Age of Enlightenment Timeline 1870-1899

1870 Standard Oil Company is incorporated.

1870 Amygdalin (Laetrile) is listed in the US Pharmacopoeia of 1870. (The FDA Grandfather Clause prevents the FDA from claiming jurisdiction. Upheld by US Court of Appeals, 4th District, #71-1243, May 23, 1972.)

1870 Third major smallpox epidemic in England begins and lasts until 1872. Over 44,800 dies.

1871 Franco-Prussian war begins.

1871 In Birmingham, England from 1871 to 1874, there were 7,706 cases of smallpox. Out of these, 6,795 had been vaccinated.

1871 In Bavaria, Germany, vaccination is compulsory and re-vaccination is commonplace. Out of 30,472 cases of smallpox, 29,429 had been vaccinated.

1871 Worldwide epidemic of smallpox begins. Claims 8 million people worldwide.

1871 Albert Pike writes "Morals and Dogma". Pike also writes a letter on Aug 15, 1871 (until recently on display in the British museum) to Mazzini detailing the Luciferian plan for world conquest, outlining plans for three world wars, and detailing the destruction of both Christianity and atheism.

1871 Bulwer-Lytton writes Vril: The Power of the Coming Race, containing racial theory that would later figure in Nazi Germany. Protege of Lytton was Aleister Crowley, of England's equivalent to the "Thule Group", tutor to Aldous Huxley, future prophet of mind control, who would later introduce hallucinogens into American culture.

1871 Select committee of the Privy Council convened to inquire into the Vaccination Act of
1867 (England), as 97.5% of the people who died from smallpox were vaccinated for it.

1872 Mazzini dies.

1872 Japan institutes compulsory smallpox vaccination. Within 20 years 165,000 smallpox cases manifest themselves.

1872 Horace Greeley writes about the "National" Bank Act, saying "by our money system we have nationalized a system of oppression not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery."

1872 In England, 87% of infants are vaccinated for smallpox. Over 19,000 die in England and Wales. (See 1925).

1872 Rio Tinto Zinc company founded by Hugh Matheson with his uncles profits from opium trafficking and help from Schroder Bank in Germany, who would later fund Adolph Hitler in 1931.

1873 Banking panic of 1873.

1874 Civil marriage made compulsory in Germany.

1875 Public Health Act of 1875 in England promotes sanitary conditions.

1875 Official government statistics estimate 120,000 Americans addicted to opium.

1875 United States immigration excludes "coolies, convicts and prostitutes" as undesirable aliens.

1875 Blavatsky founds the Theosophical Society.

1876 Deutsche Reichsbank opens in Germany.

1876 Koch discovers anthrax bacillus.

1877 Standard Oil Company incorporated and gains national ascendency into the oil market. Cecil Rhodes writes the first of seven wills.

1877 Telephone and gasoline engine invented.

1878 Louis Pasteur tells his family never to show anyone his lab notebooks. His last surviving grandson donated the documents to the Bibiotheque Nationale in Paris in 1964. Later, historians would begin to examine Pasteurs notes and would find evidence of potential scientific misconduct and a large degree of dubious human experimentation. (See 1993 Gerald Geison).

1879 Gold Standard reinstated in the United States.

1880 Beginning of a 20 year period where elite American students of Wundt in Germany return and become heads of psychology departments at Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell and all major universities and colleges. Wundt trains James Cattell, who returns to the US and trains over 300 in the Wundtian system which, with help from the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations, eventually assume control of psychological testing in the United States for all the soldiers of the First World War.

1880 In Denmark citizens consume 29 pounds each annually.

1880 Recorded death rate from diabetes in Denmark is 1.8 per 100,000.

1880 Britain import 105,508 chests of opium into China.

1880 Smallpox vaccinations start in the United States.

1880 Sweden consumption of refined sugar 12 pounds per person annually.

1882 United States immigration adds "lunatics and idiots" to exclusion list.

1882 Koch isolates the TB Bacillus. TB death rate 370:100,000.

1882 Standard Oil Company incorporated in New Jersey as a Trust, which absorbs all other oil companies. Standard owned by railroad in N.Carolina.

1883 Karl Marx dies.

1883 Galton introduces the term "eugenics" to describe his ideas and proposes practices of racial superiority and sterilization.

1883 Lenin forms the first Russian Marxist group in Switzerland.

1883 Czar in Russia invites Nobel brothers and Rothschild's to help develop oil riches in Baku area in Russia.

1884 In England, Dr. Charles Creighton is asked to write an article for the Encyclopaedia Britannica on vaccination. After much research internationally, he concludes that vaccination constituted "a gross superstition". Later, Creighton writes two books, "Cowpox and Vaccinal Syphilis" and "Jenner and Vaccination".

1884 In England, more that 1700 children vaccinated for smallpox die of syphilis.

1884 Fabian Society founded in London by Sidney and Beatrice Webb.

1884 Dr. Sobatta of the German Army reports on the results of vaccination to the German Vaccination Commission, which subsequently publishes data proving that re-vaccination does not work. Deaths from vaccination are routinely covered up by physicians.

1886 A seven year period begins in Japan where 25,474,370 vaccinations and re-vaccinations are performed in Japan, representing 66% of the entire population of Japan. During that period, there are 165,774 cases of smallpox with 28,979 deaths. (See 1955).

1887 Golden Dawn founded in London by Mathers.

1887 Michaelson-Morley experiments done to try to disprove Etheric Theory.

1894 Superintendent of a home for the"feeble-minded" in Kansas castrates 58 children before public revulsion forces him to stop.

1885 Modified Great Seal of the United States adopted by Congress.

1885 Rothschild monetary power reaches point of world control. Amschel Rothschild dies.

1885 German eugenicist Dr. Alfred Ploetz publishes "The Excellence of Our Race and the Protection of the Weak" in which he states that humanitarianism which fosters the protection of weaker members threatens the quality of the race.

1885 General vaccination program against rabies begins in the United States.

1886 First oil tanker built.

1887 New York doctor Ephraim Cutter publishes a book on cancer and the diet.

1887 In England, Dr. Edgar M. Crookshank, professor of pathology and bacteriology at Kings College, is asked by the British government to investigate the cowpox outbreak in Wiltshire. The result of the investigation was contained in two volumes of "The History and Pathology of Vaccination", in which he states that "the credit given to vaccination belongs to sanitation.

1887 Dr.M.W. Barr, president of the "American Assn for the Study of Feebleness" strongly advocates sterilizarion.

1888 Standard Oil operates first foreign operation, called Anglo-American Oil Company, Ltd.

1888 Tesla invents electric motor with Westinghouse manufacturing.

1888 Cecil Rhodes creates De Beers mines in South Africa.

1888 Bacteriological Institute opens in Paris for experimentation with animals and production of vaccines and sera. Other institutes open around the world modelled after the Paris Institute.

1888 Bacteriological Institute in Odessa, Russia tries its hand at a vaccine for anthrax. Over 4500 sheep are vaccinated; 3700 of them die from the vaccination.

1888 Russia overtakes the United States in production of crude oil. Russia kerosene takes 30% of the British market.

1889 In England, a royal commission is appointed to inquire into certain aspects of the vaccination question. The committee would be in session for 7 years and would issue 6 reports, with the final report in 1896. The result of the final report was the Vaccination Act of 1898.

1889 Albert Pike issues a theological dogma to the 23 Supreme Councils of the world stating that "Lucifer and Adonay are both God".

1889 Standard Oil production operations in Pennsylvania,Ohio, Indiana.

1889 Most of Britain's food production becomes industrialized.

1890 Cecil Rhodes becomes Prime Minister of Cape Colony in Africa, exploiting the diamond and gold fields of Africa, and took control of Parliamentary seats and England and Africa. With financial support from Lord Rothschild, he was able to monopolize De Beers Consolidated Mines. Founded Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford.

1890 Standard Oil purchases Deutsch-Amerikanische Petroleum-Gesellschaft.

1890 US Depression of 1890 created by International Bankers.

1890 Sherman Silver Purchase Act.

1890 Andrew Carnegie writes a series of eleven essays called "The Gospel of Wealth", a treatise which essentially stated that free enterprise and capitalism no longer existed in the United States, because he and Rockefeller owned everything, including the government, and that competition was impossible unless they allowed it. Eventually, says Carnegie, the young children will become aware of this and form clandestine organizations to fight against it. Carnegie proposes that men of wealth form a synthetic free enterprise system based on cradle-to-grave schooling. The people who advanced through schooling would be given licenses to lead profitable lives. All licenses are tied to forms of schooling. This way, the entire economy can be controlled and people have a motivation for them to learn what you want them to learn. It also places the minds of all children in the hands of a few social engineers. (German System).

1890 Emil vin Behring announces discovery of anti-toxins.

1891 Cecil Rhodes group joins with Cambridge group led by William Stead to form a secret society round table group. Rhodes gains control of 90% of the world diamond supply. The Round Table group is founded.

1891 Tesla invents the Tesla Coil and becomes a US citizen.

1891 Wireless telegraphy begins in the United States.

1892 Gustave Le Bon writes "The Evolution of Matter", detailing the use of ordinary non-radioactive elements to create nuclear reactions. Heavily suppressed data not permitted in the public domain.

1892 Cholera epidemic in Hamburg, Germany. Threat of importation into the US forced the establishment of the New York City Health Department division of Pathology, Bacteriology and Disinfection.

1892 Rockefeller Trust transferred to holding company, Standard Oil of New Jersey.

1893 Standard Oil establishes resident agents in the Far East.

1892 America takes the lead in world wide sugar consumption, surpassing the British. Sugar consumption would double again by 1920.

1893 Banking panic of 1893.

1893 Tesla works on building remote controlled devices using radio waves.

1893 German Dr.Julius Hensel states that processed flour is devoid of nutrients.

1893 Johns Hopkins Medical School established. HQ of German Allopathic Medicine.

1894 Bataille writes that Gallatin Mackey, a top Illuminist, showed him what amounts to wireless telegraphy, decades before Marconi, stating that units also existed in Charleston, Rome, Berlin, Washington and Naples. It was discovery of this secret that enabled understanding of how seemingly unrelated "incidents" took place simultaneously around the world which aggravated "situations" that developed into wars or revolutions.

1895 Standard Oil achieves a fleet of ocean-going ships.

1895 Lenin, Trotsky and others form the Social Democratic Labour Party.

1895 Diphtheria vaccination program begins. Over the period lasting until 1907, 63,249 cases of diptheria were treated with anti-toxin. Over 8,900 died, giving a fatality rate of 14%. Over the same period, 11,716 cases were not treated with anti-toxin, of which 703 died, giving a fatality rate of 6%.

1895 Rothschild's control 95% of United States military railways.

1895 Who's Who mentions J.P. Morgan as owning 50,000 miles of US railways.

1895 A fire burns down Tesla's lab, destroying plans for VTOL aircraft and rocket engines.

1895 Marconi "invents" radio telegraphy.

1896 Marconi patents "the first radio". Patent #7777.

1896 First "UFO" flap in the United States.

1896 Carlo Ruta, a professor at the University of Perugia in Italy, states that "vaccination is a world-wide delusion and an unscientific practice, with consequences measured today with tears and sorrow without end."

1896 Oil is discovered in the American West.

1896 Standard Oil begins to form worldwide subsidiaries as trustees.

1897 AMA formally incorporated, paying $3 fee to State of Illinois.

1897 Chloride of lime first used to sterilize drinking water.

1897 Tesla publishes his dynamic theory of gravity.

1897 Freud writes that "masturbation is the prime habit and addiction which is replaced by addiction to alcohol, morphine and tobacco", Freud neglects to mention is his own further addiction to sugar and cocaine, leading one to assume Freud was eternally high and sexually frustrated, and that this was projected to form the sexually dependent theories taken up later by psychiatry.

1898 Cecil Rhodes amasses fortune in gold and diamonds in South Africa.

1898 Eugenic sterilization bill is unsuccessfully introduced into the legislature in Michigan, providing for the castration of all inmates of the Michigan Home for the Feeble-minded and Epileptic.

1898 Rockefeller interests prime goal of control of medical education in USA.

1898 Tesla produces a vibrational device capable of causing earthquakes, a tiny electromechanical oscillator.

1898 Vaccination Act of 1898 in England. Elections held for the "board of guardians", the administrators of the vaccination laws, and by 1898 over 600 boards in England were pledged not to enforce the law. The Act of 1898 contained the first "conscience clause", although no claims of conscience were ever approved by magistrates.

1898 Marie Curie discovers radium.

1898 J.R. Ewald, professor of physicology at Strasbourg University in Germany experiments using brain electrode implants.

1898 Warren Bechtel moves to California to seek his fortune, beginning with a mule team hauling dirt for small construction projects.

1898 Theodore Roosevelt and the Kaiser in Germany contemplate an alliance between the three Nordic powers: Britain, Germany and the United States.

1898 Tesla builds robotic devices and states that he shall demonstrate a device which, when left to itself, will "act as though possessed of reason and without any wilful control from the outside." Tesla had already built a coil which produced 4 million volts, but wanted to go higher to make it possible for transmissions on a global scale. Tesla patent #613,809 filed for remote radio control of guided missiles.

1899 1924 Dr.George Simmons dominates the American Medical Association.

1899 Tesla discovers terrestrial stationary waves which can produce electricity, and also reports receiving signals from space.

1899 Meeting in London where the Warburg's, Morgan's and Rothschild's become affiliated.

1899 Tesla's Colorado Springs experiments with high voltage power systems. His notes, translated into English, do not appear until 1978.

1889 Castration of children at the Pennsylvania Training School for Feeble-minded Children.

1890 Plans to destroy the one room school and its capacity to produce thinkers and independent people begins in the US.
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