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Accepted Papers

"Social Transmission of Language - A Complexity Science Prism."  Michał B. Paradowski, Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw.

"A Simple Computational Model of Social Identity Dynamics."  Paul Smaldino, Cynthia Pickett, Jeffrey Sherman, and Jeffrey Schank; Johns Hopkins Univeristy and University of California, Davis.

"Complexity in Big History."  Cameron Gibelyou, University of Michigan.

"Bringing to Life an Ancient Urban Center at Monte Albán, Mexico: Exploiting the Synergy Between the Micro, Meso, and Macro Levels in a Complex System."  Thaer Jayyousi and Robert Reynolds, Wayne State University.

"Modeling Evolving Games."  Rory Smead, Northeastern University.

"Complexity Theory & Political Change: Talcott Parsons Occupies Wall Street."  Martin Zwick, Portland State University.

"The Potential Value of Computational Models in Social Science Research."  Ken Kollman, University of Michigan.

"Complexity of Content in a Large Commercial Electronic Medical Record System."  Russell Gonnering, The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

"Population and Temptation Density Determine the Effect of Social Strategies on Moral Hypocrisy in a Virtual Society."  Markus Christen, University of Zurick.

"Adaptation of Foodways and Indicators of Malnutrition: Philippines as a Case Study."  Amanda Andrei, George Mason University.

"A Network Analysis of China's Central Committee: A Dynamical Theory of Policy Networks."  Jerome Sibayan, Kansas State University.

"Revisiting Information Dynamics for Health 2.0 and Personal Wellbeing."  Siddharth Nair, RMIT, Australia.

"Methods for Hypergraphs and k-Partite Graphs."  Aaron Bramson, University of Michigan.

"Coping with Complexity Through Computer Supported, Collaborative Argument Mapping."  Michael Hoffmann, Georgia Institute of Technology.

"Agent-based Modelling, Counterfactual Thinking and the Historical Method."  Marten Düring, Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen, Germany.

"On the Evolution of Senescence in Finite Populations."  Stefano Giaimo, Italy.

"Scientific Paradigms In US Policy Theory: Is It Time for Complexity Science?"  Liz Johnson and Michael Givel; George Washington University and University of Oklahoma.

"Genes, Germs, and Memes: Function and Fitness Dynamics on Information Networks."  Patrick Grim, Daniel J. Singer, Christopher Reade, and Steven Fisher; Stony Brook University and University of Michigan.

"Fostering Student Learning Using a Complexified Educational Strategy: A Case Study."  Carlo Fabricatore and Ximena Lopez, University of Worcester and Initium.