Our Goal

Promoting a More Humane Approach to Pet Sterilization.

We promote sterilization of dogs with humane methods such as vasectomy and partial hysterectomy (sometimes referred to as the "partial spay" in which only the uterus is removed) instead of spaying or neutering. These more humane methods sterilize the animal without damaging or upsetting their natural hormonal balance. These sterilization methods allow dogs to live more natural and more fulfilling lives, in addition to having many health benefits. We support partial hysterectomy rather than tubal ligation for the females, as it eliminates the risk of pyometra.

How you can help:

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, share your ideas and discuss ways to help this cause on Our Google Group and spread the word to your friends. The more people learn about this, the more we can help our pets.

Inform your vet! Many veterinarians are still not familiar with these procedures or the health and behavior benefits of these procedures. Ask your vet to consider offering these more humane sterilization methods if they do not already offer them.

Check out the list of locations with spay/neuter laws. If your area has spay/neuter laws that don't allow for more humane methods of sterilization, contact your local representatives and ask that these laws be changed.

Right now it is pretty difficult to find a vet who will perform vasectomy or partial hysterectomy. You may have to call around to several vets before you find one. With your help we can change that, and make this world a better place for our pets!