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Muscular and Skeletal Systems

Muscular and Skeletal System

Big Question: How do your muscles work to move your body?

  Answering the following questions will help you answer the BIG question:

  • What is the difference between skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscles?
  • How many bones do infants have?  Why do infants have more bones?  What happens to the bones?
  • What is the difference between voluntary and involuntary muscles? List examples of each found in your body.
  • What is the difference between skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscles?
  • Name different types of bone breaks.  How do bones heal?
  • What are bones made of?  Describe the parts of a bone.
  • What is the tongue made of and what does it do?


Muscular and Skeletal System Hotlist




Enrichment Activities:

List different types of physical activities.. Divide the list physical activities into three categories: strength (the ability to lift, pull, or push weight), endurance (the ability to do something for a long time), and flexibility (the ability to bend and stretch easily).
Act out an activity and then decide which category the activity develops.

Write a song or a rap that names the parts of the muscular system.

Judge with evidence which human body system takes the most mistreatment in today's society. You are a lawyer preparing a legal brief.  Prepare a defense for your system of the human body.

Create a word scramble with at least 10 muscular system terms.

How do your muscles work together to move your body?

Should professional baseball players be allowed to use steroids?  Write a letter to the baseball commissioner expressing your opinion.

Modify your human body system to better cope with our changing world. Revise your original drawing to represent the modifications. 

Determine how at least 2 systems in the structure of the human body help one another. Represent this in a 3-dimension form (model).

Compare and contrast at least 2 body systems using a Venn diagram.


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