Welcome to the Hu Lab

Jia Hu, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Ecology
110 AJM Johnson Hall
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717
phone: 406-994-2937
email: jia.hu02@montana.edu

In this lab, we work on issues related to plant water and carbon dynamics at a range of spatial and temporal scales.  At the plant scale, we can couple the water and carbon cycles through measurements of plant water use efficiency; we can also couple these two fluxes at the ecosystem scale through measurements of ecosystem water use efficiency.  As climate change alters global air temperature and precipitation patterns, both plant and ecosystem level water use efficiency will change.  These changes in water use efficiency will in turn affect future carbon dynamics through changes in plant productivity and ecosystem carbon uptake.

We also use stable isotope analysis of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon extensively in our research.  We are always exploring new ways to use stable isotopes to answer questions along the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.