Huichun Sun

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Applied Economics at University of Minnesota, twin cities.

My research interests are at the intersection of Applied Microeconomics and Agricultural Economics. Currently, I address questions that may guide policy makers considering issues in pest resistance management and policy, and that seek to promote the adoption of new technologies. 

Before starting my PhD, I obtained my master's degree in Economics from Duke University, and my bachelor's degree in Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SHUFE).

I am on the job market this year, and will be available for interview at the ASSA meeting in Philadelphia in January 2018.

 Contact:  University of Minnesota,
   Department of Applied Economics,
   248 A, Ruttan Hall, 1994 Buford Avenue,

 St Paul, MN 55108
 Phone:  (612) 877-0415

[Last Update: 2017/10/26]