Age of Enlightenment Timeline 1975-79

1975 Animal encephalitis outbreak rages in 16 states in the US.

1975 Onassis dies.

1975 Lt.Colonel Michael Aquino breaks with the Satanic Church of Anton LeVey and founds the Temple of Set, a group which grew to operate on a national level and involved with US agencies in ritual abuse, sacrifice and mind control.

1975 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute publishes a paper on the "Delayed Toxic Effects of Chemical Warfare Agents", specifically organophosphates. (See 1989 and Los Angeles malathion spraying.)

1975 Education of the Handicapped Act creates a $1 billion fund.

1975 German technology allows sonic weapon development. Project Gabriel.

1975 Travis Walton abduction in Mississippi.

1975 US Viking probe goes to Mars to seek signs of life.

1975 Animal mutilation cases in Washington State, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

1975 Bilderberger meeting in Cesme, Turkey.

1975 A 1975 military manual predicts the development of "ethnic chemical weapons which would be designed to exploit naturally occurring differences in vulnerability among specific population groups." Ref: "Biological Weapons and Third World Targets," Science for the People, July-Aug 1981, pp 16-20.

1975 Rockefeller Foundation gives $100,000 to the Institute for World Order.

1975 A General Accounting Office (GAO) study of the FDA reveals that 150 FDA officials owned stock in the companies they were supposed to regulate.

1975 Hugh MacDonald publishes "Appointment in Dallas", which describes posthumously a man named Herman Kimsey, a veteran US Army counter-intelligence operative and ranking CIA official until his resignation in 1962, as saying "Oswald was programmed to kill like a medium at a seance, then the mechanism went on the blink and he became a dangerous toy without direction". Three weeks after the interview between MacDonald and Kimsey, Kimsey dies of a "heart attack".

1975 Dr.Peter Beter charges that gold has been removed from Fort Knox and replaced by plutonium by CIA and Rockefeller agents.

1975 The British medical journal Lancet reports on a study which compared the effect on cancer patients of chemotherapy or no treatment at all. No treatment proved significantly better policy for patient survival and quality of life.

1975 Five related peptides with opiate properties were found in the brain and the pituitary gland. Evidence for others existed in the
bloodstream, spinal fluid and even in amniotic fluid. The first of these substances were isolated in Scotland, and they were called enkephelins.

1975 Rockefeller Commission releases report on CIA activities showing CIA violations of law, but significant violations are suppressed.

1975 Federal Drug Administration Bureau of Biologics concludes that Diphtheria toxoid (vaccine) is "not as effective an immunizing agent as might be anticipated." They admit that Diphtheria may occur in vaccinated people, and note that "the permanence of immunity induced by the toxoid is open to question."

1975 Unusually warm weather plagues the Soviet Union.

1975 Twenty people disappear following a strange "UFO religion" meeting in Oregon.

1975 Japan stops using Pertussis vaccine following publicity about vaccine-related deaths. 1975 Dr. John Yiamouyiannis publishes a preliminary survey which shows that people in fluoridated areas have a higher cancer death rate than those in non-fluoridated areas. The National Cancer Institute attempts to refute the studies. Later in 1975, Yiamouyiannis joins with Dr. Dean Burk, chief chemist of the National Cancer Institute (1939-1974) in performing other studies which are then included in the Congressional Record by Congressman Delaney, who was the original author of the Delaney Amendment, which prohibited the addition of cancer-causing substances to food used for human consumption. Both reports confirmed the existence of a link between fluoridation and cancer. (Note: Obviously Dr. Burk felt free to agree with scientific truth only after his tenure at NCI ended, since his job depended on towing the party line).

1975 Attempted assassination of Gerald Ford. Two attempts.

1975 New York police arrest managers of a branch of Chemical Bank, who had been accepting cash flow of Paul Lucas heroin mob.

1975 GAO finds that 150 FDA officials violated conflict of interest with drug stock.

1975 787,000 women are subjected to hysterectomies. 1,700 die as a result.

1975 Searle company drugs Adactone and Flagyl found to cause cancer in mice.

1975 N.M. Rothschild and Sons open operations in Hong Kong to take advantage of liberal gold trading laws.

1975 US ships 1.4 million pounds of uranium oxide to the Soviet government.

1976 FDA Pertussis vaccine specialist Charles Manclark comments "Pertussis vaccine is one of the most troublesome products to produce and assay. It has one of the highest failure rates of all products submitted to the Bureau of Biologics for testing and release. Approximately 15-20% of all lots which pass manufacturer tests fail to pass the tests of the Bureau."

1976 Viking Probe discovery of face on Mars. Viking I and II reach Mars.

1976 Scientists at MIT announce construction of a functional synthetic gene, complete with regulatory mechanisms.

1976 Dr. J. Richard Crout, test director at the FDA Bureau of Drugs since 1971, testifies before Congress on April 19th that "prior to 1974, not one scientific office in our place knew his work assignments, nor did any manager know the work assignments of the people under him."

1976 Tennessee journalist James Moore reveals he was given Top Secret documents by former CIA officials describing military mind control methods involving Radio-Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control and Electronic Dissolution of Memory.

1976 It was discovered that enkephelins operated within the nerve tracks that signal chronic pain to the brain, and that some enkephelin receptors were found positioned to direct nerve impulse traffic from one nerve to the next, along primary paths of perception, emotion and pain. Later in 1976, in Britain's National Institute for Medical Research, the peptide beta-endorphin was isolated from the pituitary of a monkey. It had an analgesic potency 100 times that of morphine and 40 times greater than enkephelins. Beta endorphins were split into Alpha and Gamma, the difference being only one amino acid. While Gamma produced a sensitivity to pain, Alpha produced analgesia. It was then postulated that Beta endorphins could act like a switch to balance reaction to pain. Lower blood sugar regulates certain neurotransmitters and controls certain hormones, all leading to certain behavioural effects from speed-learning to flight-or-fight and pain suppression. So, schizophrenia at this time was diagnosed as typifying a de- activation of the beta endorphins. Beta endorphins have emerged as the most important element in the biochemistry of behavior. He who controls beta endorphins controls the mind.

1976 Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology, by Lt. David Dean, American University Press, 1986, features an article by Capt. Paul Taylor, US Navy, entitled "The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low Intensity Conflict", in which he discusses radio frequencies "disruptive to purposeful behavior" and the brain as a "electrically mediated organ". Said Taylor, "a weapon could be achieved where an effect could lead to cardiac standstill and death."

1976 Scientists "discover viral cause" of multiple sclerosis.

1976 On July 4, 1976, the Soviets begin weather engineering operations designed to further induce global warming. By 1979, the US would have their own program in operation. Work proceeds at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory that is officially disguised as "environmental clean-up research" using high energy microwave generators to "clean the atmosphere of ozone-destroying chemicals. See HAARP (1994). Soviet Tesla Magnifying Transmitters are energy source.

1976 National Enquirer, June 22, 1976, describes the ARPA Mind Control Program.

1976 Research begins on the behavioral effect of microwaves as weapons.

1976 The Humane Society of Utah questions the mysterious death of 50 wild horses who had consumed water from a spring near the US Army Dugway Proving Grounds, a chemical/biological warfare centre.

1976 US House Banking and Currency Committee Report, May 1976, entitled "International Banking", identifies the Rothschild Five Arrows Group and its five branches: N.M.Rothschild & Sons, Ltd in London, Banque Rothschild in France, Banque Lambert in Belgium, New Court Securities in New York, and Pierson, Holding & Company in Amsterdam, all of which were combined into Rothschild Intercontinental Bank, Ltd, who in turn has three American subsidiaries: National City Bank of Cleveland, First City National Bank (First City Bancorp) in Houston, and First National Bank in Seattle. First City Bancorp in Houston would co-chair the Reagan Bush campaign of 1980. The House Report also noted "the Rothschild banks are affiliated with Manufacturers Hanover of London and Manufacturers Hanover in New York, which buys CIT Financial Corporation in 1983 for $1.6 billion.

1976 International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Royal Bank of Canada, it's affiliate, directly order Guyana to grow marijuana in order to earn foreign exchange and to host People's Temple compound led by Jim Jones, later confirmed to be a CIA led experiment in drugs and mind control.

1976 Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli murdered.

1976 Plot to assassinate Henry Kissinger in Costa Rica blocked by police.

1976 Three people arrested for conspiracy to kill Senator Ted Kennedy.

1976 Bilderberger meeting cancelled due to scandal involving Prince Bernhard and Lockheed. Alternate meeting in Nogales, Arizona attended by many CFR/Bilderberger figures.

1976 Walter Bowert publishes "Operation Mind Control". The public begins to be aware of government activities in this area.

1976 Teleguard TG2 DE monitoring device begins to be installed in all TV sets. The device is capable of transmission of all activities and sounds in front of the set to satellite and CIA headquarters. Confirmed in 1993 investigation.

1976 Malathion used in Pakistan poisons 2,500 people.

1976 National Institute for Drug Abuse estimates 5800 deaths in hospitals between 1976-1977 from use of psychiatric drugs on patients.

1976 NSC directive 4A authorizes covert psych ops against US citizens

1976 HIV virus discovered in African blood banks.

1976 Congress concludes all emergencies are over in PL 94-12.

1976 Congress leaves intact all Presidential laws set up under Trading Enemy Act.

1976 Congress passes PL 94-266 to pay for national swine flu innoculation in US

1976 According to a letter from the British Association for Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children, published in the British Medical Journal of February 1976, "two years ago we started to collect details from parents of serious reactions suffered by their children to immunizations of all kinds. In 65% of the cases referred to us, reactions followed "triple" vaccinations. The children in this group total 182 to date. All are severly brain damaged, some are paralyzed, and 5 have died during the past 18 months. Approximately 60% of reactions (major convulsions, collapse, screaming) happened within 3 days and all within 12 days.

1976 Jimmy Carter elected president of the United States. Leaves for vacation on Sr.Simon Island, favorite Bilderberger haunt north of Jekyll Island.

1976 Huge caches of arms found in California owned by groups expecting a Communist takeover of the United States.

1976 The "swine flu" scare and Legionnaires disease.

1976 Unusually cold weather plagues the United States.

1976 Mild traces of HIV virus discovered in African blood banks.

1976 George HW Bush becomes Director of the CIA, the enforcement arm of CFR.

1976 Dr. Robert Simpson of Rurgers University addresses science writers at a seminar of the American Cancer Society, pointing out,
"...immunization programs against flu, measles, mumps, polio, etc. May actually be seeding humans with RNA to form latent proviruses in cells throughout the body. These latent pro viruses could be molecules in search of diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosis, Parkinson's disease, and perhaps cancer." According to Dr. Wendell Winters, a UCLA virologist who also attended the seminar, "immunizations may cause changes in the slow viruses and changes in the mechanism of DNA. This is being studied by Dr. Robert Hutchinson at the University of Tennessee."

1976 Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the polio vaccine, says that analysis indicates that the live virus vaccine in use since the 1960's is the principle, if not sole cause of all polio cases since 1961.

1976 More than 500 people receiving flu vaccinations become paralyzed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

1976 Dr. D.W.Allman and co-workers from Indiana University School of Medicine feed animals 1part-per-million (ppm) fluoride and notice the urinary levels and tissue levels of a substance called cyclic AMP (adenosine mono phosphate) increased by more than 100%. They also found that in the presence of aluminium in a concentration as small as 20 parts per billion, fluoride is able to cause an even larger increase in cyclic AMP levels. Cyclic AMP inhibits the migration rate of white blood cells, as well as the ability of the white blood cell to destroy pathogenic organisms. Ref: Journal of Dental Research, Vol 55, Sup B, p523, 1976, "Effect of Inorganic Fluoride Salts on Urine and Tissue Cyclic AMP Concentration in Vivo". (Note: It is no small accident that toothpaste tubes containing fluoride are often made of aluminum, nor is it an accident that aluminum cookware and fluoride use were injected into the population virtually simultaneously.)

1976 After declining steadily since 1922, cases of Pertussis (whooping cough) suddenly begin to rise significantly between 1976 and 1980, during the same time vaccination for Pertussis was increased. The number of reported cases has risen each year  since 1977. Reasons are said to be "unclear" why school age children make up the bulk of the cases.

1976 West Germany ends its mass Pertussis immunization program.

1976 Los Angeles Times quotes US Ambassador Walt Stoessel as telling his Moscow staff that the Soviet microwaves can cause emotional and behavioral problems, as well as leukaemia, cancer and cataracts.

1976 American Cancer Society decides to remove its ban on 3 of over 66 known methods of cancer management (Coley's toxins, Staphage Lysate and hypothermia) with no explanation.

1976 First expansion of ELF grid on Soviet Woodpecker Project (Fall 76).

1976 William J. Clinton runs for Attorney General of Arkansas virtually unopposed.

1977 Cancer Blackout 1977. Otto Warburg, Nobel Laureate in Medicine: "Cancer ... there is no disease whose prime cause is better the meantime millions of men must die unnecessarily."

1977 William Jennings Bryan III, master hypnotherapist with CIA connections, is found dead in his hotel room in a Las Vegas hotel. The coroner states he died "of natural causes", even before the autopsy is performed. Bryan is believed to have been involved in the hypnotic programming of Albert De Salvo (Boston Strangler), Sirhan Sirhan (before the attack which led to Robert Kennedy's death), James Earl Ray (jailed for the murder of Martin Luther King) and other significant figures in history.

1977 Ray Ravenhott, director of the population program for the U.S. Agency for International Development (AID), publically announces his agency's goal was to sterilize 25% of the females on the planet in order to "protect U.S. corporate interests from threat of revolutions spawned by chronic unemployment."Ref: St. Louis Post Dispatch "U.S. Goal: Sterilize Millions of World's Women", also in Woman news (New York) in article by G.Esterman entitled "The Master Plan".

1977 The Congressional Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations convenes two (2) full Congressional Hearings on the subject of fluorides. During the hearing, it was proven that (1) The "scientific efforts" of those promoting fluoridation were fraudulent, and (2) That other existing studies proved beyond a doubt that approximately 10,000 excess cancer deaths per year could be attributed to fluoridation in the United States.

1977 Congressional representative L.H. Fountain, chairman of the 1977 Sub- Committee Hearings on Fluoride, states that "the carcinogenic nature of fluoride remains unanswered" and orders the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS - who is in on the fluoride conspiracy anyway) "to conduct animal studies to see if fluoride causes cancer". Dr. Herman Kraybill, from the National Cancer Institute (who in 1972 had been chosen by NCI to write a memo saying that fluorides do not cause cancer) was placed in charge of these studies. Kraybill boldly states, "this will be the final study to confirm negativity of fluoride ions in carcinogenesis." He cites 13 studies having nothing to do with the subject of fluorides and cancer in order to support his claim that "no link between fluorides and cancer existed." (NCI Director Dr. Arthur Upton later admitted the 13 studies had nothing to do with the subject of the study). (See 1982, 1985,1988)

1977 A Blue Ribbon Panel is convened to investigate the reason for the drop in the general IQ of the United States. Seventy-nine theories were advanced, but none of them satisfactorily explained the drop in mental capacity of the US population. The idea that vaccines could be part of the problem was not brought up. Y.L. Warten, 1977. (The Prussian education system is also part of the problem, for those volkschuelen).

1977 The British government is pressured by the publicity following the new data about Pertussis and DPT vaccinations.

1977 The University of Glasgow in Scotland, Department of Community Medicine, Dr. Gordon Stuart, publishes a study analyzing 160 cases of adverse reaction and neurotoxicity following DPT vaccination. In 65 of those cases, reactions to DPT shots included convulsions, hyperactivity and severe mental defect. In a stern statement, Stuart says, "it seems likely that most adverse reactions are unreported and/or overlooked."

1977 The British government conducts the National Childhood Encephalopathy Study (NCES) which tests the connection between vaccinations and neurological disease.

1977 Russia deployed charged particle beam weapon in space, upsetting US control of planetary space. Cosmos 929 destroys US satellite.

1977 In 1977, Congressional Hearings were held in which Dr.Yiamouyiannis and Dr. Burk were able to show that the increase in deaths were due to water fluoridation. At the conclusion of the hearings, Representative Fountain and his committee instructed the United States Public Health Service (well known by now for questionable and dangerous medical advisory practices which benefit the medical and pharmaceutical industries) to conduct animal studies to "determine whether or not fluoride causes cancer". As a result, the USPHS retained Battelle Memorial Institute (also well known for NWO technical activities and is considered by many to be part of the cancer cover-up) to perform a study on mice and rats - unfortunately rodent physiology differs considerably from humans, making the transfer of data between species relatively meaningless. (See 1989, Battelle Study).

1977 Project Dreamscan comes on line with the ability to enter a persons dream state and cause death. Managed by the NSA, the project had assassination as its eventual aim. Project allegedly halted by Carter.

1977 (Mar) Jonas and Darrell Salk warn live virus vaccines produce same disease.

1977 US sells Soviets a super magnet which they then use for weather modification.

1977 Timothy Leary publishes "Exo-Psychology", in which he confides "there are two aspects of this social conditioning regime which are not stressed by Skinner. To make it work, the government psychologists must have total control over the citizenry, and there must be total secrecy and censorship. One dissident, freedom-oriented psychologist can totally disrupt a psychological fascism by public exposure. Psychological control techniques cannot be employed in a democracy where minority groups can campaign against and publically discuss the techniques being used. Thus, the proposals of B.F. Skinner cannot be implemented except in a state where the government has total control of communication."

1977 United States Hospice, Incorporated is established, funded by the Kaiser Foundation and the Kennedy Institution for Bioethics.

1977 Department of Energy established.

1977 First space shuttle flight in United States.

1977 British announce they have determined complete genetic structure of a living organism.

1977 The US Army admits that it had carried out hundreds of biological warfare tests in the United States over a period of decades since World War II, including 25 major operations targeting the American public employing known disease-causing agents. Crop disease substances were used 31 times.

1977 Voyager I and II explore outer solar system.

1977 In Review of the News, May 18, 1977, historian Arnold Toynbee describes the need for a "world police force", saying "local states ought to be deprived of their sovereignty and subordinated to the sovereignty of a global world government. The world state will need an armed police force to command force to impose peace."

1977 United States population 216 million.

1977 Stewart publishes a study evaluating 160 cases of adverse reactions occurring after a DPT shot. Among the reactions were paralysis.

1977 United States confirms testing of neutron bomb.

1977 Massive electrical blackout in the United States.

1977 New York Times (6/21/77) reports the United States shipped a 40-ton super magnetic to the Soviet Union along with a team of American scientists. The device is capable of generating a magnetic field 250,000 times more powerful than the Earth. The purpose of the magnetic was to build a more efficient MHD power generator to increase the power of the "woodpecker signals". The effect was to override, blank out and interfere with Earth's field to permit the Soviet signals to penetrate to the United States. (See 1988, 1994)

1977 US Department of Energy established.

1977 Bilderberger meeting in Torque, England. Alex Home chosen new leader, and admits that group influences world affairs.

1977 Congressional Hearings on the cancer problem in the United States. A report generated concluded that "the public has been misled by the major cancer organizations for the past 25 years." It recommended that those benefiting from "the system" not be allowed to dictate the choices available to the American public. This Congressional study was ignored.

1977 Movie "Close Encounters" released.

1977 CIA admits MKULTRA consisted of 149 sub-projects involving 44 colleges and universities, 15 research foundations, 12 hospitals and 3 prisons.

1977 BBC program "Alternative 3" aired.

1977 Mysterious sonic booms heard off eastern US coast. Sonic booms ar also indicative of scalar weapon use.

1977 Soviets deploy Cosmosphere platforms for earth surveillance. (Beter).

1977 Dr. Peter Beter discusses conflict between Rothschild synthetic humanoids and Soviet robotoids in duplication of public figures.

1977 Soviets attack US moon base with particle beam weapons (Beter). According to Dr.Beter, the American moon base had been integral to Rockefeller plot to control the planet. (Battle of Harvest Moon), October 1977. (Beter).

1977 US National Institute of Health reports herpes encephalitis treated with drug.

1977 National Institute of Drug Abuse estimates 4.8 million prescriptions for Thorazine written out in 1977 - over 271 million pills worth.

1977 Second expansion of Soviet ELF grid at Woodpecker Facility. (Fall 77)

1978 According to Charlotte Parker of the University of Texas Department of Microbiology, the nature of the organism Bordetella Pertussis means that different lots of vaccine made from the same strains sometimes show different properties.

1978 Consumer Reports publishes a two part article in July and August 1978 which includes the claim "the simple truth is that there is no 'scientific controversy' over the safety of fluoridation." Later in 1990, the Technical Director for Consumer Reports disputes the claim, saying "the proponents of fluoridation insist that there are no grounds for controversy at all, and with that I totally disagree. The point is that this is a legitimate scientific controversy." The technical director in 1990 is Dr.Edward Groth III.

1978 William J. Clinton becomes a nominee for Governor of Arkansas and wins the election. Clinton would surround himself with the younger generation, and drug use was allegedly condoned in the Governors mansion.

1978 Immune and auto-immune diseases start to manifest themselves in the population. (Note: Soviet Woodpecker signals started on July 4, 1976). None of the diseases is new. Most are caused by suppression of the immune system and change in the body environment, promoting pleomorphic changes in organisms which have always been in the body, and resulting pathology.

1978 Dr. Andrija Puharich, in January 1978, issues a detailed research paper titled "Global Magnetic Warfare", a laymans collection of "certain artificially induced unusual effects on Earth during 1976 and 1977." Puharich describes early Soviet work with Tesla's method of controlling earthquakes.

1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (50 USC 1801 et seq) authorizes surveillance of calls through tracing devices or pen registers.

1978 The German magazine Stern reports on the Turkish village of Kizilcaoern, where the drinking water contains 5ppm fluorides. All of the children have brown teeth. Women produce dead babies after only four months of pregnancy. All the inhabitants suffer from tremendous premature aging. The same fluoride-related brittle-bone disorders have been observed among people drinking water with as little as 0.7 ppm fluoride.

1978 A court case was won in Pennsylvania that proved fluoridation was harmful and resulted in a ban. It received great publicity, much to the concern of the American Dental Association and the industry. (See 1979)

1978 January issue of Specula magazine describes the effect of Woodpecker signals, saying "an electromagnetic signal of certain
frequencies can be transmitted through the Earth which, when introduced into the Earth at multiples of 30 degrees, will form standing waves in the Earth, and in certain cases induces coherence to the wave in the molten core of the Earth. One can induce earthquakes at a distant point, and severe atmospheric disturbances over the target area. (The Tesla Effect).

1978 In the US, despite the fact that teen pregnancies are at the lowest rate in over 40 years, federally mandated family planning and sex education in schools is enacted.

1978 In the United States, the FDA finances and conducts a study at UCLA from January 1, 1978 to December 15, 1979 called "Pertussis Vaccine Project: Rates, Nature and Etiology of Adverse Reactions Associated with DPT Vaccine". The results of the study were published in Paediatrics in November 1981; the unpublished contractors "Final Report" was submitted to the FDA on March 18, 1980 (a year earlier) and contained revealing data. The study found a higher incidence of adverse reactions to the DPT shot than any previously reported in literature. After the study had run nine months, the FDA convened a Pertussis Symposium, at which it was revealed that "the most striking finding in this preliminary analysis is the high frequency of persistent crying, episodes of convulsions and collapse following DPT immunization." Because of these findings, the study was curtailed from the planned examination of 50,000 vaccinations to only 17,000. The UCLA-FDA study also found that systemic reactions in the central nervous system were present in 50% of the vaccinations. Because of this potentially damaging information, the FDA placed an arbitrary time limit of 48 hours within which reactions had to occur, despite ongoing data which indicates that serious reactions occur after that time limit, in order to limit the statistical data and conceal the extent of the problem from the population. (See 1981). In 1988, an FDA-sponsored follow-up study of the "18" children with neurological reactions concluded "no significant neurological impairment." A 1988 re-examination of those same children by an independent researcher, paediatric neurologist Ronald Gabriel, not associated with the FDA, proved that the FDA lied - only 4 of the 18 were normal. The results were presented at a May 1980 meeting of the Institute of Medicine. Results indicate that encephalopathy is followed by subtle learning, behavioral and neurological problems. (Note: See the book Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality: the Medical Assault on the American Brain, by Harris Coulter, 1990. The FDA is continuously involved in criminal conspiracy and racketeering along with pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the United States.)

1978 International Banks have $90 billion in assets located in London.

1978 Murder rate in United States jumps to 500:100,000.

1978 British neurologist Roger Bannister relates allergies with neurological problems. According to Bannister, "these acute demyelinating diseases have become more serious because of some abnormal process of sensitization of the nervous system."

1978 Bilderberger meeting near Princeton, New Jersey.

1978 Andrija Puharich, owner of Intelectron Corp., a medical technology firm and author, disappears. Puharich was a veteran of MKULTRA involved with experiments in parapsychology and psychedelic drugs, conversant in psychoactive weaponry and his "pet subjects" were mind control and the telepathic effects of ELF waves. Puharich violates CIA confidence by revealing his knowledge publically. His home was torched, and he told Ira Einhorn, a former cohort, that "the CIA was responsible".

1978 US Dollar plunges to record low against other currencies.

1978 In March 1978, the city of Eugene, Oregon was doused in microwave radiation. The Oregon Journal reports "Mysterious Radio Signals Causing Concern". The FCC concludes that the signals came from a Navy transmitter in California. The FCC report concluded that "microwaves were the likely cause of several sudden illnesses among faculty researchers at Oregon State University. Oregonians complained of headaches, fatigue, inability to sleep, reddening of the skin, "clicks in the head" and a buzz harmonizing with a high pitched wail. A similar situation developed in Timmons, Ontario.

1978 Andre Michrowski, a Canadian researcher, writes Trudeau on Sept 19th, 1978, citing a Pacific Northwest Center for Non-Ionizing Radiation study that found that Soviet signals beamed into the US had a "psychoactive" component that was "strongly suggestive of achieving the "the objective of brain control." Michrowski notes that there is "planetary scale brain control that is growing into a reality with each passing week."

1978 First "test tube" baby.

1978 Jonestown CIA medical experiments and death of Leo Ryan.

1978 In England, Griffith studies pertussis vaccine reactions in children, noting a case in which a boy experiences brain damage 3 days after vaccination and dies 27 days later due to injection of triple vaccine.

1978 Naomi Uemura journeys solo to North Pole.

1978 Union Bank of Israel monopoly on Hong Kong diamond market. Union Bank owned by Bank Leumi, in turn owned by Barclay Bank in England.

1978 Federal Emergency Management Agency conducts Rex Exercises.

1978 Gustavo Cisneros buys a minority share in Florida National Bank, one of the organizations that led the fight to de-regulate Florida banks. Cisneros sold his shares in 1981.

1978 Walter Bowart's Operation Mind Control is published.

1978 Trials of Hepatitis B vaccine in New York City on non-monogamous males between 20 and 40 years old. Homosexuals receive a different vaccine.

1978 Huge cylindrical craft seen hovering over oil equipment in Kuwait.

1978 CIA attains control of much worldwide opium traffic.

1978 Drug trafficking economics becomes stated IMF policy, as prices remain relatively stable and it produces quick cash.

1978 A speech by Deputy Director of Engineering of the Army Corps of Engineers, Llotd Duscha, explicitly states that the Corps has built classified underground facilities for the US government.

1978 Congressional estimate of US illicit drug consumption is $80 billion.

1978 The American Psychiatric Assn (APA) conducts a survey on ECT. Doctors were asked if it was likely that electroshock "therapy" produces brain damage. 41% voted yes, and 26% voted no.

1978 RAND Corporation does de-population and martial law studies.

1978 Club of Rome meeting on world population growth.

1978 Peter Schrag publishes "Mind Control" in which Dr. Louis J. West, a former CIA brainwashing specialist, proposes establishing a computerized system employing space technology to monitor and control the violence-prone."

1978 CIA Operation Pique bounces microwaves off the ionosphere in order to affect mental functions of people in selected areas, including Europe. (See 1987 and 1994, reference: HAARP, Eastlund)

1978 Dr. Robert Beck issues a report on ELF magnetic fields and EEG entrainment in which he reports alarming mood alterations in Canada which observers believe are related to Soviet EM transmissions.

1978 US sends F-16 aircraft to NATO countries in Europe on Russian ships.

1978 World Bank official John Holdson reveals that "the coca industry is advantageous", making drug trafficking the stated policy of the IMF.

1979 Global 2000 Report created.

1979 In order to counteract the tide of truth on fluorides, the American Dental Association (ADA) issues a "white paper" on fluoridation characterizing opponents of putting fluorides in the public water supply as "uninformed, self-styled experts whose qualifications for speaking out on such a scientific issue as fluoridation were practically non-existent or whose motivation was self-serving." (Highly ironic, since this is instead the position of the ADA and the medical industrial complex in the first place). In addition, the ADA paper maintained "the lifelong benefits of fluoridation" and encouraged responses to opponents to begin with, "there is no evidence...", "investigators have observed...". The ADA recommended that "the advice of behavioral scientists should be sought with regard to rebuttals". This ADA paper resulted in collusion between the ADA,CDC,EPA,NCHS,NIDR, state dental societies and directors to "identify those communities where the timing is favourable". A planning committee was formed to plan a symposium for the future. (See 1983).

1979 Congressional Investigations Committee on the Assassination of President Kennedy finishes the task started in 1976. They conclude that the assassination was a "probable conspiracy" and prevail on the US Dept of Justice to perform further investigation. The Department of Justice buries the issue.

1979 David Boren (Skull&Bones 1963) elected to US Senate. He becomes chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

1979 The January 20th edition of the New York Times carried a story in which a child was killed because of a lethal dose of fluoride at a city dental clinic. The parents were awarded $750,000.

1979 Epidemiological report by Nancy Wertheimer and Edward Leeper indicates possible health problems associated from proximity exposure to power lines.

1979 A remote viewing experiment conducted with several individuals reveals that the government possesses Tesla-based technology that is being used to influence elections in the Unted States from the NORAD facility.

1979 Dr. Peter Beter discusses Carter synthetic replacements on the air.

1979 Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Mar 21, 1979, features an article entitled "A Suit Over Brain Surgery: Man Hallucinates, Says Microwaves Are Murdering Him". The subject was named Leonard Kille, an electronics engineer and holder of patents willed to MIT when the CIA disabled his brain using psychiatrist Vernon Mark of Boston City Hospital and Frank Ervin from UCLA. Kille was a co-inventor of the polaroid camera with Edwin Land, who originally founded the CIA's Scientific Engineering Institute in Boston. The staff at SEI drew moral inspiration from the Deaths Head Order of the Waffen SS.

1979 Book "Alternative Three" released.

1979 Dr.W.L. Gabler and Dr.P.A.Long at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center find that as little as 0.2 ppm fluoride in the body (the "safe" level for public water supplies is 1.0 ppm, 8 times higher) stimulates superoxide production in resting white blood cells, seriously depressing the ability of white blood cells to destroy pathogenic agents. Superoxide in the bloodstream also gives rise to tissue damage and acceleration of the ageing process. Ref: "Fluoride Inhibition of Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes", Journal of Dental Research, Vol 48, No.9, p1933-1939, 1979.

1979 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) created by Carter under Executive Order 12148. FEMA absorbs the LEAA and becomes the primary control organization for the internal security of the United States during "emergencies". FEMA generates exercises for eventual takeover of the United States: Wintex-Cimex 93, Pressure Point 84 DoD, Rex 82 Bravo, Rex 84 Alpha, Helex Two, Rex Alpha, Night Train 84, Cablesplicer and Gardenplot. All martial law training exercises. Under FEMA are executed other Executive Orders grouped by Nixon and others into single purpose overall EO's, including EO11002, Mandatory Registration of All People including babies and children in the United States at the US Post Office. Forms exist at Post Offices in boxes marked "For Emergency Use Only". EO 11000 provides for seizure of all civilians, who will be organized into work brigades (forced slave labour), which includes the right to split up families, and EO10999, the seizure of all private and commercial transportation. Carter delegates FEMA the power to act for the president.

1979 Electronic Identification Research begins at Los Alamos for ID implants.

1979 Two paediatricians in California report brain swelling associated with DPT vaccine administration.

1979 New rubella vaccine introduced. See 1988.

1979 FDA puts electroshock "therapy" (ECT) machines into Class III category, meaning ECT "demonstrates an unreasonable risk of injury or illness". The APA lobbied to have that decision reversed and was successful. The FDA then gave notification that it would put the machines into Class II, which means they are "safe, do not require testing, and they work". The FDA received hundreds of letters from outraged ECT survivors testifying to the damage done to them. The APA finally responded in 1990 by saying that ECT is "virtually harmless", but said it would classify the machines as safe (Class II) for depression, but not for other disorders. This permits ECT to be used as long as the patient is "diagnosed as depressed". Since the manipulation of diagnoses to fit the treatment is standard psychiatric practice, it affords no protection to the population. Psychiatry places self-interest above scientific inquiry and the well-being of people.

1979 California Supreme Court Chief Justice Rose Byrd, June 25, 1979, dissenting opinion: (Relative to California cancer statutes prohibiting anything except radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy): "To these cancer victims, the enforcement of the (statute), the denial to them of medical treatment,albeit unorthodox, must surely take on a nightmare quality. No demonstrated public danger, no compelling interest of the state, warrants an Orwellian intrusion into the most private of zones of privacy."

1979 Agreement made at Bohemian Grove to run Reagan as President.

1979 On November 11th, up to 50ppm fluoride was dumped into the Annapolis Maryland water supply, resulting in the poisoning of 50,000 people. Many died of heart failure during the week following the spill.

1979 Journal of the American Medical Association on February 9th carries an article by Dr. Maurice Fox of MIT, who stated,"no evidence of the presumed benefit of early detection is apparent in terms of breast cancer mortality, even ten years later"

1979 George GW Bush resigns from the Council on Foreign Relations.

1979 The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) funds a study which represents the first significant "attempt" to evaluate reactions to the DPT shot. The study is conducted at the University of California (UCLA) and was published in Paediatrics in 1981. After studying 16,000 DPT and DT vaccination cases, they concluded that the Pertussis (P) element of the DPT shot was the element causing reactions. They also found that the incidence of all DPT reactions was much higher in the population than had been suspected or reported in the scientific literature. Despite these results, even in 1994 physicians promote Pertussis vaccine with confidence, pay little attention to identification of high risk children, and do not carefully observe contraindications. Parents are legally required to vaccinate their children with Pertussis before entering them in school. (See 1982)

1979 Three Mile Island incident. Bechtel is hired for the "clean-up". FEMA is hired to test population management.

1979 Nelson Rockefeller dies.

1979 Carter Administration, British Intelligence and KGB overthrow the Shah of Iran and install fundamentalist regime of Khomeini, who then take 50 US hostages, which paralyses the Carter presidency. Reagan delays release to cost Carter re-election.

1979 H.F. Duffy publishes "Long-Term Effects of an Organophosphate upon the Human EEG".