Age of Enlightenment Timeline 1958-1966

With thanks to Trufax

1958 Dr. A. Aslander in Stockholm in 1958 (Tooth Formation in the Light of Plant Nutrition) that indicates that food supplementation with bone meal has a most profound decay protective effect in children.

1958 World literature now contains 107 cases of severe reaction to Pertussis vaccine (93 of those cases were in the US). At the Fountain Hospital in London, Dr. J.M. Berg analysed the 107 cases and found that 31 of them showed signs of permanent brain damage. Berg calls attention to the danger of mental retardation as an effect of the Pertussis vaccine and emphasizes that "any suggestion of a neurological reaction to a Pertussis vaccination should be an absolute contraindication to further inoculation." The United States medical establishment ignores and suppresses the data. American physicians maintain that the damage caused is small compared to "lack of 'serious' reactions in children vaccinated." No data has ever been found to justify a basis for this conclusion.

1958 Soviets on May 1 attempt to launch a mission with the objective of a lunar flyby or impact. Launch failure.

1958 The U.S. on Aug 17 attempts to launch a Thor-Able 1 rocket with an initial lunar probe. The launch vehicle explodes.

1958 The Soviets attempt another lunar probe launch on Sept 24. Launch failure.

1958 John McCone becomes Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. Bechtel becomes the world's largest contractor for building nuclear plants. McCone would later become a director of Standard Oil of California and ITT.

1958 Hordes of Mafia selected candidates swept into American politics.

1958 Verdict of $147,000 rendered against Cutter Laboratories in California for the crippling of two children with the Salk polio vaccine. Cutter Labs was the only vaccine manufacturer not part of the Rockefeller Trust.

1958 John Von Neumann assigned new identity as Dr. Rinehart.

1958 Project Argus nuclear detonations in space create radiation belts.

1958 International Geophysical Year exploration of polar regions.

1958 The US launches Pioneer I on October 11th with the intention of orbiting the moon. The launch failed to achieve required velocity. Another attempt is made on November 8th with Pioneer 2. Failed to achieve required velocity.

1958 Soviets attempt but fail to launch a lunar flyby probe on Nov 26th.

1958 The US launches lunar probe Pioneer 3. Fails to achieve required velocity but gains radiation belt data around the Earth.

1958 In October 1958, Dr. J.F. Montague, a medical doctor, published material reflecting his growing concern over fluoridation in the Journal of the International College of Surgeons connecting the presence of fluorine in the human body to cancer. Also in 1958, an interesting piece of work was done by Dr. James Kerwin, a dentist, in which it was shown that the simultaneous presence of fluorine and strontium 90 in the human body may result in a greater accumulation of both substances in which compounds like strontium fluoride are formed. Because of the low solubility of these substances, the body has a very hard time getting rid of them. His report was published in Dental Digest in February 1958.

1958 McGill University in Montreal CIA-funded experiments with LSD. A 1986 study of CIA development of LSD notes that "nearly every drug that appeared on the black market in the 1960's had been previously scrutinized, tested, and in some cases refined by CIA and US Army scientists." ( Acid Dreams: The CIA,LSD and the Sixties Rebellions", by Lee and Shlain, New York, Grove City Press, 1986).

1958 Timothy Leary conducts his first experiments with LSD at the Kaiser Foundation Experimental Hospital in San Francisco.

1958 Survey of 13,000 adolescent boys in Philadelphia who had been vaccinated, 7.5% were associated with crime.

1958 Cameron's MKULTRA report devoted to psychic driving. Sub-project 68.

1958 NASA created with charter to prevent ET information from public.

1958 Delaney Act on Food Additives Enacted into law.

1958 Beijing integrates external financial affairs with top British drug running firms in Hong Kong and Macao.

1958 Bilderberger meeting in Buxton, England.

1958 Microchip released onto the market.

1958 Russia launches first "space satellites".

1958 United States establishes NASA, with internal provision that any sign of extraterrestrial life discovered will be suppressed.

1958 US launches moon rocket, but never reaches destination.

1958 Space probes reveal radiation belts around the Earth.

1958 John Birch Society organized.

1958 Nelson Rockefeller elected Governor of New York.

1958 Time magazine reports that a Harvard biochemist and his assistants had been working for 10 years, bankrolled by the Sugar Research Foundation, to discover a way to prevent sugar causing dental decay. No remedy found.

1958 US Government burns papers of Wilhelm Reich in New York City.

1958 Food and Drug Act of 1958 took up use of irradiation, defined as "additive".

1958 Outgoing President of the Gerontological Society, Dr.A.Lansing, muses "finding a cure for cancer and heart disease would be a major financial disaster which would bankrupt the social security system and the insurance companies." Prevention, J.L. Rodale, 11/1961.

1959 Attempted assassination of Senator Bircher of Ohio and Governor Almond of Virginia.

1959 The US launches Pioneer 4, which passes within 37,500 miles of the Moon and returns radiation data in March 1959.

1959 A breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence occurs from Cornell psychologist Frank Rosenblatt, who designs a neural network called a "perceptron" that could be "trained" to perform simple classifications of visual patterns. It would have a great impact on the field of AI. Researchers turned their backs on conventional AI algorithms to build perceptrons and similar neural nets in an attempt to expand on pattern recognition capabilities. In the mid 1960's other work would define what perceptrons could not do, when Minsky and Papert publish Perceptrons: An Introduction to Computational Geometry.

1959 In the report of the proceedings of the 3rd Medical-Dental Conference on the Evaluation of Fluoridation, held on March 7, 1959 in New York City, the committee concluded that "It is apparent that the practice of fluoridation is not the simple, trustworthy procedure that the promoting authorities have given the profession and the public to believe. Added to the lack of control of fluorides at the consumers tap are these major uncertainties: the gross variation in individual water consumption, the varied intake of fluorides in food and the fluoride intake from atmospheric and occupational exposure. These unpredictable issues make meaningless any talk about "controlled individual fluorine intake." Most, if not all of this research has been buried by the authorities, who maintain glibly that "fluoride compounds are safe in the water supply".

1959 US Army Corps of Engineers begins a three year period of publishing manuals entitled Design of Underground Installations in Rock.

1959 The United States never conducts its own clinical trials on Pertussis vaccine, but instead relies (as it still does today) on data collected by Britain's Medical Research Council in clinical trials in England in the 1950's for "proof of vaccine safety and effectiveness in newborns and children." Interestingly, Britain's trials on 50,000 British children were performed on children more than 14 months old. None of the children were newborns.

1959 National Institutes of Health (NIH) approves licensing of Quadrigen vaccine for children, containing Pertussis, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio vaccines. The new combination vaccine was found to be highly reactive and was withdrawn from the market in 1968 after parents started filing lawsuits against Parke- Davis for vaccine damaged children.

1959 Apparent suicide of Morris K. Jessup.

1959 Bilderberger meeting in Yesilkov, Turkey.

1959 Castro assumes power in Cuba. Cuban Intelligence (DGI) formed.

1959 UFO sighting at CIA headquarters after Naval officer contacts "space people" while in CIA-observed trance.

1959 The Soviets launch Luna 2 and impact on Moon, followed by Luna 3 and a successful photographic mission on the Far Side of the Moon.

1959 Fluorides were used as an enzyme inhibitor in a study by J.D. Ebert that was published in 1959 on the metabolic pathways by which organs in an embryo are formed. In low concentrations, he found that sodium fluoride blocked almost completely the regions destined to form muscle, primarily affecting the heart muscle. In higher concentrations, it caused the entire embryo to disintegrate in a clear-cut pattern, starting with the heart-forming region.

1959 As early as 1959, the knowledge existed that the presence of fluoride in human bodies hastens the absorption of radioactive substances present in the environment. In a report to the Atomic Energy Commission's Division of Biology and Medicine entitled "The Metabolism of Alkaline Earth Metals by Bone" by F.W. Lengemann, professor of chemistry at the University of Tennessee on March 23, 1959, it was scientifically shown that the presence of fluorine and other environmental substances such as lead and cyanide in the human body increased the ratio of strontium 90 to calcium in bone.

1959 Manchurian Candidate published on brainwashing and mind control.

1959 The Soviet Union launches the Sputnik into orbit around the Earth, using technology gleaned from Germany during WWII in combination with their own. Creates worldwide paradigm shift in public mind.

1959 Dr. Albert Sabin develops oral live virus polio vaccination.

1959 Alvarez discovers neutral xi-particle.

1959 In 1959, the Ontario Minister of Health, Dr. Dymond, announced that no further fluoridation would be permitted there, because "no one knows for sure what the effect is to persons given fluoride throughout a lifetime."

1959 De Beers manufactures a synthetic diamond.

1959 In research conducted on the incidence of Mongolism in cities in Wisconsin, Illinois and the Dakotas published in 1959 in the official publication of the French Academy of Medicine, it was found that as the percentage of fluorides in the water rose, there was a parallel rise in the incidence of Mongoloid births the age of the mothers giving birth to Mongoloid babies also declined with rising fluoride levels. It is interesting that. in the first three years of fluoridation, New Britain, Connecticut experienced a 150% rise in still births.

1959 John Foster Dulles and George C. Marshall die.

1959 Nobel prize to Segre & Chamberlain for anti-proton discovery.

1959 European Free Trade Association.

1959 Nobel prize to Ochoa & Kornberg for synthesis of RNA and DNA.

1959 RAND Corporation conferences on Deep Underground Construction.

1959 Chemical hallucinogen BZ tested on Army troops at Edgewood Arsenal.

1959 Pertussis vaccine found to have allergenic effect on animals.

1960 British Medical Journal publishes an article by Swedish vaccine researcher Justus Strom, who stated that the neurological complications from the disease Pertussis are less than that in the Pertussis vaccine. Strom also pointed out that "whooping cough (Pertussis) had changed and had become a milder disease, making it questionable whether universal vaccination against it is justified."

1960 General vaccination program for measles begins in the United States.

1960 Dr. Stanley Gottleib visits the Congo in Africa. Following his visit, a chemical and biological warfare lab is installed there.

1960 In 1960, the American Dental Association issued a pamphlet for public consumption called Fluoridation Facts: Answers to Criticisms of Fluoridation. In defence of the use of toxic fluoride compounds in public water supplies (which is a grievous crime against humanity, since it means mandated involuntary public medication), they used the logic that "people have been known to live to a ripe old age" in areas where the water supply is fluoridated. Unfortunately, they neglected to mention that the addition of fluoride to the water supply correlated directly with the number of still births, mongoloid children, brittle teeth and enlarged dental root structures, adverse spinal conditions, osteomalacia (softening of the bones) and osteoporosis (abnormally porous and spaced structure inside bone) in the medicated population as opposed to control populations that were unmedicated.

1960 Nobel Prize to Burnet & Medawar for discovery of acquired immunity against foreign tissue.

1960 School boards number 30,000 in the US. (See 1932 and 1990)

1960 Journal of Medical Science, Vol 106, April 1960, publishes an article by Ewen Cameron, Leonard Levy and Leonard Rubenstein entitled " Effects of Repetition of Verbal Signals Upon the Behavior of Chronic Psycho neurotic Patients". (Psychic driving process worked on by Cameron at CIA sponsored research facilities). Note: Ewen Cameron came to the US from Germany.

1960 Dr. Ewen Cameron pursues experiments using sensory deprivation to irreversibly scramble a patients mind. The experiments were primarily conducted at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

1960 Optical microwave laser constructed.

1960 After the Soviet Sputnik, it becomes obvious to the government that Carnegies system had left them a little short on scientists, despite the presence of post WWII Nazi engineers and scientists in the United States. From this point, an upper level struggle ensues which prompts education funding increases.

1960 Synthetic pituitary hormone achieved.

1960 Synthetic chlorophyll achieved.

1960 Tavistock Institute establishes social programs to induce individuals to "establish new rituals of personal interaction", to indulge in brief sexual encounters which set the participants adrift with no stable relationships in their lives, effectively destroying ability to establish or maintain a family.

1960 Methicillin discovered in Britain.

1960 Development of laser device in United States.

1960 A study is done in Japan that involved examination of fluoride deposition in the foetuses of dogs. It was found that the quantity of deposited fluorine was especially large in bones, largest in the cranial bone as well as the lower leg bone. The quantity of fluorine deposition was parallel with the progression of the calcification. They also proved that the deposit of fluorine on teeth and bones starts through the placenta as early as the embryo period, and then takes place through the mothers milk through the infancy period, and through food, as well as directly through the inside of the oral cavity. As fluorine is a known active enzyme poison, it is known to affect cell division (mitotic) in the foetus, resulting in anatomical anomalies (teratism).

1960 National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) created to manage spy satellites.

1960 From 1960 to 1973, the US sells Russia vast quantities of equipment.

1960 Captain Edward Ruppelt mysteriously dies of heart attack.

1960 Project Aquarius initiated to collect ET technical information.

1960 Canada begins to irradiate potatoes.

1960 John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Dies.

1960 RAND Corporation publishes study under contract to the Air Force in which 12 underground base locations were selected - all installations 1,000 ft deep.

1960 US Drug Enforcement Agency lists Hong Kong as source of most US heroin.

1960 It is estimated in 1960 that over 1,000,000 children have vaccine-caused disabilities, including learning difficulties and school behavioural problems, behavioural disturbances, allergies, speech difficulties, visual problems, and problems in adjustment and coping.

1961 Bilderberger meeting in Quebec, Canada.

1961 A senior school medical officer in northern England, J.M.Hooper, finds that parents are beginning to refuse to bring children for a Pertussis booster shot, based on earlier violent reaction to the "vaccination." Children were suffering from collapse, vomiting, and uncontrollable screaming. No one paid attention to these warnings.

1961 John McCone becomes Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, resulting in a close connection between Bechtel and the CIA.

1961 Jim Jones migrates to Brazil, courtesy of the US embassy, who supplies food and transportation. While in Brazil, Jones confides to local residents that he is working for Naval Intelligence. Jones was accompanied by Dan Mitrione, a lifetime friend of Jones who worked with the CIA providing interrogation and torture techniques to Third World police forces. After his trip, Jones returns to the US and starts the Peoples Temple - what many consider to be a CIA medical and mind control experiment. Jones recruited poor and homeless  Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple were funded mainly through Lawrence Layton and his family. Layton was the chief of Chemical and Ecological Warfare Research at Dugway Proving Ground, which has been connected circumstantially to cattle mutilations, disease biowarfare and genetics experimentation. The fortune of Layton's wife came in part from I.G. Farben, the key Nazi cartel. Jonestown was built during the time of the CIA MKULTRA program, the target population of which was coincidently the same as Jonestown. Enough drugs were found to have drugged 200,000 people over a year. Jonestown held 1100 people. The drugs were all psychoactive mind control drugs. None of the victims showed cyanide poisoning. All bore needle marks, indicating that when the experiment got embarrassing, all of the people were murdered. BATCH CONSIGNMENT.

1961 In Great Britain, Dr. R.A.Holman of the Royal Institute of Pathology discussed fluoride poisoning in an article in the April 15, 1961 issue of the British Medical Journal. He noted that the long-term effects of sodium fluoride ingestion needed much more investigation, and continued, "Fluoride is a well-known inhibitor of several enzyme systems, and can form spectroscopically recognizable compounds with the enzyme catalase, resulting in its inhibition. Catalase poisoning has been linked with the development of viruses and the causation of a number of diseases, including cancer. Many observers have suggested that the agents (fluorides and other toxic environmental substances) which decrease the catalase the cells may predispose those cells to tumour formation. Voisin has said, "the method most likely to solve the problem of cancer is to ask why the cancer cell is lacking in catalase and try to prevent its impoverishment from taking place".

1961 Request goes in for production of the Iron Mountain Report on the Desirability of Peace. Public Law 87-297 passed (Arms Control Act), providing for gradual disarmament of the people of the United States over a period of years and creation of a UN Police Force. War is viewed as the "basic social system", within which others are secondary modes of organization, conflict or conspiracy. Peace would bring unrivalled social disruption, according to world planners. War is considered " a necessary waste that operates outside the normal economic "supply and demand" system. It creates artificial demand and spurs technological advances. War=Nations. Peace = No Nations. The elimination of war requires elimination of Nation States. The basic authority of the modern state over its people resides in its war powers. (See FDR 1933). Substitutes for war: (1) Must be of equal magnitude as that of world war in terms of public perceptibility. (2) It must be credible and accepted by the vast majority. Since nations would disintegrate without perception of an external threat, "it is more probable that such a threat will have to be invented, rather than developed from unknown sources." (Invented = Environmental pollution, "alien invasion", "asteroids", etc.). It must represent a threat to the survival of the species. According to the Report From Iron Mountain, "poisoning of the air, and of the principle sources of food and water supply, is already well advanced, and at first glance would seem promising in this respect. It will be a generation to a generation and a half before environmental pollution will be sufficiently menacing to offer a possible basis for a solution." (1991).

1961 Blueprint For World Peace issued by the United Nations, providing an outline for "general and complete disarmament in a peaceful world" and a 3-stage Disarmament Plan to transfer all military forces on the planet into a UN Peacekeeping Force. (See 1961, Freedom from War).

1961 Milgram's Yale experiments demonstrates danger of obedience to authority.

1961 Unexpected transmissions from space monitored on short wave worldwide.

1961 John F. Kennedy inaugurated President of the United States. Joseph Kennedy has a stroke, ending his control over John and Bobby Kennedy, who then begins to tangle with the Mafia and interfere with Onassis drug trafficking.

1961 NORAD has presidential orders to never divulge any information about tracking of foreign space vehicles.

1961 US Army Corps of Engineers concludes that it was imperative for the US to construct vital facilities underground.

1961 United States budget for chemical and biological warfare triples between 1961 and 1963.

1961 Betty and Barney Hill abduction and amniotic fluid analysis. This procedure would appear in medical use within ten years. The Hills relate that one of the people on the ship spoke with a German accent, and they thought he was a 'Nazi'.

1961 US Army begins a 7-year series of tests on incapacitating agents. (From a report, "Incapacitating Agents Tested at Medical Research Laboratory, FY 1961-1967", compiled by the Biomedical Laboratories at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. Ref: Biomedical and Behavioural Research, Vol 40, pp1139/42).

1961 Two hundred soldiers at Ford Ord allegedly abducted en masse.

1961 Backed by CIA Dr. Ewen Cameron, McGill Institute administers 12,000 electrical treatments to 1,000 patients. Embarrassment causes fund withdrawal.

1961 Army Corps of Engineers reports vital gov't installations now underground.

1961 Oil operator George Parker and his wife visit Manzano-Coyote canyon and discover soldiers with laser weapons and flying disks. They escape with their lives. (New Mexico).

1961 Sabin polio vaccine immunization campaign.

1961 United States conducts Operation Ranch Hand in Vietnam to defoliate the jungles of Vietnam using Agent Orange (dioxin).

Generations of birth defects would appear in Vietnamese after this period. Agent Orange was also used by the British in Malaysia. By the time spraying ended, over 240 pounds of dioxin had been dumped on Asia. Two ounces in the water supply is enough to kill the population of New York or London. In 1981, the company that produced Agent Orange would be target of a class action lawsuit.

1961 Mackay develops internal electronic implants for physiological monitoring.

1961 US State Department Publication 7277, "Freedom From War" published. It proposed the gradual surrender of all the American forces to a world police force in a three-phase program. (1) Reduce the armed forces of the nations and reduce nuclear capability by treaty (2) Reduce armed forces further and establish a permanent international peace force within the UN (3) Have all nations retain only forces enough to maintain internal order, but the UN would provide manpower for the UN Peace Force. This document was later removed from publication in 1963.

1962 Bilderberger meeting in Saltsjobden, Sweden.

1962 US Army conducts biological warfare tests off Corpus Christ, Texas, spreading particles of zinc-cadmium sulfide, a compound which can cause birth defects, kidney and liver damage (AP 6/22/94).

1962 Allan H. Frey publishes an article in Journal of Applied Physiology, Vol 17 July 1962 entitled "Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy". Frey discusses that even deaf people can pick up transmitted RF sound patterns and speech, as the brain is a receiver. In one experiment, Frey used pulsed microwaves to stop the heart of a frog, and also discovered that microwave affects on the hypothalamus had powerful effects on the emotions.

1962 Dr. Stephen Aldrich, a graduate of Amherst and North-western Universities, takes control of the CIA Office of Research and

Development after the departure of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. The beginning of Operation Often, which studies the structure of the occult underground in the US and Canada. (See 1972 and 1981).

1962 Scientific Engineering Institute (SEI) in Boston sets up a "Life Sciences" lab to study the effect of electrodes deep in the brain. (See 1956). SEI would then get involved in experimentation on Vietnamese prisoners of war, implanting devices to create violence by remote control. Prisoners were then cremated at Green Beret medical facilities.

1962 Alleged landing on Mars by United States manned mission per Alternative III scenario.

1962 World population 3.1 billion on a planet Harvard University studies would later determine can comfortably hold 44 billion.

1962 United States becomes aware of microwave attack on US embassy in Russia.

1962 United States has 200 nuclear reactors in operation, Britain 39, Russia 39.

1962 Thalidomide birth defects in children. Later, in late 1995, medical orthodoxy would resurrect the use of thalidomide for AIDS patients.

1962 Advances in molecular biology.

1962 Mariner 2 launched by US as Venus probe.

1962 Nobel to Crick for molecular structure of DNA.

1962 Soft drinks are consumed at 16 gallons per person per year.

1962 Dr. Edgar Schien outlines behavior modification programs for US prisons based on Korean brainwashing techniques.

1962 United States spends $2 million on Pine Bluff plant in Arkansas to produce BZ psychotropic gas. By 1964 , over 100,000 pounds would be produced. The Army would continue to experiment at Dugway Proving Ground and at a classified location in Hawaii. It eventually was decided to be an unreliable weapon.

1962 Scientists discover the Earth resonates and 8, 14 and 20Hz. Tesla had predicted it would be 6, 18 and 30 Hz.

1962 G.H. Williamson disappears in South America.

1962 First meeting in London of Parents of Autistic Children.

1962 Project Argus detonates another nuclear explosion in space. "Starfish".

1962 Space probe lands on Mars and confirms oxygen atmosphere.

1962 CIA forms front corporation Permandex.

1962 US Army conducts biological warfare tests off Corpus Christi, Texas (6/94)

1962 Kefauver amendment to Food & Drug Act requires FDA efficacy review. A threat to pharmaceutical industry and Rockefeller Medical Monopoly.

1962 Rand Corporation begins a four year study (to 1966) and experiment with LSD, peyote and marijuana.

1962 Esalen Institute is founded in California by graduates from Stanford. Millions of people would pass through its programs.

1962 Woman working for JPL confirms US has bases on Mars.

1963 John Kennedy issues Executive Order 11110 to resume printing and circulating Treasury Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes.

1963 Attempted assassination of Kennedy in Miami. Another attempt in Chicago.

1963 Senator Kefauver, who had also uncovered the 1932 Onassis deals, has a sodium morphate "heart attack" on the Senate Floor.

1963 American Academy of Sciences study shows low fluoride levels increase tumors.

1963 Murder rate in US 200:100,000.

1963 Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963.

1963 British physician writes that paediatricians had become concerned about the high incidence of unpleasant reactions to the DPT shot.

1963 Kennedy has a conversation with Gordon Gray about going public with facts about CIA interaction with subterranean aliens. Kennedy also threatens to disband the CIA and inform the public about the drug trafficking.

1963 CIA deprivation specialist Dr. John Gittinger tries his drug and hypnosis mind control hypothesis in Mexico City. KGB participation. CIA agent William Buckley. Use of drugs to insure instructions remain in subconscious.

1963 CIA and military mind control efforts begin to strongly emphasize electronics.

1963 Correlation between SAT score decline and increase in violent crime. The study was by Rimland and Larson. The 1960's marked the beginning of the decline of the American IQ. Tests given in 1970 showed less capacity than in 1945.

1963 French medical torture in practice in Algeria. French Army regularly administered electroshock, the water torture (forcing water into a victims lungs through a pipe).

1963 Techniques of medieval medical supervised torture in wide use in South America.

1963 The Beatles phenomenon reaches the United States. The social theory of rock music was elaborated by musicologist Theodor Adorno, who came to the US in 1939 to head the Princeton University Radio Research Project. Adorno writes, "the comparison with addiction is inescapable. Addicted conduct usually has a social component. It is one possible reaction to compression of the social network."

1963 Churchill becomes honorary US citizen.

1963 Onassis Castro assassination team members arrested in Louisiana promoted by Bobby Kennedy. Onassis changes target to JFK. CIA drug dealers support.

1963 FDA gives permission for irradiation of bacon. Permission taken back in 1968.

1963 Time magazine expose of widespread prison experiments in "war on cancer".

1963 US Senate investigators told FDA works too closely with drug companies.

1963 John McCone, a founder of Bechtel, is CIA Director.

1963 President Kennedy killed in Dallas Texas. Diem and Nhu also die. Some of the co-conspirators are Clay Shaw (a colonel in the NSA), Canadian lawyer Louis Bloomfield (said to be in charge of Permindex, a Major in British Intelligence and a member of the Knights of Malta, long linked to Nazi and Fascist interests. Lyndon Johnson and Hoover have also been implicated in William Torbitts Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal.

1963 President Lyndon Johnson countermands EO 11110 in order to keep the Federal Reserve Note, cancelling Kennedy's order.

1963 Bechtel gets a $12 billion contract to build Cam Ranh Bay base for the US in Vietnam.

1963 Bilderberger meeting after Kennedy's death in Cannes, France.

1963 CIA weather modification project over Hue,Vietnam.

1963 Unexplained radio transmission in strange language interrupts astronaut Gordon Cooper.

1963 Numerous MIB spotted in Dealy Plaza in Dallas.

1963 Mind control experiments begin in Warminster, England

1963 AMA Committee on Quackery incorporated to attack chiropractic doctors.

1963 American researcher John F.Enders creates a measles vaccine.

Mass inoculations begin.

1963 A study is published which links fluorides and development of cancer in animals. Ref: Irwin Herskowitz and Isabel Norton "Increased Incidence of Melanotic Tumours...Following Treatment with Sodium Fluoride", Genetics, Vol 48, pp307-310.

1963 McGeorge Bundy, president of the Ford Foundation, funds "Students for a Democratic Society", through which the CIA "operates" the drug culture in the United States. It results in a growing rate of illegitimacy, petty lawless- ness, drug addiction, welfare, STD and mental illness - which provides funding for the psycho-technical complex.

1963 Children vaccinated with killed measles vaccine between 1963 and 1967 develop Atypical Measles Syndrome (AMS). Studies suggest the children's response to the "wild" measles virus is "altered" and that the severity and persistence of symptoms suggests encephalopathy (brain damage.) See 1967.

1964 Warren Commission report issued.

1964 British scientists emigrate to the United States in great numbers.

1964 Hoyle & Marlikar postulate a new theory of gravity.

1964 Fundamental particle omega-minus discovered in cyclotron.

1964 Rimland calls attention to the parallels between autism and the brain injured children described by researchers in the 1930's and 1940's.

1964 Reward of $30,000 offered to prove polio vaccine was not fraud. No takers.

1964 Business Week magazine reports prisoner testing saves millions for companies

1964 Bilderberger meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia.

1964 Policy of "public transmission" of space probe data begins with Ranger 4.

1964 Child autism shows a rising tide in paediatric clinics in the United States. In retrospect, the increased prevalence of autism in the 1950's and 1960's precisely reflected the expansion of mandated vaccination programs during the same decades.

1964 Dr.Milton Zaret of Bellevue Medical Center in New York publishes a paper reporting harmful biological and behavioural effects from microwave radiation. Zaret is immediately visited by the CIA for a question and answer session. 1964 Last year in which 90% circulating silver coins minted.

1964 McFarlane R&D submits prototype device plans to NASA in 1964, along with detailed plans. NASA wrote back, claiming the device as having "no significant value in our aeronautical or space program". (See 1965).

1965 NASA uses McFarlane R&D ideas in the development of MIROS point-to point orbital "communications system". McFarlane demands to know why NASA is using their patent, when they stated it had no value.

1965 McFarlane, an independent R&D firm, claims a patent for an "electromagnetic death ray" was stolen by NASA. Theft reported in hearings before the House Subcommittee on DoD Appropriations, chaired by Rep. George Mahon of Texas. The invention, a "modulated electron gun x-ray nuclear booster", could be "adapted to communications, remote control and guidance systems, electromagnetic radiation telemetry and death ray applications", according to McFarlane R&D literature.

1965 A study is published which links fluorides to cancer in animals. Ref: A. Taylor and N.C.Taylor, "Effect of Fluoride on Tumor Growth", Proceedings of the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine, Vol 65, pp252-255.

1965 Dow Chemical Company undertakes a 3-year human experimentation program on black prisoners at Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia testing the human effects of dioxin, the highly toxic component of Agent Orange. No follow up studies were conducted. A previous experiment by Dow on 51 prisoners was also conducted. After the harmful effect are determined, the agent is spraying on the human population in South-east Asia, causing decades of death and birth defects in both residents and US soldiers who return from the war. (Genocidal chemical warfare).

1965 Americans discover Soviet microwave bombardment of the American Embassy in Moscow. The State Department keeps the discovery a secret and begins a program studying the embassy employees for effects, which included leukemia, nausea, lymphoma and bleeding from the eyes. The existence of the Soviet beam was finally acknowledged in 1976.

1965 Advance Research Projects Agency (ARPA) sets up laboratory at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington DC to further study electromagnetic weapons. From this research comes the knowledge that microwaves cause central nervous system effects and can influence behavior.

1965 George Adamski takes pictures of disk craft in Maryland. Dies same year.

1965 Bilderberger meeting at Lake Como, Italy.

1965 CIA plans director Richard Helms speaks of "sophisticated approaches to the coding of information for transmittal to 'population targets' in the 'battle for the minds of men'. He also spoke of "an approach integrating biological, social, and physical-mathematical research in attempts to control human behavior, finding particularly notable the use of modern information theory, automata theory (robotics/cyborg) and feedback concepts for a technology of controlling behavior, using information inputs as causative agents."

1965 US Atomic Energy Commission stages a nuclear rocket accident in the Nevada desert that sends a cloud of radiation more than 200 miles to Los Angeles. (AP 8/25/94).

1965 Pentagon investigation of microwave weapons broadened to include the ARPA program, instituting a new program called Project Pandora, based at Walter Reed. Other work is started in CIA sponsored research programs at the VA Hospital in Kansas City, University of Rochester, Brooks AFB in Texas, Johns Hopkins University, MIT, the Mitre Corporation, the University of Pennsylvania and other domestic and foreign research laboratories.

1965 Canadians duplicate Soviet experiments showing microwave effect on CNS

1965 New York Times publishes article "Mind Control Coming, Scientist Warns", in which Dr. David Krech, a psychology professor at the University of California, warns that "our research may carry with it even more serious implications than the awful achievements of the atomic physicists."

1965 Flight around the world over both poles.

1965 Fifth "UFO Flap" year.

1965 Queen Elizabeth II visits Germany.

1965 Medicare bill becomes law.

1965 US Government's leading Pertussis vaccine specialist, Margaret Pittman, (until 1971) states, "Bordetella Pertussis is unique among infectious bacteria in its marked ability to modify biological processes."

1965 Atomic Energy Commission stages nuclear rocket accident in Nevada.

1965 Russians stage "walk in space" later analyzed to be film fake.

1965 Congress passes the Immunization Assistance Act. More states made their vaccination programs mandatory/obligatory.

1965 US Office of Law Enforcement Assistance (LEAA) created.

1966 Population control is adopted as a goal of the US State Department, based on influence of elitist groups (RIAA,CFR,etc).

1966 Nazi ministers Albert Speer and Baldur von Schirach released from prison.

1966 Rous is awarded a Nobel Prize for discovering a virus that caused cancer in chickens in 1911.

1966 From June 7th to 10th, the US Army Special Operations Division deploys a biological warfare test in New York City, dispersing a bacillus. The Army report on the experiment notes the existence of subways in the Soviet Union, Europe and South America.

1966 Department of Health Education and Welfare data reveals that 49.2% of citizens surveyed suffer from hypoglycemia, low blood sugar.

1966 House Armed Services Committee Hearing on UFOS testimony reveals that "six agencies of the government are investigating and 46 projects concerned with gravity are being subsidized, including 33 under Air Force control."

1966 American Cancer Society formulates a "State Model Cancer Act" which is designed to prevent any treatment of cancer by anything other than surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The use of other methods becomes a felony.California, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio and Pennsylvania now enforce a variation of this "anti-quackery" law.

1966 Atomic Energy Commission releases a report which acknowledges the potential of environmental radiation saying "There is no threshold on the genetic effect of radiation. There is no safe level of radiation insofar as genetic effects are concerned." The 1966 report "The Genetic Effects of Radiation" said, "the genetic load might increase to the point where the species as a whole would degenerate and fade toward extinction - a sort of "racial radiation sickness". In 1958, the minimum dose for the general public was set at 0.17 rem per year. If there still exists a "minimum dose" today, it means that they do not care about genetic effects, which constitutes a criminal offence due to their own admission there is no safe level.

1966 Bilderberger meeting in Weisbaden, Germany.

1966 Federal proprietary called Systems Consultants, Inc. Founded, with branch offices in Virginia, with a staff of 250 to "concentrate on problem solving in the areas of intelligence, electronic warfare, sensor technology and applications. The company Mankind Research Unlimited is a spin-off from Systems Consultants.

1966 CIA Operation Spellbinder, under the control of Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, conducts research in order to achieve a "sleeper killer" who would become an assassin upon receiving a previously implanted code word. The process also permits creation of multiple personalities, many of whom would emerge in the 1980's and 1990's and drive psychiatrists into a spin.

1966 Time Magazine (Jan 14, 1966) notes that Stanford University maintains a castle at Beutelsbach, Germany, a villa in Florence, a hotel in Tours, and occupied Harlaxton Manor, leased to Stanford by the Jesuits.

1966 The United Nations International Covenants on Human Rights is passed, detailing "rights are provided by the state". Two theories exist relative to the "rights of man". One theory holds that rights are given to all by the Creator. This other says that rights come from man and can be limited by those in power or removed. A right is a freedom to act responsibly and morally without permission. A privilege is a freedom to act but only after permission has been granted. Thus, the UN Covenant replaced right with privilege and disallows individual responsibility, replacing it with rule of law, totally negating social progression of consciousness in the population in favor of state control and manipulation. Remember who funded and developed the UN.

1966 CIA weather modification experiments over Cuba in attempt to ruin crops.

1966 Army "simulated" germ warfare project in New York City.

1966 General vaccination programs for Rubella (German measles) are put into action in the United States. (See 1971).

1966 United States Public Health Service (USPHS) issues regulations for their sponsored research involving humans, specifying the need for full consent, where the subject understands "all the essential aspects of the study", "types and degree of risk", the "detrimental or beneficial consequences of the study", and "the purpose of the research."

1966 CIA confidential Technical Report on the use of Hypnosis in Intelligence reveals the defensive application of post-hypnotic

suggestion and auto- suggestion to control involuntary body function.

1966 First cases of Retts Syndrome reported from Austria.

1966 Fourth World Congress of Psychiatry in Madrid.

1966 Soviet and US spacecraft land on the moon.

1966 Nobel to Higgins for hormonal treatment of cancer of prostate.

1966 Nobel to F.P. Rous for discovery of a cancer virus.

1966 Chase Manhattan Bank makes a bid to acquire drug trafficking markets.

1966 SR-71 Blackbird designed and built.

1966 Cheyenne Mountain and NORAD activated.

1966 University of Wisconsin study suggests cyclamates be removed from food.