Age of Enlightenment Timeline 1930-1939

With thanks to Trufax

1930 William Wirt, who pioneered Carnegie's German Wundt school system in Gary, Indiana and tried it in New York, is committed to an insane asylum in Washington, D.C where he died in 1932. Wirt was committed because he began to make public speeches saying that he had been part of a world wide conspiracy to bring about a controlled state in the hands of certain people - the same people, no doubt, who committed him.

1930 Baron Werner Von Braun moves freely back and forth between Nazi facilities and space facilities in south western US.

1930 Max Theiler develops a yellow fever vaccine.

1930 Japan tests chemical warfare weapons on Formosa.

1930 The supposed reappearance of "St. Germain".

1930 Ernst Rudin, professor of psychiatry at Munich and director of the Dept. of Heredity at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute visits the US and was praised by the leaders of the Carnegie Foundation. Rudin, later architect of Nazi Germany sterilization law, was financially supported by a large Rockefeller grant.

1930 Henry Coanda begins work on lenticular gravity craft designs.

1930 ITT begins to invest in Nazi pre-war economy.

1930 Diphtheria vaccinations injure 32 and kill 16 in Columbia.

1930 Standard Oil announces it has an alcohol monopoly in Germany.

1930 Nazi party in Germany begins its meteoric rise to power.

1931 Japan begins a 15 year reign of totalitarianism by invading China.

1931 Standstill Agreement of 1931 allows Germany a moratorium on war debts through the 1930's. A pact between the London, New York and German branches of the Warburg and Schroder Houses.

1931 Bank for International Settlements founded. The records are maintained at the Hoover Institution today.

1931 Fluoride in drinking water is found to be the cause of brown teeth - now known as dental fluorosis.

1931 H.Trendley Dean of the U.S. Public Health Service initiates studies on fluorides under the jurisdiction of Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon (founder of Alcoa aluminium, who is one of the main suppliers of toxic sodium fluoride as a by-product of aluminium manufacture) publishes a purposely skewed study showing that, at 1ppm, fluoride results in the reduction of tooth decay.

1931 Bechtel consortium build the Bonneville Dam, San Francisco Bridge and Hoover Dam between 1931 and 1936. Friend of Warren is John McCone, a steel salesman. Hoover (Boulder) Dam is financed by the Schroder-Rockefeller Group. Henry Schroder placed on Bechtel board as chairman of finance committee. Huge government contracts for Bechtel follow this appointment.

1931 Wilhelm Reich publishes "The Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality".

1931 Business Week raises issue of AMA censoring of drug ad copy.

1931 W.Averall Harriman, son of E.H.Harriman, merges his banking house with Brown Brothers to form Brown Brothers Harriman. In 1933, BBH would back the expansion of the CBS television network.

1931 I.G. Farben and Alcoa Aluminium sign Alig Agreement pooling patents.

1931 I.G. Farben complex begins large contributions to fund Nazi cause.

1931 Cornelius Rhoads, a North American pathologist at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations in Puerto Rico, carries out an experiment on Puerto Ricans deliberately infecting them with cancer. Thirteen die. In a letter leaked to the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, Rhoads wrote, "the Porto Ricans (sic) are lazy and degenerate. What the island needs is something to exterminate the entire population. I have done my best to further the extermination." The president of the PRNP brings the case to the press, and a legal investigation is initiated. The prosecutor exonerates Rhoads, calling him "a mentally ill person or a man with few scruples". Rhoads goes on in later years to direct the establishment of US Army chemical warfare labs in Maryland, Utah and Panama, for which he was awarded the Legion of Merit in 1945. (See 1945, Rhoads).

1931 Roosevelt endorses polio "immune serum", precursor to vaccines in 1950's.

1932 United States economy begins to show signs of recovery.

1932 German Kurt Lewin becomes director of the Tavistock Institute in London.

1932 The US Public Health Service initiates a study in Tuskegee, Alabama where black men are given syphilis. Four hundred men were unwittingly given the disease. No medical care was offered. The study ended when it was discovered in 1972, after 40 years. The office supervising this study was the predecessor of the Center for Disease Control unit now in charge of the AIDS program.

1932 Diphtheria vaccines injure 171 and kill 1 in Charolles, France.

1932 Research (Young) indicates that neuritis is commonly precipitated following vaccination with anti-tetanus, anti-pneumococcal, and anti-meningitis serums.

1932 Third International Congress of Eugenics held in New York. Dr. Theodore Russell Robie of the Essex County Mental Hygiene Clinic in New Jersey presents "Selective Sterilization for Race Culture", in which he called for the sterilization of at least 14 million Americans who had received low IQ scores since World War I. Said Robie, "there are those who believe that our population has already attained a greater number than is necessary for the efficient running of the whole...". Conference financed by William Draper, a Thyssen Trust banker.

1932 Onassis works a deal with Joseph Kennedy, Eugene Meyer and Meyer Lansky for liquor shipment to Boston and a heroin deal with Franklin and Elliott Roosevelt.

1932 Over 140,000 school boards exist in the US. (See 1960)

1932 Germany's SS numbers over 42,000. Political murder increases. Wearing of the Nazi uniform banned in Germany.

1932 Hitler works with Viktor Schauberger's gravity craft designs. New designs come from Habermohl, Ballenzo and Miethe.

1932 FDR runs for president on platform supporting the gold standard and is elected.

1932 US Navy conducts manoeuvres at Pearl Harbor to assess sea attack success.

1932 Standard Oil builds refineries in Germany. Supplies Nazis during WWII.

1932 Prince Bernhard of Netherlands joins Nazi SS and Farben Bilder company. Bernhard would later support Gerald Ford in his race for Congress.

1933 Kurt Lewin, director of the Tavistock Institute in London, comes to the United States and set up the Harvard Psychology Clinic, which originates the propaganda campaign to turn the American public against Germany in order to assure involvement of the United States in World War II.

1933 Hitler comes to power in Germany. Concentration camps imprison German dissidents. The Republic of Germany falls to National Socialism. Hitler announces that communists have stated that England must fall before communism can succeed. Hitler vows to defend England, who had succeeded in lulling Hitler into a false sense of security until they could declare war against him. In 1936, Hitler would arrange for meetings between German and English diplomats, but the result was never attained due to British agenda. In order to lure Hitler into World War II, Britain and the United States covertly guaranteed him adequate supplies. The German regime was responsible for the murder of 20,946,000 people between 1933-1945.

1933 FDR becomes president of the United States. The Great Seal of the United States, with Nov's Odo Decorum's (New Word Order) added to currency.

1933 Warren Bechtel dies mysteriously in Moscow, and his son Stephen takes over the Bechtel Consortium. (March 29, 1933). Warren dies of a drug overdose.

1933 The Illuminati encounter short, grey reptilian humanoids having taller reptilian elite. Deals are made for overlapping planetary aims and joint control of a one-world electronic society; reptilian humanoids move bases of operation from South and Central America to the American South west.

1933 RCA makes vast strides in technology through 1934 with highly technical information from an unknown source.

1933 Institute for Advanced Studies formed at Princeton University.

1933 FDR passes Emergency Banking Relief Act (Mar 4th) of 1933 to illegally amend Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917. The action was illegal because the US was no longer at war. The Banking Relief Act of 1933 creates a wedge whereby wartime powers are sanctioned for use in peacetime. The Banking Relief Act declared March 6, 1933 a Bank Holiday order which relieved US banks from their contractual obligation to the people of the US of redeeming their Federal Reserve Notes in Gold. The concept of the Federal Reserve note was, before this act, constituted a "warehouse receipt" for real Gold which the people had placed on deposit at banks. Furthermore, the parent Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917 excluded all citizens of the US who conducted business wholly within the United States. The Banking Relief Act amends the TWEE Act in such a way to now include all citizens of the US from now on, equating the people of the US as an enemy, and all legal and commercial intercourse became illegal. The only way to do business in the US thereafter was to obtain permission from the state through getting a license. From this the Uniform Commercial Code would spring. Furthermore, the NEBR Act created the whole paradigm of licenses, drivers license, etc. The government (Washington DC) in this way protects itself from the people (enemy).

1933 FDR redefines State of Emergency to include any national crisis.

1933 FDR declares a National State of Emergency.

1933 FDR issues Executive Order 2039, March 6, 1933 and Executive Order 2040 on March 9, 1933. The now belligerent United States (federal government), acting under the TWEE/NEBR Acts just established, seizes title to all lawful constitutional money (Gold), and takes possession of the Gold, leaving the American people, forever enemies, without lawful means to pay debt. From now on, people are forced to mortgage property. All debt cannot be "paid", but only "discharged". The people become captured chattel property of the US to "secure the debt". Former states become "political subdivisions" or occupied territories of the belligerent corporate United States. Americans are ordered to turn in their gold coins, bullion, other gold resources. During this period, over $114 million in gold was taken from banks for export, and $150 million in gold was withdrawn for hiding purposes. Gold at $20.67/oz.

1933 FDR announces decision to devalue the dollar by announcing that the government would buy gold at an increased price. Currency is now in the form of Federal Reserve Bank Notes (War & Emergency currency) and not Federal Reserve Notes (warehouse receipt for gold on deposit).

1933 Former judicial Courts of Justice take silent judicial notice of International Maritime Law In Rem jurisdiction, and assume the role as Executive Officers (not judicial) to enforce the Federal and State statutes in all cases. Judges become executive political hatchet men to enforce public policy statute enacted by Congress and top enforce performance on Federal Reserve Bank Notes in order to give it the appearance of value.

1933 The citizens of the United States, now declared enemies of the United States, find themselves with unlawfully suspended rights. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights no longer apply. American people now have no unalienable rights to life, liberty, or property.

1933 Citizens of the United States come under the control of the United Socialist States of the District of Columbia (ESSA).

1933 US banks number 14,771.

1933 Wilhelm Reich publishes "The Mass Psychology of Fascism", which earns him a death sentence from the Nazis. Reich leaves Germany.

1933 Germans begin to study the effects of microwave radiation on humans.

1933 Japan creates an Army Chemical Warfare School at Trashiness near Tokyo.

1933 Creation of the Gestapo in Germany.

1933 By 1933 most Jewish psychotherapists had fled the profession in Germany, and all were gone by 1938.

1933 Danish researcher Thorvald Madsen discovers the Pertussis vaccines ability to kill infants without warning (SID). He reports that two babies vaccinated immediately after birth died in a few minutes.

1933 Outbreak of encephalitis in St. Louis, Missouri.

1933 US murder rate 200:100,000.

1933 Legal tender laws permanently enacted for US currency.

1933 American researchers report that children react to Pertussis vaccine with fever, convulsions and collapse.

1933 Vaccination programs against Yellow Fever begin in the United States.

1933 Madison Grant in the US publishes "Conquest of a Continent", a "racial history of the United States", and sends a copy to Dr. Alfred Rosenberg, who was Hitler's chief scientific advisor, and to Dr. Fritz Lenz at the University of Munich.

1933 H.H. Laughlin (see 1922) receives an honorary degree from Germany's Heidelberg University, a major Nazi research centre on "race purification", for his contribution to eugenics.

1933 Nevada passes legislation permitting casino operations and legal gambling. The organized crime faction moves in, headed by the Lansky syndicate.

1933 Ritual sacrifice of Jews reinstated. Stepped up after 1940.

1933 A profusion of German tourists swarm over the SW United States, buying land, checking mineral rights and cavern locations.

1933 Congressman McFadden brings impeachment charges against Fed Reserve.

1933 Future UAW president Walter Reuther visits Soviet Gorki military plant.

1933 Berlin Debt Conference.

1933 Compulsory immunization instituted in Geneva.

1933 Hitler institutes the Nazi Act for Averting Descendants Afflicted with Hereditary Diseases, which set up the eugenics courts which eventually ordered the sterilization of 375,000 people before the start of WWII. The law was based on the Model Eugenical Sterilization Law published by eugenics expert H.H. Laughlin in the US in 1922. Germany's Sterilization Law was written by Ernst Rudin.

1933 Hereditary Heath Courts formed in Germany to carry out the law. By 1937, there would be 225,000 sterilized as a result of the Courts.

1933 Conference with Hitler, Dulles brothers, Kurt von Schroder to promise money from the United States to build up Nazi Germany.

1933 Standard Oil (US) sends $2 million to Germany chemical industry.

1933 Diphtheria cases decline in Britain over the period of a year.

1933 Arthur Kallet publishes study. Food Dyes Violet 1 and Citrus Red 2 cancer.

1933 I.G. Farben gives Nazis 4.5 million RM.

1933 World Fair in Chicago has amoebic dysentery outbreak. AMA conceals it.

1933 487 sightings of UFOS in Scandinavia (240 Norway,96 Sweden, 157 Finland)

1933 The secret society which would become the OSS-CIA begins biotelemetry implants in unsuspecting people. Implants activated by touching the skin with an electrified rod. (The paradigm of Vril?)

1934 Nazi Party Day rally in Nuremberg.

1934 Rockefeller interests in the United States create the National Planning Board (NPB), an attempted resource grab. The National Planning Board was cooked up by economists at the London School of Economics. The NPB was created by the Rockefeller Foundation and staffed with people from the University of Chicago.

1934 Mein Kampf designated as required reading for German psychotherapists.

1934 British embark on a biological warfare project.

1934 Hitler meets with Viktor Schauberger (researcher into implosion vortex propulsion).

1934 Denmark sugar consumption is 113 pounds per person annually.

1934 Death rate for diabetes in Denmark is 19 per 100,000.

1934 Rockefeller establishment by now has extremely close ties with Nazi Germany.

1934 Onassis and Rockefeller as head of Standard Oil (Exxon) sign a cartel memo to beat the Arabs out of their oil and ship it on Onassis ships.

1934 John D. Rockefeller creates $50 million trusts for his sons.

1934 In Germany, the SS was designated as the Army of the Nazi Party.

1934 McFadden Impeachment Resolution to repeal Federal Reserve Act. Buried in committee.

1934 Drs. Chaffee and Light publish manuscript entitled "A Method for Remote Control of Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System".

1934 Germans produce first pilot less aircraft.

1934 IG. Farbenindustrie completely under Nazi control.

1934 Germany maintains nine main concentration camps and thousands of smaller ones, initially imprisoning thousands of Germans who disagree with the Nazis, then others who did not meet the Aryan criteria for racial purity. [See Darwinian paradigm in Matrix III Volume II ].

1934 FDR prohibits private ownership of gold in the United States.

1934 To prepare for the next presidential election, the backers of FDR set up his "opposition" and create the "Liberty League", who publicly smears FDR and his staff as "Communist" (which many of them were). FDR is given a chance to speak against the "opposition", calling them "the Old Guard". Gerald Smith is employed by the backers of FDR to smear FDR as "anti-semetic", in a covert ploy that operated until FDR's election in 1936.

1935 French-American Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrel publishes "Man, the Unknown", in which he advocates murder of criminals and the mentally ill in euthanasia institutions.

1935 Goldborough Bill HR9216 to repeal Federal Reserve Act. Buried in committee.

1935 Italians begin to use chemical weapons in Abyssinia (Ethiopia).

1935 Egas Moniz performs the first lobotomy in Portugal. Ironically, Moniz is shot and paralyzed in 1939 by one of his patients, and beaten to death by another in 1955.

1935 New York American (7/11/35) has an article on "Tesla's Controlled Earth Quakes", in which Tesla states, "experiments in transmitting controlled vibrations through the Earth (telegeodynamics) were roughly described as a "controlled earthquake". According to Tesla, "the vibrations pass through the Earth with no loss of energy. It becomes possible to convey mechanical effects over great distances and produce all kinds of unique effects. The invention could be used with destructive effect in war."

1935 Lobotomy introduced in the United States. In the next 30 years, over 100,000 people would have their brain mutilated in American institutions. At the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Dr. Orlando J. Andy would apply lobotomy to six-year-old children.

1935 Nazis institute the Law for the Protection of the Genetic Health of the German People, which required couples to have a medical examination before marriage; the law forbade marriage if a person was considered "genetically defective", and did not permit marriage between Aryans and Jew, Gypsies, Slavs and others deemed inferior.

1935 Russians arrested in China found carrying vials of dysentery, cholera and anthrax for sabotage missions against the Japanese. Some missions were successful.

1935 Dr. Alexis Carrel of the Rockefeller Institute in New York publishes Man The Unknown , advocating abolition of prisons and disposal of criminals through euthanasia institutions or alteration through surgical procedures.

1935 The Rockefeller Trust begins the process of pouring $90 million dollars into research in molecular biology, the basis of genetic engineering, through 1959.

1935 L.L. Vasilev, Russian physiologist and parapsychologist publishes a monograph entitled "Critical Evaluation of the Hypnogogic Method", which details various experiments by Dr.I.F. Tomashevsky on remote radio control of the brain at a distance. Post hypnotic suggestions were implemented within 60 seconds.

1935 Nazi government issues decree requiring German industry to keep secret any discovery with military potential.

1935 British scientist Robert Watson-Watt credited with the discovery of radar.

1936 FDR re-elected in the United States. Roosevelt then marries his son to a member of the Dupont family. FDR could now involve the United States in World War II as planned.

1936 Pertussis vaccine introduced in the United States. Autism begins to appear in children shortly thereafter.

1936 Tesla made head of ONR invisibility project. Research continues until 1940 test in Brooklyn Naval Yard.

1936 British government deems everyone in Britain must have a gas mask.

1936 German scientist Dr.Gerhard Schrader, researching new insecticides, makes the formulation later deemed "Tabun", the original nerve gas. Schrader is summoned to Berlin to demonstrate Tabun to the Wehrmacht. Tabun is an orthophosphate, as is Sarin.

1936 New York Times announces début of new Schroder-Rockefeller holding company. (Avery Rockefeller) Rockefeller holds 42% of the stock and Baron Kurt von Schroder in Cologne, Germany (Hitler's personal banker) holds 47%. Allen Dulles was a director of Schroder Company.

1936 Washington Post taken over by Eugene Meyer. Mafia controls media by 1940.

1936 Walter Freeman and James W. Watts help promote lobotomy in the USA.

1936 I.G. Farben releases discovery of sulfanilamide. Released in US in 1937.

1936 Avery Rockefeller sets up Schroder-Rockefeller Company. Schroder is Hitler's banker.

1936 Himmler becomes chief of the German Police and reorganizes it into two branches, the Uniformed Branch (responsible for public order) and the Security Police (Gestapo and SS Security Service (SD), who ran German Protective Custody Compounds (concentration camps).

1936 Hermann Göring's Four Year Plan begins.

1936 Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute disappears as an institution in Germany.

1936 Diphtheria vaccine injures 75 in France.

1936 Matthias Göring protects Jungian psychologist Gerhard Adler and facilitates his escape to Switzerland. (Cousin of Herman Göring).

1936 I.G. Farben produces Zyklon B gas for extermination camps.

1936 Anti-Communist pact signed by Japan and Germany.

1936 Roosevelt policies in the Pacific force the Japanese to capitulate or fight.

1936 Second wave of UFO sightings in Scandinavia.

1936 Matthias Göring establishes German Institute for Psychological Research and Psychotherapy, dubbed the Göring Institute. The Institutes work in psychotherapy was supported by the Luftwaffe and had ongoing professional contact with the Reuch Criminal Police Office, the SS Lebensborn, the League of German Girls and individual members of the Nazi hierarchy. Funds were later received from the Reuch Research Council, chaired by Matthias' cousin, Hermann Göring. Institute renamed in 1944.

1936 Attempts made on the life of radiant energy researcher T. Moray.

1936 At the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Hitler's observation box is shared by John J. McCloy, a lawyer in the employ of I.G. Farben. McCloy would later be president of Rockefellers Chase Manhattan Bank, chairman of the CFR, and serve on the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of Kennedy. During the period following the war, McCloy pardoned 70,000 Nazis accused of war crimes. McCloy also pardoned General Walter Dornberger, convicted at Nuremberg of collaborating to murder 6,000 prisoners, because Von Braun refused to work for the US rocket program without him. Von Braun was named by the author of Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal as a key operative in the assassination of Kennedy. He was associated closely with the Defense Industrial Security Command (DISC), the secret police agency in the US for munitions manufacturers. Many DISC executives are reported to have been Mafia. Von Braun was also in charge of the Security Division of NASA. McCloy later worked in US intelligence.

1937 German manufacturing trials for nerve gas Tabun begin using fluorides.

1937 Henry Coffin and John Foster Dulles lead the US delegation to England to found the World Council of Churches as a "peace movement" guided by the pro-Hitler factions in England. The Coffin family, mainstays of the lobby for euthanasia and eugenics, survive the Hitler era and are integrated into the CIA in the 1950's.

1937 The regime of Hideki Tojo in Japan would be responsible for 3,990,000 murders between 1937 and 1945.

1937 Another outbreak of encephalitis in St. Louis, Missouri.

1937 American I.G. has substantial stock holdings in Dupont and Kodak in USA.

1937 The German edition of Madison Grants book "Conquest of a Continent" is released in Berlin. Dr. Eugen Fischer of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, in his praise for the book, notes "the racial idea has become one of the chief foundations of the National Socialist State's population policies."

1937 Morris Fishbein gains control as editor of the AMA, along with Dr. Olin West.

1937 AMA "approves" drug sulfanilamide with diethylene glycol. Kills people. 1937 Japanese production of mustard gas reaches 2 tons per day.

1937 Japanese build biological warfare facility called Pingfan in Manchuria. It is complete by 1939. Destroyed in 1945 as Russians approach. The Japanese wage biological war against China until 1945.

1937 William Donovan renews his association with the Rothschild's, who ask him to salvage their interests in Bohemia (Czechoslavakia) left over from the Nazi occupation. He is defeated by Hitler's view of the Rothschild's. Donovan's law firm successfully defends 18 oil firms against anti-trust charges. Donovan meets Kim Philby in Spain and begins to build the OSS around the hard core of the Communist Lincoln Brigade.

1937 Italy signs Anti-Communist pact with Japan and Germany.

1937 American professor Earnest Hooten, a Harvard University anthropologist, was described in the New York Times as one of the leading authorities on human evolution. Says Hooten, "I think that a biological purge is the essential prerequisite for social and spiritual salvation. It is very difficult to enforce such a measure in a democracy, unless it has been preceded by an educational campaign.."

1937 Communist Party of the USA supports American Federation of Teachers.

1937 Lord Russell and Aldous Huxley co-found the Peace Pledge Union to promote the campaign for peace with Hitler, just before both left for the US for the duration of the war.

1937 Nazis run Tesla "p2" project at Los Alamos, New Mexico. Under Illuminati control.

1937 German state hospitals use electroshock and insulin shock therapies on patients. Hitler orders the film "The Inheritance" shown in 5,300 theatres in Germany as a beginning indoctrination in racial theory. By 1939, The "T4" project, involving euthanasia of German mental patients and criminals, later extended to others, is headed by Buehler in Germany after Hitler orders the killing of mental patients. Other films, such as "Dasein ohne Leben", would follow (existence without life) in a successful attempt to pass euthanasia law in a public forum.

1937 Adolph Hitler is interviewed by Richard Helms, a reporter for United Press International. Helms, whose grandfather was the first director of the Bank for International Settlements and past chief of the Federal Reserve, would eventually be appointed director of the CIA in the United States in 1966 and leave the CIA in 1972, after ordering the destruction of all files relating to MKULTRA. Helms made use of a vast research network in pursuit of depth persuasion and transmission of subliminal messages to population, advocated the use of high frequencies to affect the memory and unconscious mind, and mentioned in a 1964 memo to the Warren Commission the subject of biological radio communication and the use of "cybernetics in the moulding of a child's character, the inculcation of knowledge, the establishment of behavior patterns and control of the growth process of the individual." The term "cybernetics" relates to technology that responds to thought. Richard Helms was a consultant to Bechtel.

1937 Japan makes extensive use of chemical weapons against the Chinese. China makes a formal protest to the League of Nations.

1937 Roosevelt asks Congress for a law to limit the Supreme Court authority to declare laws in conflict with the Constitution null and void. Congress refuses.

1937 Early experiments in the US with radar and first seagoing tests.

1938 Roosevelt executes secret agreement with Churchill which agreed to let British Special Operations Executive control U.S. policies. Agreement in effect cedes US sovereignty to England. Roosevelt sends General Donovan to London for indoctrination before setting up the OSS (now the CIA) under the aegis of SOE-SIS.

1938 Tavistock Institute in London originates US and British wartime mass bombings over Japan and Germany as a clinical experiment in mass terror. Detailed records were kept. The later German V-2 launches over south London (the British elite lived in north London) were part of the experiment.

1938 Germans begin flying experimental craft using conventional power sources.

1938 German Antarctic Expedition (1938-1939) to survey area for operations base.

1938 Orson Wells engaged to do the "war of the worlds" broadcast.

1938 Fifty-eight British physicians sign a mandate against compulsory immunization in Guernsey point to the virtual disappearance of Diphtheria in Sweden, a country without Diphtheria vaccination.

1938 Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, now a subsidiary of I.G. Farben, begins manufacture of LSD/Lysergic acid. There is strong evidence that the "LSD conquest of the world" was a paradigm generated within British Freemasonic channels.

1938 Ugo Cerletti becomes the first to use electroconvulsive treatment in fascist Italy. Cerletti got the idea from watching hogs being shocked at a slaughter house. The first victim was a 39 year old engineer who was found wandering on trains without a ticket. Present at this event was Lothar Kalinowsky, who would become a member of the American Psychiatric Association and an avid promoter of electroshock in the United States.

1938 German chemist Schrader discovers Sarin, 10 times more lethal than Tabun, which is compounded various compounds including Sodium Fluoride, which is later dumped into planetary water supplies to placate the population.

1938 Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act certifies 19 dyes for use in foods.

1938 The idea of "booster shots" arose as a "solution" to poor antibody response in infants and newborns. These become customary in the 1940's.

1938 Congressional debate on Food and Drug Act.

1938 Reich Air Ministry is shipped 500 tons of tetra-ethyl lead gas additive from Standard Oil of New Jersey (Ethyl Standard) in the United States, through I.G. Farben, with payment secured through Brown Brothers Harriman on Sept 21, 1938.

1938 ITT purchases 28% interest in Focke-Wulf Aircraft Co. In Germany.

1938 Germany invades Austria.

1938 Compulsory immunization instituted in Hungary. Diphtheria cases rise 35% by 1940.

1938 Ugo Cerletti introduces electroshock into the psychiatric hospitals in Italy.

1938 Germany annexes Austria, causing the destruction of the Vienna Psycho- Analytic Society and Institute and the exile of Freud to London.

1939 Health Practitioners Law (Heilpraktikergesetz) is put into practice in Germany. Allowed psychotherapists to advance their professional claims within the field of health and medicine in during the Third Reich. The law ended the freedom to cure that had existed in Germany since 1870. The government would supervise all training of medical personnel, including officially approved health practitioners.

1939 Psychiatrists in Nazi Germany begin murdering "mental patients" at Brandenburg, one of the six killing institutions used for the "euthanasia" program. German policy expands to include euthanasia on asylum patients.

1939 Henry Moray builds a laboratory in Salt Lake.

1939 Nazi administration gives permission to doctors to give "mercy death" to the deformed and mentally ill.

1939 League of Nations suspended.

1939 Scientists in Berlin prepare for the first sample of nerve gas Sarin.

1939 Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman achieve nuclear fission in Germany.

1939 Jersey Oil renews its agreement with I.G. Farben in Holland.

1939 Hitler sets up the Reich Committee for Scientific Research of Heredity and Severe Constitutional Diseases, leading to the extermination of mentally ill and physically deformed children in Germany. Karl Brandt heads the division responsible for adults, which would claim over 300,000 by 1945.

1939 Brookhaven Labs in New Jersey allegedly perfects teleportation technology.

1939 US State Dept approves Groton, Connecticut plan to send sub plans to USSR.

1939 Germany and Russia sign pact for division of Poland.

1939 Interpol grouped with German Gestapo. In 1991, Interpol member Janet Reno would become the Attorney General of the United States.

1939 German SS massacre civilians in Poland.

1939 Compulsory vaccination in Germany raises diphtheria cases to 150,000.

1939 Cartels control 87% of mineral products in the United States.

1939 Standard Oil President Frank Howard visits Germany.

1939 Psychiatrists in Brandenburg Germany begin operation of gas chambers to kill mental patients.

1939 Germany invades western Poland. Russia invades eastern Poland. Both Germany and Russia commit atrocities and mass murder.

1939 Dr.Emanuel Josephson reveals AMA cover up of Vitamin E benefits.

1939 Standard Oil of New Jersey loans I.G. Farben $20 million in aviation gasoline.

1939 Two largest German tank manufacturers are Opel, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors in the United States controlled by J.P. Morgan, and the Ford subsidiary in Germany of the Ford Motor Company.

1939 The German electrical equipment industry concentrates into a few major corporations linked internationally by stock ownership to International General Electric and International Telephone and Telegraph in the US. All American owned subsidiaries in Germany escape bombing during the war.

1939 Radio astronomer Grite Reber claims receiving morse code from space.

1939 Assassination attempt on Hitler.

1939 Stephenson (A Man Called Intrepid) is quoted as saying in April 1939 that "the president (FDR) is one of us". Roosevelt tells Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada and long-time Rockefeller agent, "our frontier is on the Rhine."

1939 Dr.Weston Price, a research dentist, publishes Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects, which proved that refined foods and sugar causes physical degeneration and disease and opposed to natural unrefined foods.

1939 A government investigator, Dr. Frasier, uses a hammer and smashes Morays radiant energy detector. At one time, Moray is asked to investigate the effects on humans of high energy, high frequency current. Henry would go into debt until 1949.

1939 Federal District of Columbia institutes the Public Salary Tax to impose tax on government employees or anyone who worked in a "federal area."

1939 Colonel Stewart Menzies, one of the four who set up the OSS in the United States, is appointed head of MI6 (until 1951)

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