1967 Glassboro, New Jersey US-USSR Summit meeting. Johnson asks Kosygin to halt the microwaving of the US Embassy in Moscow.

1967 Synthetic DNA produced at Stanford University.

1967 House Banking and Currency chairman Wright Patman reveals that 14 Rockefeller Foundations held assets of more than $1 billion in Standard Oil stock, as well as the fact that they paid no taxes on the stock because it is insulated by Foundation ownership.

1967 The FDA stops the use of an experimental cancer vaccine which was producing significant results. Developed by James Rand and Eernest Ayre, a recognized cancer specialist. The Rand vaccine produced significant improvement in terminal patients in over 30% of patients. It cured tumours and breast cancer in four to six months, without radiation, surgery or chemotherapy. The FDA Commissioner was James L. Goddard, the same man who persecuted the use of DMSO. Goddard used the DMSO issue in 1966 in an attempt to foster a medical dictatorship in the US in collusion with the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and remove viable treatments from public access.

1967 At the Bland-Sutton Institute of Middlesex Hospital in London, George Dick writes, "it has been long known that increasing the number of Pertussis bacteria per dose of vaccine increases the frequency of reactions. It would be surprising if decreasing the size of the infants receiving a particular vaccine did not also increase the reactions." A violation of a standard axiom in medicine, which matches the size and weight to an amount of substance. (Why are newborns getting the same dosage as an adult?).

1967 Russia and American forge a Space Treaty, prohibiting orbital weapons of mass destruction. The US would break the treaty in 1981.

1967 CIA experiments begin in auditory-frequency control and transmission.

1967 Justus Strom writes that his earlier article about Pertussis reaction in a 1960 issue of the British Medical Journal (See 1960) had aroused considerable attention and criticism, noting, "the vaccination reactions may be regarded chiefly as manifestations of a toxic effect - an individual predisposition of some significance." Strom reports on 167 cases of severe reactions to the DPT shot in Sweden.

1967 Sirhan Sirhan disappears from home for 90 days. Upon his return, he has a fascination with the occult and self-hypnosis. Would eventually assassinate Robert Kennedy.

1967 Robert Naeslund is implanted while undergoing surgery in Stockholm, where a physician tells him, "young children were also used for these experiments in order to evaluate thought activity and reactions."

1967 China explodes nuclear device.

1967 Report from Iron Mountain released by Dial Press. Re-establishment of slavery discussed as possible aspect of world at peace under social control. The report proposes that war be replaced by a surrogate which must be wasteful and operate outside the normal supply-demand system. The surrogates on a social level must not be accessible to the whims of the people. Some of the social surrogates mentioned: complete government guaranteed health care for all citizens, a social welfare program, space research programs with unattainable targets, guaranteed annual income, threat of gross pollution as a principle threat to species survival, reintroduction of slavery through some form of compulsory service, addition of population control substances to water supplies and government-supplied antidote for producing sanctioned children. Another substitute for war is a Space Program with unattainable goals: "In the event some individual project succeeds, there would be no end of substitute problems" (Iron Mountain Report).

1967 Dr. Vincent Fulginiti, M.D,, former chairman of the American Academy of Paediatrics Committee on Infectious Diseases, asserts that inactivated measles vaccine should no longer be administered. See 1963.

1967 Killed measles vaccine is discontinued in the United States.

1967 General vaccination program for Mumps begins in the United States.

1967 Onassis takes over Las Vegas.

1967 Assassination of American Nazi George Rockwell in Virginia.

1967 Jack Ruby dies of cancer awaiting trial. David Ferrie found dead at hotel.

1967 CIA Operation Phoenix launched. Operation would lead to torture of 40,000 in Vietnam.

1967 CIA $21 million rain-making project over Asia. Would make 2,600 sorties by 1972.

1967 CIA Operation Prometheus allows military takeover of Greece.

1967 Ex-OSS commando and Australian Prime Minister Jim Thompson disappears.

1967 Tavistock Institute fosters the notion that no criteria for sanity exists and that psychedelic "mind expanding" drugs are valuable tools of psychoanalysis. A proponent of the paradigm is Tavistock psychoanalyst Dr. R.D. Laing.

1967 Plethora of "MIB" incidents.

1967 Panel of Privacy and Behavioural Research concludes "legislation to assure appropriate recognition of the rights of human subjects is neither necessary not desirable." (See 1969, Delgado, p211)

1967 Animal mutilation case of horse in San Luis Valley, Colorado.

1967 Johnson signs the Wholesome Meat Act into law.

1967 The paradigm of the cult of the "flower people" in San Francisco. The USA has now been prepared for the onslaught of LSD, hashish, and marijuana.

1967 AMA receives 43% of income from drug advertisements. $13.6 million.

1967 Science magazine (10/20/67) features article on Joshua Lederberg of the Department of Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine. Lederberg notifies the scientific world that "live viruses (as in vaccines) are genetic messages used for the purpose of programming human cells" and "we already practice biological engineering on a rather large scale by use of live viruses in mass immunization campaigns"

1967 ITT obtains $27 million compensation for damage to factories in Germany.

1967 National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) awards $500,000 to psycho- surgeons to investigate the use of psycho surgery on the "violence prone".

1967 Death of three US astronauts on launching pad.

1967 Soviets launch Luna 13 to moon.

1967 AMA forces Veterans Administration to refuse chiropractic service payments.

1967 Dr. Ewen Cameron, president of the American and Canadian Psychiatric Association, dies.

1968 Rockefeller monopoly moves to back food irradiation process on national level

1968 Vietnamese are given US supplied processed rice (with B-complex removed) and tons of sugar. Induces mass disease in Vietnamese. Processed rice was given to replace healthily whole rice diet with unhealthy western diet.

1968 Jackie Kennedy marries Onassis.

1968 Last 25% of gold reserves for Federal Reserve Notes removed.

1968 The regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia was responsible for 2,397,000 murders between 1968 and 1987.

1968 Martin Luther King assassinated.

1968 Reinhard Gehlen retires from the Federal Intelligence Service.

1968 Outer space hydroponics research project established under the administration of Dr. Arthur Pilgrim, funded by Boeing, for use on the moon. Project Lunar Base Alpha One. Project would last until 1972.

1968 With funding from George Grant Hogg, heir to the J.C.Penny fortune, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love sets up LSD and hashish production and marketing operations in Costa Rica.

1968 Robert Kennedy assassinated.

1968 General Electric recalls 90,000 colour televisions emitting x-rays.

1968 Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew elected.

1968 The Kaiser Group founded. Group composed of 60 German-Americans who want to make Nixon a dictator.

1968 Ship Scheersberg disappears with 200 tons of uranium. Believed to have been taken to Israel.

1968 Surveyor 7 lands on the moon. Apollo 7 and 8 launched.

1968 More than 78 million television sets in United States.

1968 Crimes of violence increase 57% since 1960.

1968 Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1968.

1968 Robert Kennedy announces his bid for president and is assassinated.

1968 Richard Nixon elected president of the United States.

1968 Queen Elizabeth II visits Brazil and Chile.

1968 Riots at democratic convention in Chicago.

1968 ML King assassinated.

1968 United States explodes experimental hydrogen bomb underground in Nevada.

1968 FBI begins counter-intelligence plans against New Left and Black radicals.

1968 Minnesota Judge Mahoney (Martin vs Mahoney) declares Federal Reserve notes invalid. Mahoney found dead of a "heart attack" months later.

1968 Thousands of sheep die in Dugway Proving Ground test, bringing the US nerve gas program under public scrutiny.

1968 Omnibus Crime Control Act of 1968. The Gun Control Act of 1968 is a literal carbon copy of the 1938 Gun Control Act in Nazi Germany.

1968 For one year, the CIA begins chemical warfare experiments relative to the poisoning of water systems by injecting a chemical substance into the water supply of the FDA building in Washington.

1969 Federal inspectors hold back 130,000 cattle carcasses for removal of carcinomas and cancer of the eye.

1969 William J. Clinton secures a draft deferment and leaves to attend Oxford in England. Clinton would lead anti-American demonstrations in London in reference to the war in Vietnam.

1969 Mary Lasker initiates "the War on Cancer", eventually resulting in Nixon signing it into law in 1971. It would provide vast taxpayer dollars to the NCI and derivative benefits to the ACS.

1969 Dr.Harlan Jones, professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, states that according to carefully researched statistics, cancer patients who did not receive surgery, chemotherapy or radiation had a greater life expectancy that the one who receives treatment by about four times. Ref: Harlan Jones, "A Report on Cancer", available at University of California Berkeley library. (See 1975)

1969 Diphtheria outbreak in Chicago. The Chicago Board of Heath reports that 37.5% of the Diptheria cases had been fully vaccinated or showed immunity.

1969 Neurologically defective 4 and 5 year olds begin to appear.

1969 Ted Kennedy's aide Mary Jo Kopechne, dies after hearing Kennedy talk with Bechtel, Alioto (Mafia), John Tunney and others.

1969 First whispers of the "Gemstone File" are released.

1969 A Congressional study reveals that 37 of 49 top officials of the FDA who left the agency moved into high positions within pharmaceutical companies they had regulated. (See 1975).

1969 Arthur Jensen, psychology professor at the University of California at Berkeley, receives national attention when the Harvard Educational Review publishes his article "How Much Can We Boost IQ". In the article, Jensen argues against compensatory education and proposes to redefine the scope of the definition for mental retardation to include 37 million Americans.

1969 Height of US involvement in Vietnam. US deep in debt to International Bankers, torn by internal strife.

1969 Bilderberger meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.

1969 University of Virginia Symposium on the Biological Effects and Health Implications of Microwave Radiation. At the conference Czech scientist Dr. Karel Marha reveals that microwave effects on humans include fear, irritability, depression, inhibition of intellectual functions and decreased memory.

1969 Dr. Allan Frey determines that humans can hear pulsed microwaves from 300 to 3,000 Mhz.

1969 By 1969, the fluoridated cities had an average cancer death rate of 225 per 100,000 people, while non-fluoridated cities had an average cancer death rate of 195 per 100,000. The data indicates a fluoride-linked increase of cancer of 10% in only 13-17 years. These figures were checked and confirmed in 1979 by the United States National Cancer Institute. The increase in cancer death observed in fluoridated cities occurred primarily in people ages 45 and over; this fact is explainable because both the immune system and the normal DNA repair process (the two major defense systems against cancer) decline with age.

1969 Eisenhower dies.

1969 California governor Ronald Reagan institutes a special training project at the National Guard Camp in San Luis Obispo, California to train leaders in population control. By 1979, 14,000 people would be trained in this population control seminar.

1969 Mass Vietnam War protests from public.

1969 Melchior describes 22 children in which there was a close temporal connection between various vaccinations, especially Pertussis, and infantile spasms. (Melchior, J.H. 1980, Textbook of Child Neurology, 1990 Textbook of Child Neurology, 1990 Workshop on neurological complications of Pertussis and Pertussis vaccination.)

1969 Fifteen Russia generals die in "unrelated" incidents within 30 days.

1969 CIA-linked Professor Thomas Rika disappears from Boulder, Colorado.

1969 Part of the grounds at Fort Detrick Biological Warfare Laboratory renamed the Frederick Cancer Research Facility and given to the National Cancer Institute for "civilian medical research". By 1971, funding had tripled.

1969 Nixon promulgates EO 11490 incorporating 23 earlier EOS to permit seizure of the country in a created "national emergency".

1969 Less than 25% of those in Federal Prison are in on drug charges.

1969 US Department of Defense sought funds from Congress to create a"synthetic biological agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired" Funds granted in 1970 Appropriations.

1969 Richard Nixon orders a "ban" on chemical and biological weapons. After the "ban", the Army Biological Warfare Laboratory at Fort Detrick is renamed "The Frederick Cancer Research Institute" and turned over to the National Cancer Institute for civilian use. The military section is later renamed the "U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Disease" (USAMRIID), which is "restricted to defensive research". By 1971, the budget of the FCRI would triple. (See 1983, FCRI).

1969 Apollo 10,11,12 flights to moon. Apollo 11 mission spots huge spacecraft on the moon. (Armstrong conversation with professor in British Intelligence).

1969 CIA achieves direct communication between brain and computer. The capability develops to unscramble one persons brainwaves, decipher and record them, and beam them to another person.

1969 Dr. Jose Delgado publishes "Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psycho civilized Society". Delgado states that it is possible now to control human movements, glandular functions, specific mental manifestations, and behavior indistinguishable from spontaneous activity. According to Delgado, "the individual is defenceless against direct manipulation of the brain because he is deprived of the most intimate mechanisms of biological reactivity."

1969 Weber observes "gravity waves" postulated by Einstein in 1916.

1969 Mariner space probe sends pictures back of Mars.

1969 "The Green Revolution", a ploy of the international bankers to make the Third World reliant on agrochemicals and hybridized seed (will not itself produce seed), and to export Third World plant varieties to patented seed banks, begins.

1969 US takes steps to ban DDT in the United States, but DDT still exported.

1969 Nobel for Delbruck, Hershey and Luria on genetic structure of viruses.

1969 Sociologically, the "gay revolution" is launched in the United States.

1970 G.A. Rosenberg writes, "an autoimmune allergic mechanism has been postulated as the cause of the occurrence of post-vaccination encephalitis, possibly with an initial invasion of the nervous system by a virus, with subsequent antigen-antibody reaction." If this line of research is followed up, the interrelation will doubtless be substantiated. (Ref: immunizations).

1970 William J. Clinton leaves Oxford for Scandinavia and activist meetings in Oslo, Norway at the same time American activist leaders meet in Hanoi to plan a conference and demonstration in Stockholm. (Jan 70). Clinton would abandon his pursuit of a Rhodes scholarship later in the year.

1970 Project Pandora activities are curbed, but research takes a turn where classified RF Mind Control testing becomes a military priority, since pulsed microwave beams out perform drugs, ECT, torture, brain surgery and other forms of behavior modification.

1970 US Congress places an amendment to the General Education Provision Act entitled "Prohibition Against Federal Control of Education", prohibiting the US government from "direction, supervision, or control over any curriculum, program of instruction, administration or personnel of any school, or school system, over the selection of books, library resources, or instructional materials". In practice, the government ignores the ruling. See 1967 "Designing Education for the Future" for collusion between government and state education industries.

1970 RAND Corporation publishes a report entitled "A Brief Survey of Literature Relating to Influence of Low Intensity Microwaves on Nervous Function". The author notes that the US microwave guideline in effect for the public, 10,000 mw/cm2, provide for non-thermal levels of microwaves which produce behavioural disturbances in humans. These disturbances include irritability, loss of memory, fatigue, headache, tremors, hallucination, autonomic nervous system disorders and disturbed sensory functioning. The report continues in discussion of several possible mechanisms which allow these effects.

1970 A companion paper, "A Direct Mechanism for the Direct Influence of Microwave Radiation on Neuroelectric Function", is also produced by R.J. MacGregor for the RAND Corporation. In the report, he notes that power densities of close to 100,000 mw/cm2 can produce auditory hallucinations in a field that would be averaged as low intensity and non-thermal. According to MacGregors model, this would produce a depolarization of brain tissue of 2.0-3.0 mv, where he concludes that neuroelectric effects should exhibit a maximum effect in the microwave range.

1970 Due to the increasingly mild nature of whooping cough (Pertussis), infant deaths cease from naturally acquired Pertussis in Sweden. Deaths associated with vaccine continue. Sweden stops Pertussis vaccination in 1970.

1970 US Army buries drums of DDT and other chemicals in British Columbia's far north. (AP 9/11/94).

1970 US Dept of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) reports " as much as 26% of children receiving rubella (german measles) vaccination in national testing programs developed arthralgia and arthritis. Many had to seek medical attention and some were hospitalized."

1970 Apollo 13 mission almost loses astronauts after breakdown in equipment.

1970 First synthesis of gene announced at University of Wisconsin.

1970 Soviet Luna 16 goes to moon for samples.

1970 Ford Foundation establishes the Police Foundation, headed by Pat Murphy, to train police in behaviorism and "human relations."

1970 Otto Warburg, physiologist and chemist, dies.

1970 U.S. Army records show that amyl nitrate ("poppers") was one of many drugs tested by a chemical warfare laboratory in the 1960's and 1970's. (See 1972).

1970 Zbigniew Brzezinski writes Between Two Ages , reveals that Americans will be introduced to to new concepts: a new monetary system replacing the dollar and a reduced standard of living to support it. He predicts the "gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society, dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on superior scientific know-how." This elite would "not hesitate to achieve its political ends by the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control." Additionally, Brzezinski says that "Marxism represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man's universal vision.". He theorizes that the liberal democratic societies would support authoritarian forms of government if they were given a choice between a dictatorship and social/intellectual disorder.

1970 Assassination attempt on Pope in Philippines.

1970 A study by Pittman reveals Pertussis vaccine can induce hypoglycaemia due to increased production of insulin. (Ref: DPT shots). Study is corroborated in 1978 by Hannick and Cohen and by Hennessen and Quast in West Germany. Result: Pertussis and DPT vaccines can cause diabetes.

1970 Second International Conference on Psycho surgery draws 100 participants and 41 papers from around the world. Honorary president of the Conference was Dr. Walter Freeman, Ewen Cameron's left hand man, who performed no less than 4,000 frontal lobotomies, often on people suffering only mild depression. Freeman went on to become a respected San Francisco "brain specialist."

1970 Rarick Bill HR17140 to repeal Federal Reserve Act. Buried in committee.

1970 FDA Commissioner Dr. Herbert Ley blows the whistle on the FDA and its corrupt relationship with the medical and pharmaceutical cartels. It is ignored by an intimidated government. Ley is forced out and replaced.

1970 The original Howard Hughes is very sick. Wayne Rector, his double, leaves for the Bahamas.

1970 Multinational companies begin the process of acquiring 1000 seed and plant breeding companies. In the 1980's they would spend $10 billion on company acquisitions.

1970 Nixon announces United States will destroy all its biological weapons.

1970 Carl A. Larson publishes an article, "Ethnic Weapons," in Military Review, November 1970.

1970 US Army buries drums of DDT in British Columbia (9/94)

1970 Psychologist James V. McConnell writes in Psychology Today that, " the day has come when we can combine sensory deprivation with drugs, hypnosis and astute manipulation of reward and punishment to gain almost complete control over individual behavior...we should reshape society so that we all would be trained from birth... no one owns his own personality."

1971 George HW Bush joins the Council on Foreign Relations.

1971 R.K. Procunier, Director of Corrections of the State of California, proposes "neurosurgical treatment of violent inmates".

1971 Apollo 14 and 15 explore the moon.

1971 Mariner 9 orbits Mars.

1971 Soyuz 11 cosmonauts die entering atmosphere.

1971 Dr.Choh Hao Li synthesizes human growth hormone.

1971 United States explodes hydrogen bomb near Alaska.

1971 Saccarin removed from FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list.

1971 Nixon ends International Redeemability of Federal Reserve Notes.

1971 The incidence of asthma in children begins a significant increase.

1971 A study by Stella and Chess reveals that children with congenital rubella (german measles) frequently display classic autistic features, including impaired ability to relate new stimuli to remembered experience. See 1966.

1971 Rarick bill HR351 to repeal Federal Reserve Act. Buried in committee.

1971 Howard Hughes dies.

1971 Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) calls for a regionalized police force.

1971 Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations issues pamphlet M-67, which calls for Special Police Task Forces (special multi county or interstate police forces).

1971 United States places a nuclear weapons platform in orbit secretly. The first military-run shuttle mission would service the platform and upgrade the on-board computers.

1971 The regime of Yayha Khan in Pakistan would murder 1,500,000 people.

1971 The CIA infects pigs in Cuba with African Swine Fever, a deadly disease. The entire swine population of Cuba is slaughtered to protect humans. A second such epidemic in 1980 in Cuba, with equally devastating consequences, was of unknown but suspicious origins.

1971 A mysterious blue mould appears and threatens the tobacco crop in Cuba.

1971 A damaging rust disease appears in Cuba and threatens to destroy the crops of sugar cane.

1971 Astronomers discover two new galaxies adjacent to ours.

1971 Daniel Ellsberg , a hawk from the RAND Corporation, writes the "Pentagon Papers", which helps distract the public. McNamara (World Bank/RAND) assists as Ellsberg's boss. Book is RAND cover-up for the real reasons behind the Vietnam War. Ellsberg "indicted" for "leaking" the "papers". Watergate team breaks into Ellsberg's office on Nixon's orders to find out how much Larry O'Brien knew about Hughes and Onassis.

1971 Germany bans water fluoridation.

1971 Richard Nixon withdraws all Gold backing from the US Dollar, rendering it a fiat currency - the completion of a process Roosevelt started in the 1930's when gold was called in and currency was tampered with.

1971 US Deficit $500 billion.

1971 Bilderberger meeting in Woodstock, Vermont.

1971 The American Cancer Society decides that screening women for breast cancer was a good idea. (See 1974). (Note: "Screening" = Radiation that causes cancer) 1971 Pentagon Papers published.

1971 Electroshock treatments given to inmates at Vacaville, California.

1971 Astronomer James McDonald drives into desert and suicides.

1971 The Philadelphia Inquirer conducts a telephone poll relative to sterlization of low IQ groups. Almost 70% vote in favor of forced sterilization.

1971 Swedish prime minister Palme authorizes electronic implant use on prisoners.

1971 Dr. H.J. Roberts publishes results of a comprehensive national study of traffic accidents. Roberts concludes that a "significant source" of many unexplainable accidents is that "millions of American drivers are subject to pathological drowsiness and hypoglycaemia due to functional hyperinsulinism"

1972 Sweden bans water fluoridation.

1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty of 1972. (World disarmament per Iron Mountain).

1972 Pepsi Corporation opens its first franchise in Russia in exchange for import of Soviet wines and spirits.

1972 A mysterious epidemic of dengue haemorrhagic fever hits Cuba and affects 300,000 Cubans. More than 150 die, including over 100 children. Evidence exists that the CIA released dengue-infected mosquitoes on the island. Court testimony in 1984 by Cuban counter-revolutionary terrorists supports this conclusion.

1972 In Bakersfield, California, a woman hears sounds of machinery and voices coming from under her basement floor, indicative of underground tunnelling.

1972 Central Security Service (CSS) created at Fort Meade.

1972 Strange whining sounds begin to be heard near Satus peak near Yakima Washington, an area known to have an NSA communications facility and sightings of mysterious flying disks. Over the next 6 years, the hum would be heard over a gradually expanding area.

1972 Last Apollo landing on the moon.

1972 Arthur Jensen's "Genetics and Education" published. In it he writes that "the rate of occurance of mental retardation is eight times higher in the black population."

1972 Nixon re-elected President of the United States.

1972 U.S. Army study on the effect of amyl nitrates entitled "Effect of Amyl Nitrate on Man" conducted. (Biomedical and Behavioral Research, Vol 40, "Research Plan #12,002", approved March 15, 1972)

1972 The first gay mass-marketing of "poppers" (amyl/butyl nitrates). (Effect of lowering of immune system of users. Combined with use of antibiotics (lowers T-cell count) and anti-parasitic/amoebic drugs (reduces immune system), sexually transmitted diseases, drug use and government-sponsored vaccinations - the first "AIDS" cases in the gay community would appear within 8 years, allowing the Nazified United States to do covertly what they did overtly during World War II - begin to get rid of undesirables.

1972 George Bush US ambassador to the United Nations.

1972 United States Agency for International Development makes contact with the old Sterilization League of America, now called the "Association for Voluntary Surgical Contraception", which is paid by the US government to sterilize non-whites in foreign countries.

1972 The CIA's Scientific Engineering Institute in Boston contributes a social laboratory to CIA Project Often at the University of South Carolina, in the form of a course instructing 250 students in the rituals of demonology and voodoo. (See 1962 and 1981).

1972 Kissinger takes a trip to China. Chinas role in the heroin trade vanishes from headlines.

1972 Dr.Dean Burk of the National Cancer Institute declares in a letter to a member of Congress that high officials of the FDA,AMA,ACS and U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare (now HHS) were deliberately falsifying data and information, lying, committing unconstitutional acts and in other ways thwarting potential cures to which they were opposed. (Letter to Congressman Louis Frey Jr. Also dealt with the issue of laetrile, a non-patentable (natural) product opposed by the California Medical Association, who only sanctions the use of dangerous or toxic treatment for cancer. Burk openly refers to FDA corruption.

1972 Apollo 16 goes to moon. Sovet spacecraft soft lands on Venus.

1972 Harry Truman dies.

1972 US Army study titled "Controlled Offensive Behavior: USSR" concerns itself with targeting individuals with "mind altering techniques" and "the total submission of one's will to some outside force." The study involved the use of pulsed microwaves. ( Ref: Cellular telephone & satellite technology).

1972 Roy M. Ash , from the Office of Management and Budget in the Nixon administration says "within two decades, the institutional framework for a World Economic Community will be in place, when aspects of individual sovereignty will be given over to super national authority."

1972 Leakey discovers 2.5 million year old human skull in Kenya.

1972 Biological Weapons Convention to restrict development, production and stockpiling of biological weapons.

1972 Rochdale College in Toronto, Canada, becomes a main center for illicit drug consumption and distribution point for marijuana and hallucinogens in Eastern Canada. After this became public knowledge, it was shut down.

1972 Turkish opium production nearly eliminated. Southeast Asia heroin crackdown.

1972 Golden Triangle in Asia yields bumper harvest. Peasants told to increase their acreage by 50-100%. US soldiers in Vietnam increase consumption.

1972 Soft drink consumption 30 gallons per year per person. ( Ref: sugar as an addictive physical degenerant.)

1972 Drs. Barton Ingraham and Gerald Smith advocate "implantation of brain transmitters to monitor and manipulate the minds of probationers and "the technique of telemetric control of human beings regulating behavior on a subconscious level. Reported in Issues in Criminology, 1972.

1972 US signs international treaty banning use of biowarfare agents, but does not ratify it until 1975. Treaty allows "defensive" biowarfare research.

1972 WHO Bulletin No.47 refers to creation of an immune virus (see 1969) and suggests that a useful way to study the effects would be "to put it into a vaccination program and observe the results". It is theorized that WHO used the smallpox vaccination program in Central Africa for this study, since the spread of HIV infection coincides precisely with the most intense and recent smallpox vaccination campaigns. Information on the Central African countries most infected with HIV precisely matches WHO figures indicating the number of people vaccinated in these areas. The virus requested would selectively destroy the T-cell system. (1972 Federation Proceedings of WHO).

1972 Dr.Louis J. West, director of the Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA, proposes to use an abandoned Nike base for the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence. In a confidential letter to Dr. J.M. Stubblebine, Director of Health in the California Offices of Health Planning, West wrote that "studies could be carried out there for model programs for the alteration of undesirable behavior." West reveals the desired use for implants and the inclusion of hyper kinetic children and those with chromosomal abnormalities in the study. Dr. L.J. West, working with M.Singer and R.J.Lifton, founded the "Citizens Freedom Foundation" in 1974, which changed its name to the "Cult Awareness Network (CAN)" in 1985/86. The CAN group would figure prominently 20 years later in the Waco Massacre of the Branch Davidians.

1972 Strange humming sounds begin near Satus Peak in Yakima Washington.

1972 New York State Department of Agriculture determines that 30% of organic food is contaminated with pesticides, as compared with 25% in regular foods. Journal of the American Medical Association v230, Oct 14,1974, "The Organic Food Myth"

1972 Esso Oil changes its name to Exxon Corporation.

1972 Ingraham and Smith release a paper in Issues in Criminality, Vol 7 No.2, entitled "The Use of Electronics in the Observation and Control of Human Behavior and Its Possible Use in Rehabilitation and Parole."

1972 Nobel winner professor William Shockley proposes a voluntary sterilization program in an address before the American Psychological Association. The program would be directed toward welfare recipients.

1972 Bilderberger meeting in Knokke, Belgium.

1972 Oil shortages in United States begin.

1972 ITT scandal forces Republicans to move to Miami for convention.

1972 British Journal of Psychiatry #120 reveals that "psychotic disorders may be caused by viral infections." (Ref: viruses induced by vaccines).

1973 The opiate receptor pathways in the brain were discovered.

1973 US Senate Report 93-459 confirms that US has been in martial law since 1933.

1973 US Attorney General states that "national emergency" a normal necessity.

1973 Olaf Palme authorizes expanded use of implants in prisoners.

1973 The NCI-ACS Breast Cancer Detection Demonstration Project (BCDP) starts, and would last until 1978. Ralph Nader tests some of the machines, and finds out that 55% of them emit more than a safe dosage. (See 1974, Morgan,Pike).

1973 Disk buzzes NSA facility at NW Cape in Western Australia.

1973 Bilderberger meeting in Saltsjobaden, Sweden.

1973 Medical World News in March 1973 revealed data from a tobacco industry authority that cigarettes are 5% sugar, cigars 20% and 40% in some pipe tobaccos.

1973 Two former Congressmen and one vice-chairman of the AMA Council on Drugs testify before Congress. They accuse the AMA of being "held captive of and beholden to the pharmaceutical industry."

1973 Trilateral Commission formed under David Rockefeller.

1973 LEAA again calls for elimination by merger of small police forces in the US.

1973 CIA doctor Sidney Gottleib, head of the LSD and other drug programs, destroys records to hide details of MKULTRA.

1973 Conference on Psychotronic Research held in Prague. Topics include "The Induction of Paranormal Effects in Dreams", "Erasure of the Subconscious Mind", "Development of ESP", "The Psi Gene", and "The Mechanical Equivalent of Neuropsychic Energy."

1973 At Walter Reed Hospital, Dr. Joseph Sharp hears words spoken to him using a pulsed-microwave audiogram (computerized analog of voice) from outside of a soundproof chamber, broadcasting from 300 MHz to 3 GHz.

1973 Experiments carried out at Vacaville prison in California with implants.

1973 Behavior modification unit started at El Reno, Oklahoma.

1973 START program introduced to Maryland schools by the Behavior Research Institute.

1973 The field of genetic engineering is opened by advances in scientific research, making way for creation of recombinant micro-organisms and new viral structures in the laboratory. The U.S. military applies the technology to its chemical and biological weapons program, claiming overtly that such work is "to develop defensive vaccines".

1973 Americans at Copernicus base on Moon working toward operational status for their beam weapons (Beter). Russians launch Cosmos 929 with particle beam weapon.

1973 Jose Delgado released paper entitled "Intra cerebral Radio Stimulation and Recording in Completely Free Patients."

1973 Sixth "UFO Flap" year. Enormous number of strange craft over southeast United States.

1973 The US Navy allegedly has operational time travel technology.

1973 California Governor Reagan announces his support for the formation of a Center for the Reduction of Life-Threatening Behavior at UCLA.

1973 Sugar Information Foundation places full-page advertisements in national magazines in the United States, labelling sugar a carbohydrate and a nutrient. Later, after a Senate Hearing, the National Advertising Review Board determined that the claim that sugar was a nutrient was without foundation.

1973 Netherlands bans water fluoridation.

1973 Psychology Today publishes an article by Steven Chorover titled "Big Brother and Psycho technology", in which he observes "psycho surgery, drug therapy and behavior modification have become dangerous tools for social and political repression."

1973 Watergate affair. Agnew resigns, Nixon impeachment process begins.

1973 US devaluates dollar for second time in two years.

1973 Skylab I, II, III missions completed.

1973 The American Psychiatric Association, under pressure from homosexual groups, deletes "homosexuality" as a diagnostic category of "mental disorders", but replaces it immediately with the diagnosis of "sexual orientation disturbance", in order to pacify social factions.

1974 Article is written in Britain by Kulenkampff, Schwartzman and Wilson who retrospectively analyze 36 cases of neurological illness at the Hospital for Sick Children in London from 1961 to 1972. All the cases were thought to be attributable to DPT shots. Out of 36 cases, 4 recovered completely, 2 died, and 30 were left mentally retarded or in seizure conditions.

1974 British researcher George Disk estimates that there are 80 cases of severe neurological complications from Pertussis vaccine annually. Over 33% of these children died and another 33% were left with brain damage. Dick maintains he is not convinced that the community benefit from the vaccine outweighs the damage.

1974 The Association of Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children is formed in Britain, and pressures the government to study adverse reactions to Pertussis vaccine.

1974 Texas experiences a large number of animal mutilations.

1974 Vladivostok Agreement between the US and USSR concludes a secret agreement to promote global warming through the use of weather modification technology.

1974 Dr. Karl Z. Morgan,director of Health Physics at Oak Ridge, comes forth to warn that diagnostic X-rays were causing the same cancer they were meant to screen. Despite the warning, the NCI-ACS breast screening program kept on going.

1974 Professor Malcom C. Pike at the University of California School of Medicine writes the NCI that a number of specialists had concluded that "giving a woman under age 50 a mammogram on a routine basis is close to unethical."

1974 National Education Association (NEA) president James Harris states that "the state educational system must expand its teaching ... the family is failing to perform its function. The NEA has taken the following positions in its history: education of youth for a global community, promotion of a strong United Nations, support of a National Health Plan, opposition of legislation to benefit private schools, population control, federal day care centres, increase of federal control of education, and opposition to local control of public schools. The NEA is controlled by the Tavistock Institute through Stanford Research Institute. The Tavistock controlled National Training Lab brainwashes the leading executives of business and government. Tavistock scraps the US space program for nine years to allow the Soviets to catch up. Common strategy in Tavistock programs is the use of drugs. (See MK-ULTRA).

1974 Research proposal by J.F. Schapitz proposes recording EEG correlates induced by various drugs, and then to modulate these biological frequencies on a microwave carrier. Further, Schapitz' proposal included inducing hypnotic states and using words modulated on microwave carrier frequencies to condition human subjects to perform various acts. (FOIA).

1974 Arab oil prices quadruple.

1974 Soviet probe lands on Mars and "detects more water than expected."

1974 Study prepared by the Staff of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights of the Committee on the Judiciary (93rd Congress) titled "Individual Rights and The Federal Role in Behavior Modification" revealed "a number of departments and agencies, including the Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, National Science Foundation, the Department of Health/Education/Welfare, fund, participate in, or otherwise sanction research involving various aspects of behavior modification in absence of effective review structures, guidelines or standards." And "the emphasis placed in violence-control by the federal government has been encouraged by several new agencies whose essential function is the funding of programs dealing with the various aspects of violence."

1974 India explodes a nuclear device.

1974 Smallpox epidemic kills 20,000 in India.

1974 Karen Silkwood killed after investigation of plutonium misuse in Oklahoma.

1974 Gerald Ford becomes president of the United States and grants Nixon pardon.

1974 CFR member Brent Scowcroft prepares NSSM 200, "Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests", which is immediately classified Secret (now declassified). Prepared for the National Security Council, this document proposes reduction of worldwide population by concentration on Third World Countries. A conclusion of the study is that mandatory population control may be appropriate.

1974 Chase Manhattan and other large banks begin dumping municipal security bonds, which touches off a financial crisis for New York in 1975.

1974 Bilderberger meeting in Megeve, France.

1974 J.F.Schapitz proposes a project, later funded by the US Department of Defense, showing how the spoken word of a hypnotist may be conveyed by modulated electromagnetic energy directly into subconscious parts of the brain. The subject cannot consciously control the information input.

1974 Joint Publications Research Service in Arlington makes monograph entitled "Psychotronics in Engineering" available to US government requesters. In the monograph, Dr. J.F. Shapitz reveals "the spoken word of the hypnotist may be conveyed by modulated electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the human brain. The voices would program the subconscious mind without employing any technical devices for receiving or transcoding the messages and without the person exposed having any chance to control the information input."

1974 New England Governors consider building a regional prison using behavioral modification techniques.

1974 California passes an act based on American Cancer Society "Model Law" in 1966 which makes it a felony to treat cancer in California by any method other than radiation, surgery or chemotherapy.

1974 Dr.James Lin, author of Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications, notes that "the capability of communicating directly with
humans by pulsed microwaves is obviously not limited to the field of therapeutic medicine."

1974 Jose Delgado advocates psycho surgery and electrode implantation, as well as "conquest of the human mind."

1974 Army Medical and Information Agency document "Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation" discusses the research of Dr. Allen Frey. The document reveals that scientists are fully aware of the biological effects of microwave radiation having offensive weapons application. Other research includes internal sound perception research (for disorienting or disrupting behavior patterns or use as an interrogation tool), use of mixed frequencies, electronic alteration of the blood-brain barrier permitting neurotoxins in blood to reach the brain (resulting in severe neuropathological symptoms) and induction of voices inside the brain by use of signal modulation at very low power densities.

1974 LEAA funds withdrawn from behavior modification programs.

1974 Hearst (Mafia) daughter "kidnapped" by Lipset "SLA" in fake terrorist action. Nixon steps down, replaced by Gerald Ford to continue coverup. Betty Ford, mother of Michael Aquino, has had extensive contacts in Germany since the 1930's.

1974 Common Market computer "the beast" unveiled in Brussels, Belgium.

1974 Carroll Quigley released Tragedy and Hope, revealing secret society connections worldwide. Plates are eventually destroyed by publisher.

1974 French Minister of Defense says disks are real on televised broadcast.

1974 CIA releases a report "A Study of Climatological Research as it Pertains to Intelligence Problems", indicating that a major climate shift toward an Ice Age is imminent.

1974 CIA releases a report "Potential Implications of Trends in World Population, Food Production and Climate", indicating that food supplies would be affected by climate changes coming in near future, and that forced mass migrations, sometimes backed by force, would become an issue.

1974 Stanford Research Institute Center for Study of Social Policy produces a report called "Changing Images of Man", prepared by a staff of 14 researchers and supervised by 23 controllers, including anthropologist Margaret Mead, psychologist B.F. Skinner, Ervin Laslo of the United Nations, and Sir Geoffrey Vickers of British Intelligence. The aim of the study is to change the image of mankind from that of "industrial progress" to one of "spiritualism". Willis Harman was director of the project. According to the report, "the images of man that dominated the last 200 years will be inadequate for the post industrial era."

1974 The Safe Water Drinking Act is passed. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets maximum contamination levels (MCL) for various water pollutants, including sodium fluoride. The EPA sets the fluoride contamination level at an unbelievable 1.4 ppm for "warmer climates" and up to 2.4 ppm for "colder climates". Furthermore, the American Dental Association begins pressuring the EPA to raise the MCL for fluoride in public water to 8 ppm, when it is fully known that systemic damage occurs below 1 pmm. The former US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop is among those who join the drive to increase the MCL for fluoride, even doing television ads proclaiming that fluoridation was "absolutely safe". Shown slides of severe fluorosis damage to a childes teeth at 4ppm, ADA spokesperson Lisa Watson maintains that it does "not involve health effects but is only a cosmetic problem". The National Drinking Water Advisory Council refuses to recommend raising the fluoride MCL, and came close to recommending its lowering, but the EPA farmed out research work to ICAIR Life Systems, which issues a fraudulent report (confirmed by ICAIR employee Dr. John Beaver) that is woven into the US EPA report on fluoride, resulting in the EPA recommendation of MCL for sodium fluoride in public water to be 4 ppm.

1974 Lyndon Johnson has sodium morphate "heart attack" and dies in Texas.

1974 Nelson Rockefeller nominated by Ford to be Vice President of the US.

1974 Health Newsletter V3N1, Jan 74. Dr.David Grassetti "the spread of cancer in mice is astounding after they are given a dose of Rifampin, a "miracle antibiotic" made by Dow Chemical, which received almost $900,000 in contracts from the National Cancer Institute. The research results were permitted to remain Confidential."

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