Untying Gordian Knots - preparing for the age of enlightenment

Much of our education is based on material that is not necessarily true.
We must question the truth, and especially we must question our assumptions.
A thing isn't true just because many people believe it to be, and believing that it is true ties our minds into Gordian knots.

"We must distinguish between truth and falsehood; we must learn to be true all through; in thought and word and deed."
At The Feet Of The Master - Alcyone

Untying knots

If we want to improve our knowledge,we must remove obstacles by untying  the Gordian knots.
Each knot we untie takes is one step further along the path to enlightenment.

This History and Enlightenment Timeline from 540 AD to 1999, shows clearly how the 'elites', headed by Rothschild and Rockefeller Ancestors, created a paradigm inside which we all live.
This timeline is provided by kind permission of trufax.org
Careful examination demonstrates that as time passes and successes occur, controlling activity becomes slowly bolder, until it is so bold that it deserves only ridiule, yet is totally accepted by the public.













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Having untied the knots, we are ready to move on to  take care of our