Welcome to Biomedical Image Processing Lab (BIPL)!


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Huiyu (Joe) Zhou 


Department of Informatics

University of Leicester

University Road

Leicester, LE1 7RH

United Kingdom

E-mail: hz143@leicester.ac.uk 



Call for Papers
  • Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, Special Issue on the topic "Advances in deep learning for hyperspectral image analysis and classification" (Call for papers). Deadline for submission: 30th September 2018.
  • Advances in Multimedia, Special Issue on the topic "Recent machine learning progress in image analysis and understanding" (Call for papers). Deadline for submission: 22nd June 2018.
  • General "Call for Papers": Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (RAEEE), Bentham Science Publishers.
  • Where to submit computer vision work for publication: Link.

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Our Biomedical Image Processing Group mainly works on the development of novel algorithms and application tools for automated processing of medical and biological signals/images. Research topics of interest include image segmentation, object detection, tracking and recognition, 3-D reconstruction and information retrieval. Our research contribution is made towards two complementary aspects:

  • Fundamental understanding and modelling of biomedical signals;
  • Application-driven development in collaboration with professionals in medicine and biology.   
With digital biomedical signals/images increasingly being stored and shared in networks, our research group also looks to bolster the analysis of biomedical data and cyber-security of signal processing systems.

University of Leicester:
  • Service-Oriented Architectures (CO7214/7514), Spring, 2018.
  • Big Data & Predictive Analytics (CO3093/7093), Spring, 2018.
  • Multimedia and Computer Graphics (CO2016), Spring, 2018.
Queen's University Belfast:
  • Web and Mobile App Development (CSC3054/7054). Spring, 2017.
  • Web and Mobile App Development (CSC3054/7054). Spring, 2016.
  • Web and Mobile App Development (CSC3054/7054). Spring, 2015. 
  • Web and Mobile App Development (CSC3054/7054). Spring, 2014. 
  • Web and Mobile App Development (CSC7054). Spring, 2013. 
  • Emerging Human Based Security: Biometrics (CSC7002). Spring, 2010. 


Current Funded Projects: 

  • H2020-LCE-2017-SGSSmart distribution grid: a market driven approach for the next generation of advanced operation models and services, 2017/20, University of Leicester, United Kingdom.
    • The DOMINOES project aims to enable the discovery and development of new demand response, aggregation, grid management and peer-to-peer trading services by designing, developing and validating a transparent and scalable local energy market solution.
    • Team member: coming soon.
  • Puffin Trust: Fetal movement analysis in ultrasonic videos, 2017/18, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom.
    • We aim to design an automated system to analyse the movement of a fetus so that any abnormal event can be handled as soon as possible.
  • Royal Society-Newton Advanced FellowshipVideo traffic analysis for abnormal event detection, 2017/20, University of Leicester, United Kingdom.
    • This project aims to design a new automated system in order to correctly track multiple vehicles in a camera network, reliably cluster motion trajectories of the vehicles into different categories and robustly predict the events of the vehicles in crowd scenarios.   
  • Agri-Food Quest: Plasmofluidic analytical device: a rapid point-of-sampling diagnostic and management support platform for infectious and antimicrobial resistant pathogens, 2016/18, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom. 
    • This project aims to develop an innovative plasmofluidic paper-based analytical device prototype with the support of image analysis that can provide a specific, sensitive and multiplex detection of infectious pathogens (i.e. Escherichia coli, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus aureus species) and their antimicrobial resistance (AMR) profiles.
    • Team member: Casy Choi.
  • H2020-MSCA-ITN-2016Smartphone analyzers for on-site testing of food quality and safety, 2017/20, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom. 
    • The objectives of this project is to develop smartphone and camera based bio-analytical sensing and diagnostics tools for simplified on-site rapid pre-screening of food quality and safety parameters and wireless data transfer to servers of relevant of stakeholders.
    • Team member: Yunfeng Zhao.
  • Invest NI/Philips: Pathological cancer image analysis, 2017/19, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom. 
    • The objectives of this project is to develop new feature representation and classification algorithms for identifying cancerous and non-cancerous areas in pathological images.
    • Team member: Liping Wang, Kun Zhang.
  • EPSRC/Innovate UK/Invest NI/Industry (EP/N508664/1): The Centre for Secure Information Technology (CSIT 2), 2015/20, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom. 
    • The main objective of this project is to establish a global innovation hub for cyber security in order to promote growth in this strategically important sector of the UK economy. In our group, we expect to develop novel machine learning techniques to achieve anomaly detection for smart city infrastructure. 
    • Team member: Sriram Varadarajan.
Previous Projects: 

  • EPSRC QUBAN Programme: Mobile plasmofluidic paper-based analytical device: A rapid diagnostic and management support platform to combat multi-drug resistance for resource-poor settings, 2016/17, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom. 
    • This project aims at the development and assessment of a plasmonic microfluidic paper-based analytical device compatible with mobile phone and image analysis technologies for label-free, ultra-sensitive and multiplexing detection of MDR Escherichia coli.
  • EPSRC (EP/N011074/1): Automated mouse behaviour recognition, 2016/17, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom. 
    • The main objective of this project is to design an automated system for detecting and tracking multiple mice, followed by recognition of mouse behaviours including their communication.
    • Team members: Jack Ferguson, David Fullerton and Zheheng Jiang.
  • DEL studentship: Development of a portable platform for the detection of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in seafood, 2016/19, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom.  
    • The objectives are to develop an innovative sensing technology based on enzyme-amplified aggregation of plasmonic nanoparticle to produce a distinct colour signal that can be processed by a handheld image processing device. 
    • Team member: Natasha Logan.
  • B-Secur: Feasibility study of biometrics identification algorithms, 2016/17, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom. 
    • The objectives of this project is to evaluate recently developed algorithms for biometrics identification. 
    • Team member: Pushpinder Chouhan.
  • China Scholarship Council (CSC): Object detection and tracking, 2015/16, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom.  
    • The aims of this project include integration of multiple features for trajectory clustering using a Markov Chain approach, and multi-animal localisation in the scene.
    • Team member: Hailin Li
  • China Scholarship Council (CSC): Identification of Non-Invasive Tumour In Human Tissue, 2014/15, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom. 
    • In this project, we are interested to identify tumour on Haematoxylin & Eosin stained sections, which grow beyond their source into the surrounding normal healthy tissue. 
    • Team member: Kun Zhang.
  • EPSRC: The Centre for Secure Information Technology (CSIT 1): Security Convergence For Transport Corridors, 2009/15, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom
    • In this Grand Challenge, we designed a novel event driven computing system that can detect and process events using a heterogeneous sensor network (e.g. CCTV hardware and other security devices). This system has been applied to two major application areas, i.e. a bus and an airport departure lounge.
    • I was leading WP7 on Event Search and Retrieval. Team members: Sriram Varadarajan, Jeong-Gyoo Kim, and Xin Hong
  • EPSRC: ISIS - An Integrated Sensor Information System for Crime Prevention, 2009/10, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom
    • The ISIS project targeted at detecting threats on public transport, informing key decision makers of the threats and managing its own networks. This project used video cameras, audio microphones and RF/microwave sensors to detect threats as they enter buses or trains. In cases where the passenger is unknown, the developed system also used advanced RF scanning techniques to check for external intrusion into the security zone. The novel contribution of this project consists of automatic human profiling and three dimensional object tracking.

Selected Publications 

(Complete list of the publications can be found on: Google Scholar) 

Team Members 

 Current members:

  • Lei Tong, MPhil student. Project: Social media analysis, 2017-2019.
  • Long Chen, PhD student. Project: Underwater object detection, 2017-2020.
  • Yunfeng Zhao, PhD student. Project: Novel image analysis tools for food security, 2017-2020.
  • Jun Chen, visiting PhD student. Project: Signal processing, 2017.
  • Dr. Xun Chen, academic visitor. Project: Underwater object visual detection and recognition, 2017-2018. 
  • Dr. Haiping Ma, academic visitor. Project: Multi-objective optimisation, 2017.
  • Ryan Hayes, Mark Smart and Andrew McWilliams. Project: Identify a tree from leaf, 2017.
  • Bingchi Luo, PhD student. Project: Preventing financial leakage on social media, 2017-2020.
  • Andrew Moyes, PhD student. Project: Medical Image Analysis, 2016-2019.
  • Natasha Logan, PhD student. Project: Development of a portable platform for the detection of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in seafood, 2016-2019.
  • Zheheng Jiang, PhD student/research assistant. Project: Animal behaviour analysis, 2015-present.
  • Andy Park, Part-time PhD student. Project: Human detection from images, 2013-present.
 Former members:
    • Sarah Calderwood, PhD student. Project: Modeling and reasoning with uncertain information in BDI agents, 2017.
    • John Giron, Joshua Green, David Mason and Lei Tong, final year students. Project: Gait-based gender recognition, 2016-2017.
    • Dr. Emre Dandil, academic visitor. Project: Fetal movement analysis, 2016-2017. Currently, Assistant Professor at Bilecik Seyh Edebali University, Turkey.
    • Zeynep Kurugollu, MSc student. Project: A colorimeter application for food toxin detection, 2016-2017.
    • Ms. Hui Zhu, academic visitor. Project: Audiovisual signal processing, 2016-2017. Lecturer at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, China.
    • Mr. Li Liu, academic visitor. Project: Audiovisual signal processing, 2016-2017. Associate Professor at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, China.
    • Dr. Rong Dong, academic visitor. Project: Rainfall measurement, 2016. Lecturer at Nantong University, China.
    • Dr. Hailin Li, academic visitor. Project: Motion trajectory clustering, 2015-2016. Associate Professor at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China.
    • Dr. Xin Hong, Research Fellow. Project: Event search and retrieval, 2012-2016. 
    • Dr. Sriram Varadarajan, Research Fellow. Project: Anomaly detection through graph matching, 2015-2016. Now, Research Fellow at University of Ulster.
    • Hugh Girvan and Ashley Simpson, MSc students. Project: Animal detection and recognition, 2016.
    • Cristina Surlea, Part-time PhD student. Project: Medical image segmentation, 2013-2015.
    • Chris McClune, MSc student. Project: MyPTApp, 2015.
    • David Fullerton and Zheheng Jiang, MSc students. Project: Animal behaviour analysis, 2015.
    • Jack Ferguson, MSc student. Project: Animal detection and tracking, 2015.
    • Kun Zhang, Visiting researcher. Project: Identification of non-invasive tumour in human tissue, 2014-2015. Now, Research Fellow at Queen's University Belfast.
    • Dr. Sriram Varadarajan, PhD project: Dynamic background modelling for foreground detection in surveillance video, 2010-2015.
    • Dr. Wenju Zhou, PhD project: Investigation and application of online high-speed visual inspection and precise control, 2010-2014, and now works as Associate Professor at Ludong University, China.
    • Philip McShane, postgraduate student. Project: MYEA: Maximise your experience application, 2014, and now a PhD student in the School.
    • James Walmsley, postgraduate student. Project: MYEA: Maximise your experience application, 2014. 
    • Sean Egan, postgraduate student. Project: MMSEA: Make my shopping easier application, 2014, and now works at Allstate, Belfast. 
    • Jacek Studzinski, postgraduate student. Project: MMSEA: Make my shopping easier application, 2014, and now works at SR Labs, Belfast.
    • Alex Turnbull, undergraduate student. Project: Find your phone, 2013-2014, and now works at Kainos, Belfast. 
    • Sarah Dynan, undergraduate student. Project: Tour and object recognition application, 2013-2014, and now works at TotalMobile, Belfast.
    • Chris Walsh, undergraduate student. Project: Game engine component - AI path-finding library, 2012-2013.
    • James Blair, undergraduate student. Project: Procedural dungeon generator created in C# and Unity, 2012-2013.
    • Dr. Jeong-Gyoo Kim, Research Fellow. Project: Shape modelling and human detection, 2011-2013.
    • Dr. Jiali Shen, Engineer. Project: Multi-camera object tracking, 2010-2012, and now works at Fidessa, Belfast.
    • Carol Campbell, PhD student. Project: Video event recognition using temporal dynamics, 2009-2011, and now works at NYSE, Belfast.
     For education purposes:  

    • International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology (ICBEB), Nanjing , China, 17-20 Oct. 2018. Keynote speech.
    • "Mouse behaviour analysis for Parkinson's disease", University of Kent, UK, 25 April, 2018. Invited Talk.
    • "Event reasoning for transport video surveillance", University of Bristol, UK, 23 Jan, 2018. Invited Talk.
    • International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNet), Hualien, Taiwan, November, 2017. Keynote speech.
    • IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Systems (IEEE-IS), Sofia, Bulgaria, September, 2016. Tutorial.
    • International Conference on Advanced Electronic Science and Technology (AEST), Shenzhen, China, August, 2016. Keynote speech
    • The 8th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering (CiSE), Nanjing, China, May, 2016. Plenary speech
    • "Secure our society - Computer vision techniques for video surveillance", International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM), Rome, Italy, Feb. 2016. Tutorial.
    • "Computer vision techniques for video surveillance", VALSE Webinar, UK, 6 January, 2016. Invited talk.
    • "'Who are you?': human profiling and behaviour analysis", International Conference on Material Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Hangzhou, China, October, 2015. Keynote speech.
    • "Evidence reasoning for event inference in smart transport video surveillance", Workshop on Video Soft Service, UCAMI/IWAAL, Belfast, United Kingdom, December, 2014. Invited talk.
    • "Evidence reasoning for event inference in smart transport video surveillance", Special session "Smart cameras for smart environments", Int'l Conf. on Distributed Smart Cameras, Venice, Italy, November, 2014.
    • "'Who are you?': human profiling and behaviour analysis", Ocean University of China, China University of Petroleum (Huadong) and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China, September, 2014. Invited talk.
    • "Markov Chain Monte Carlo approaches in computer vision", Shanghai University, China, December, 2013. Invited talk.
    • "'Who are you?': human profiling and behaviour analysis", China-UK Symposium on Life System Modeling & Simulation, Colchester, United Kingdom, August, 2013. Keynote speech. 
    • "Computer vision techniques for video surveillance", IASTED International Conference on Computer Graphics and Imaging, Innsbruck, Austria, February, 2013. Tutorial.
    • "Human profiling and event recognition in video surveillance", University of Ulster, United Kingdom, February, 2012. Invited talk.
    • "Multimedia analysis and reuse of raw unedited audiovisual contents", Aston University, United Kingdom, January, 2009. Invited talk.
    • "Human motion tracking and rehabilitation", The Technology Partnership, Melbourn, United Kingdom, February, 2008. Invited talk.
    • "Audiovisual tracking using STAC sensors", University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom, December, 2007. Invited talk.
    • "Smart sensor for human movement tracking", The IEE Seminar on Sensor System for Intelligent Buildings, Birmingham, United Kingdom, November, 2004. Invited talk.
    • "Efficient motion tracking using gait analysis", McGill University, Montreal, Canada, May, 2004. Invited talk.

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