 years. (Ref: Population control and disease production). Science News 7/2 & 7/15.

1994 Netherlands makes it a criminal act to use secret codes or words while using the telephone, under penalty of a 3-day disconnection and a 4 month prison sentence. (De Volkskrant 3/26/94).

1994 The National Crime Bill is passed in the US.

1994 The US Commission for Immigration Reform, headed by former US Rep. Barbara Jordan, calls for a National Computer Database containing the names of every legal citizen or legal alien holding Social Security numbers or Green Cards. Jordan urges Clinton to order a pilot program to test methods of accessing such a database. The proposed registry received bipartisan support in Congress, but alarmed privacy experts. (Notice that that they are dealing with "a pilot program to test access", automatically assuming that the registry is a done deal despite the lack of a national referendum).

1994 Tulsa World (1/11/94) revealed that Lawrence Livermore Laboratory has a secret 21 member "Project Woodpecker" team that just won a special award from the CIA and the National Security Agency.

1994 Bernard Eastlund (see 1987 on HAARP) reveals in the May-June issue of Microwave News, describes a "full, global shield of electrons created with RF transmitters". (See also 1994 HAARP).

1994 Major conference in Hawaii, with drug agents from the US and six other countries (Honolulu 9/94) meeting to "develop a plan that would stop international trafficking".

1994 US Senator Peter Domenici offers federal help in New Mexico in a state probe of animal mutilations. (USA Today 9/21/94). (The same thing happened in the 1970's, didn't it?)

1994 United States has 1.3 million people incarcerated. - highest in world.

1994 Federal Drug Administration (FDA) deems drugs Bactrim and Septrin safe, despite the fact that the drugs contain a sulphur-based compound that is unnecessary with regards to effectiveness. The two drugs containing the sulphur compound have killed over 1,000 people in the UK, which represents 10% of the global distribution of the drugs, a $5 billion business for the makers, Burroughs-Wellcome (Nitrate poppers & AZT) and Hoffman La Roche in Switzerland. The firms have been marketing the drugs for 20 years.

1994 Clinton signs order putting US troops under UN control.

1994 National Security Agency (NSA) budget $4 billion.

1994 New York law forces involuntarily re hospitalization for outpatients not taking their psychiatric medication, joining DC and 26 other states. (Hospital Pharm. Report 8/94).

1994 Headquarters for the Human Genome Organization for DNA mapping located at Cold Springs Harbor, Long Island. (See 1904).

1994 EPA reaffirms dioxin is a carcinogen, and that exposure to that family of chemicals leads to learning disorders, infertility, and compromised immune systems. (9/94). (Ref: US dumps 250 pounds of dioxin over South-east Asia in the 1960's and 1970's Ref: population control- disease production).

1994 Mirzayanov jailed for the second time by the Soviets for revealing to the West the ongoing nature of their chemical weapons program. (See 1992).

1994 Advanced Neurotechologies, Inc., a Colorado-based company, announces a device it calls Brainlink, a brainwave to computer interface system. Device amplifies 0.5Hz to 40Hz brainwaves and converts them to digital form.

1994 Foreign troops and equipment noted within the United States.

1994 Greenpeace reports the US has illegally exported plutonium processing technology to Japan. (AP 9/13/94).

1994 China conducts nuclear tests.

1994 40,000 US troops sent again to Kuwait by Clinton as Iraq conducts exercises.

1994 US Deficit $5 trillion.

1994 NAFTA agreement for free movement of goods between Canada, US and Mexico, a country riddled with pollution, political upheaval and debt. The unemployment rate escalates in the United States.

1994 Prison population in the United States 250:100,000.

1994 Canadian authorities search people and trucks crossing the border in order to confiscate US newspapers containing a story banned in Canada (Apr 94).

1994 September 1994 issue of the Privacy Journal details one of the interesting components of the Title XXIV anti-crime package, relative to implantation of tracking transmitters in Alzheimer patients to recover patients who wander off. One of the provisions in the package will provide federal grants to "plan, establish and operate a Missing Alzheimer's Disease Patient Alert Program", granting over $900,000 over the next three years to a national Alzheimer's disease organization for a "locally based proactive program to protect and locate missing patients".

1994 Congress passes HR4922 to force telephone companies to reconfigure their new technologies to facilitate federal wiretapping. Senate version of the bill is S2375. The bill forces telephone companies to submit to installation of equipment permitting total federal
surveillance at their expense. (See 1992).

1994 National Conference of Lawyers and Scientists (Oct 94) at the Aspen Institute Wye Conference Center in Queenstown, Maryland. Discussion of legal, ethical and technological aspects of computer networks, private and public.

1994 17th Annual National Computer Security Conference, sponsored by the federal National Institute of Standards and Technology (Boulder, Colorado, where all the national television reference signals originate) held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland. (Nov 94).

1994 Clinton administration signs agreement with Russia to export our shotguns and import their handguns, despite rhetoric on Brady Bill. The agreement, signed between Russia and the US, provides for the sale and export of 50,000 shotguns from the US, and the import of 7.6 million Makarov semi-automatic pistols into the US. Later in October, Warren Christopher decides to block the imports and orders a study to determine why so many Russian guns are appearing on the world market. Over 18,000 firearms were imported from the Soviet Union into the US in 1994.

1994 ARCO Power Technologies receives bid to construct the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), which will used to alter the ionosphere in a manner which leads to the implementation of technology which permits change in global weather patterns, change in chemical composition of the ionosphere, or blocking of total worldwide communications, transmitting vast quantities of RF energy into the atmosphere from a huge powerful transmitter. The ARCO Patent is #4,686,605, locked up under a Navy National Security Order for six years in the 1980's. Related to Tesla technology.siting in Alaska. The cost of the HAARP is $30 million. (See 1993). Scheduled to be turned on in 1994. Power: 10 million Megawatts. Location: North of Valdez, Alaska. Info: Cook Vigil, Box 916, Homer, AK 99603. Result: The magnetic field protecting the Earth will be ripped open and the jet stream will be altered, affecting planetary weather patterns.

1994 In the Feb 94 issue of the Alaskan Monthly Bush Blade carried comments by late geomagnetic researcher Lloyd Zirbes, who was strongly opposed to the technology used in the HAARP system. He wrote, "disruption of the Earth's magnetic field will complete damages done by the nuclear bomb blasts in the natural radiation belts. Earth's magnetic field keeps the planet in balance." Projected results of the HAARP project may include disturbance of the circadian rhythms of human beings and increased exposure to radiation as the magnetic field is attenuated.

1994 Researchers at the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology use genetic engineering to alter a Polio virus (Sabin type) to allow it to carry two key genes from the HIV virus, plus proteins from both cholera bacteria and influenza virus, in a misguided attempt to create an "AIDS vaccine" by induction of immune reaction to foreign proteins. (San Francisco Chronicle 9/2/94)

1994 EPA delays action on consumer products having "inert ingredients of potentially toxic concern" until mid-1995 or later due to "lack of funds" (May 1994)

1994 US Justice Dept survey of 984 US detention centers reveals overcrowding and substandard facilities. The 984 juvenile detention centers hold 65,000 children. The study also found that more than 11,000 children in custody committed 18,000 acts of attempted suicide or self-mutilation (and that institutions frequently fail to provide separate housing for suicidal children) and there were 24,000 attacks on other inmates and 8,000 attacks on staff members. (Tacome Tribune 7/26/94).

1994 Tavistock Institute in London operates a $6 billion a year network of taxpayer funded foundations in the United States. Ten major institutions in the US are under its control, with 400 subsidiaries and 3000 study groups and think tanks, including Stanford Research Institute, a $150 million a year operation with 3300 employees. SRI carries on program surveillance for Bechtel, Kaiser and 400 other companies, as well as extensive intelligence operations for the CIA. It is the largest institution on the West Coast promoting mind control and behavioral sciences. A side effect of policy is that agencies of the US government must make war on the US citizen in order to carry out programs from the Foundations. Stanford's campus is world headquarters for Hewlett Packard and the electronics industry. (1994 Assessment).

1994 UN Population Control meeting in Cairo, Egypt. Nations plan to slow world population growth. Funding reserved for 1995 meeting.

1994 National Identity cards are issued by the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, All nations in Europe.

1994 Clinton works on implementation of a National Service Program called Americorps, a domestic version of the Peace Corps. Members would run immunization programs and escort children and elderly through high crime areas. Initially, a volunteer force of 15,000 is sworn in. (USA Today 9/12/94).

1994 United States takes the lead in Third World arms sales for the second year.

1994 New developments in computer technology begin to make "wireless computing" available to the public, where all components are linked by microwave beams. This makes it possible to spread and amplify incoming signals and surround the computer operator with microwave frequencies.

1994 New developments in "wireless" speaker systems for the home, where all speakers are connected by microwave radiation.

1994 US District Judge Barbara Rothstein strikes down the Washington State "assisted suicide" law as unconstitutional (May 3, 1994)

1994 AT&T merges with McCaw Cellular company, despite the presence of an existing anti-trust suit, joining the largest US telephone company with the largest US cellular company and its microwave tower network. Cellular frequencies resonate to the same frequencies as the human skull. Mind control applications are immense, when combined with satellite and computer technology.

1994 Buddy Young, William Clinton's former chief of security when he was Governor of Arkansas, is appointed by Clinton to head the Dallas Regional Office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Young was the man who framed Terry Reed for trying to quit the Mena, Arkansas drug operation that existed before, during and after Clinton was Governor.

1994 Four hundred cases of Salmonella in 35 states are traced to ice cream.

1994 China ratifies eugenics law to restrict who can marry.

1994 US National mid-term Congressional elections force a new Republican majority for the first time in 50 years. Newt Gingrich becomes speaker of the house. Republicans announce sweeping changes in tax laws, crime, and assure passage of the GATT world trade agreement.

1994 Officials from the FDA travel to Toronto to inspect the Canadian Red Cross Centre and find 19 violations, including lack of screening blood for HIV and substandard screening for donors. It could lead to FDA refusal to allow Canadian blood into the US for processing. (Canadian Press 9/7/94)

1994 Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Robert Yolken, proposes to spike baby formula with "two kinds of harmless bacteria" to "ward off diarrhoea". A study is said to be in Lancet, the Journal of the British Medical Assn. (10/14).

1994 International Monetary Find (IMF) projects the world economy to enjoy the strongest growth since late 1980's. (Note: the 179-nation IMF has been connected with laundering world drug trafficking profits).

1994 Bubonic plague returns to India for the first time in 30 years. Medical authorities respond with anti-biotics and pesticides. (10/94)

1994 EPA announces plans to review and phase out the use of cancer-causing pesticides and herbicides on food, in an out-of-court settlement with several consumer rights organizations. The process could prohibit 36 chemicals that farmers and food processors use. EPA must complete the full review and cancellation process in the next five years. The original challenge was that the agency was not enforcing the Delaney Clause.

1994 US Senator Daniel Riegle accuses the US Defense Department of covering up evidence of the presence of chemical weapons in Kuwait, which might have contributed to Gulf War Syndrome in thousands of veterans. Riegle said British and US inspectors found chemical agents in Kuwait, and a British soldier went into shock after coming in contact with it. Pentagon officials give no response to the charges. The Washington Post obtained documents indicating a tank of mustard gas was found in Kuwait near a school.

1994 New York Times publishes story entitled "One-third of 'closed' bases still open, study says". The story reveals that the Pentagon has allowed bases to stay open by "unnecessarily transferring Defense Department offices and other Federal agencies, as well as military reserve units" to the bases after the original military occupant has left. The study, conducted by Business Executives for National Security (a private Washington-based organization), fault officials for embracing a continued Federal presence at the bases.(10/10).

1994 Clinton administration plans construction of $50 million monument to FDR.

1994 Voters in Oregon pass euthanasia law (Nov12,1994) making it legal for doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to end the lives of Oregon patients. John Lee, vice president of the group Compassion in Dying, says "the best way to avoid people pouring across the border to Oregon is to have other states pass similar laws.

1994 The Associated Press reported on Sept 16, 1994 that a New York mob-run group was broken up that was transporting heroin and cocaine from the US to Italy. It was the first public declaration in the media that the US is a source of world drugs and not just a destination.

1994 In November of 1994, the ACLU in Washington State produced language for a "Terminally Ill Patient Act of 1995" which would give dying patients the right to request and receive a lethal prescription from their doctors. Euthanasia law. The new legislation is proposed one week after Oregon approved the world's first "assisted suicide" law. A previous euthanasia law was struck down in Washington State in May 94 by a US Judge.

1994 Jay Rockefeller is appointed to head a team investigating Gulf War Syndrome.

1994 Canada's Hudson Bay Company makes advances into Hong Kong, one of the largest money laundering, drug trafficking and gold exchange locations. There are major financial investments. Some firms are run by Chinese Canadians. Various interests include food products and insurance. (11/12/94)

1994 US Public Health Service Immunization Practices Advisory Committee begins a review of Immunization Recommendations for 1995. (Sept 94). (ACIP).

1994 Media announces several new concepts in the treatment of Parkinson's; an approach proposed by Somatix Therapy spokesman Kris Bankiewicz at the November 94 meeting of the Society for Neuroscience involved implanting skin cells modified to produce dopamine into the brain. Another proposal voiced by Matthew During of Yale University is to use a "harmless virus" to transport a dopamine producing gene into the nervous system. (11/16)

1994 A US Army nurse working at Madigan Military Hospital near Olympia Washington is horrified to learn that newborn military babies are being implanted in the corner of their eyes without the knowledge of their parents.

1994 University of Hawaii professor R.J. Rummel writes the book entitled "Death by Government", an analysis of the century's mass murders, starvations and genocides. The government death toll for murder in the 20th century exceeds 200 million people. Rummels conclusions after the massive study, "what is largely responsible for the death toll is the belief in power as a tool....power kills...the more power a government has, the more it kills. It's not just a matter of crazy people coming to power - it's a belief in absolute truth combined with absolute power." (November 24, 1994)

1994 Sweden reports the testing of a "new safer Pertussis vaccine" to combat whooping cough (what is now a relatively mild disease). According to an article in The Olympian, Olympia, Washington, it "could be available in the United States, according to federal health officials." According to the article "the vaccine could mean the end of rare, severe side effects associated with the Pertussis/whooping cough vaccine." (Note: On the contrary, the evidence proves the Pertussis organism found in Pertussis "vaccine", whether bred in live tissue ("live" virus) or dead tissue ("killed virus"), causes brain damage and other pathology in humans). The Olympian, Nov 23, 1994. Pertussis also can cause Sudden Infant Death.

1994 Chicago investigator Sherman Skolnick reveals disgruntled DEA agents gave him evidence that Joliet, Illinois is being used by drug traffickers as a major distribution point. Says Skolnick, "it's bigger than Mena, Arkansas and involves four judges, two former congressmen, a former governor, several US attorneys and goes all the way to the top."

1994 Clinton Administration pushes the US Congress to pass a Health Bill. Both House and Senate versions are written in secret closed committees (similar to Hillary Clinton's closed secret (illegal) meetings), preventing the US population from knowing content in order to address their legislators, who must by law and ethic know how the people feel before a Congressional vote can be taken, making the whole secretive process illegal and unlawful.

1994 A medical report is discussed on the media on December 9th which mentions that there is a mysterious problem with women and breast cancer in San Francisco, California. Women in that city have the highest rate of breast cancer in the World. 1994 On December 8, 1994, President Clinton declares that any nation who uses biological weapons on US troops will be met with nuclear retaliation.

1995 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science and Innovation Exposition (Feb 16, 1995) features Arnauld Nicogossian from HQ NASA presenting "Micro-miniaturization of Sensors and Electronic Devices", Pierre Galletti from Brown University presenting "Science, Technology and Materials for Chronic Implants", Elias Green and Robert Birge from Oak Ridge National Labs presenting "Nanotechnology and Biomolecular Electronics", Steve Fodor from Affymetrix presenting "Nanotechnology: Biological Machines", John Ross from Stanford University presenting "Immunology: Clinical Applications", Jan Klein from the Max Planck Institute of Biology presenting "Human Molecular Diversity", Richard M. Krause from NIH presenting "Emerging Microbial Pathogens", Matt Mselson from Harvard University presenting "Chemical and Biological Weapons", and Walter Massey from the University of California presenting "Science and People of Colour". Hyatt Regency Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia.



1995 Federal Prison population projected to consist of 75% drug offenders.

1996 New 68 acre National Reconnaissance Office Center in Virginia slated to open to manage intelligence agency satellites, electronics and surveillance systems.

1999 The year that the Satanic World Order is to be finally established through technology and mind control, based on over 70 years of mind control development imported from Europe and used in the US since the 1940's in succeeding waves of chemical and frequency projects designed to take control of the mind and behavior of the population under the cover of anti-credibility "alien abduction" scenarios and other mind control programs.   

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