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The Four Types

What is Type?

Type is the Aura, the energy field that surrounds our physical body. There are four kinds of Auras that carry different mechanics – they have different qualities and characteristics. Each Type has a unique role in the nine-centered-humanity.  

The Generators are those who generate the life force on this planet. The other three types are "non-sacral-beings" – their sacral center in un-defined in their bodygraph.

The Manifestor is here to set things in motion; the Projector is here to see and guide, and the Reflector is here to reflect humanity.

The Aura of each type has specific qualities and has its own way of moving through life. These qualities are mechanic, not mental. We have no influence on what we are. We are born with our aura and the only way is to surrender to it :-)

Each type has its own energetic strategy, and this is the first and most significant thing in the Human Design experiment.

Following our strategy teaches us to move correctly in our life, and make the right decisions that support our unique trajectory. Our strategy allows us to communicate in a very deep way with what is correct for us in every situation in life.

Generator (and Manifesting Generator)




The four types - Mary Ann Winiger