Human Ear Diagram

    human ear
  • The ear is the anatomical organ that detects sound. It not only acts as a receiver for sound, but also plays a major role in the sense of balance and body position. The ear is part of the auditory system.
  • A simplified drawing showing the appearance, structure, or workings of something; a schematic representation
  • a drawing intended to explain how something works; a drawing showing the relation between the parts
  • (diagramming) schematization: providing a chart or outline of a system
  • A figure composed of lines that is used to illustrate a definition or statement or to aid in the proof of a proposition
  • make a schematic or technical drawing of that shows interactions among variables or how something is constructed
human ear diagram
human ear diagram - Motorola H375
Motorola H375 Bluetooth Headset
Motorola H375 Bluetooth Headset
For everyday consumers who want simplicity and value in their first headset.

The Motorola H375 mono Bluetooth headset combines essential functionality and ease of use with style and comfort. Its simple buttons for power, calls and volume streamline the experience, and you can see your remaining talk time with a simple battery check. The Motorola H375 also assures extended wear comfort thanks to its TrueComfort ear bud design. The design is driven by Motorola's extensive ergonomic measurement study of the human ear, with research that included two years of digital assessments that spanned age, sex and race.

Features and Specifications

Up to 6 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time
Easy Pair technology helps simplify connecting to compatible Bluetooth enabled devices.
Dedicated on/off and call buttons get you talking with just one press.
Battery check feature clearly shows when it's time to recharge--press both volume buttons to view your remaining talk time
Clearer Audio--unique speaker design improves sound clarity
Tested to work with over 200 compatible Bluetooth enabled phones from more than 15 brands such as Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, and LG
Bluetooth 2.0 technology with Headset 1.2 profile
Operating range of up to 10 meters (33 feet)
Connector: Mini USB

Cliff notes version: this is a scientific diagram (w/o the numbers) of the cochlea, part of the inner ear. Finally, after three years, I've found an articulate way of describing this tattoo: It reflects my fascination with how the human mind and body perceives and is affected by music and my insatiable desire to experience and create it.
Labeled Ear diagram
Labeled Ear diagram
Inside of The Ear mini-book
human ear diagram
Science Vocabulary Readers: Human Body, 26 books/16 pages and Teaching Guide
Boost students' nonfiction skills and vocabularies with super-engaging readers, packed with fascinating facts and photos! Includes six copies of each title. Each book has short chapters, diagrams, maps, captions, a glossary, comprehension questions and more. Includes teaching guide and storage unit. Titles include Your Skin and Bones, Your Mouth and Nose, Your Eyes and Ears, Your Heart, Your Brain and The Amazing Human Body Reference Book Type: Science; Subjects: Human Body; Age Recommendation: Grades 1-2; Language(s): English.

Titles include Your Skin and Bones, Your Mouth and Nose, Your Eyes and Ears, Your Heart, Your Brain and The Amazing Human Body