University of Minnesota, Instructor - Department of Applied Economics
Numerical analysis software (MATLAB) course for PhDs Aug. 2013

University of Minnesota, Teaching Assistant - Department of Applied Economics
Applied Microeconomic Analysis of Game Theory and Information for PhDs (Instructor: Prof. Terrance Hurley) Spring 2015
Applied Microeconomic Analysis of Social Choice and Welfare for PhDs (Instructor: Prof. Jay Coggins) Spring 2015
Managerial Economics (Instructor: Prof. Jeffrey Apland) Fall 2014
Principles of Microeconomics (Instructor: Prof. Donald Liu) Fall 2013

Duke University, Teaching Assistant - Department of Economics
Advanced Microeconomic Theory Graduate Level (Instructor: Prof. Charles Becker) Fall 2012

Duke University, Teaching Assistant - Sanford School of Public Policy
SAFEA Executive Development Program in Public Policy and Management (Instructor: Joseph Tham) Fall 2011