Casebook and Other Materials for Professor Huhn's Course

This site is designed for students in Professor Huhn's Constitutional Law classes at the University of Akron School of Law.   
To contact Professor Huhn, send him an email at  The discussion group and dropbox for completed assignments is on the University of Akron's Springboard, accessible only to students registered for Professor Huhn's courses.
From this page and the navigation bar at the left you may access Professor Huhn's casebook (American Constitutional Law, Volumes 1 and 2, password required), syllabi for the course, summaries of different areas of Constitutional Law, chapter quizzes, and prior examinations and exam advice. You will also find a brief list of scholarship regarding broad areas of Constitutional Law.
There are also separate pages for "hot topics" in Constitutional Law, pending Supreme Court cases, and recently decided Supreme Court cases.  There is also a page for additional resources in Constitutional history, with selected works of constitutional importance by leading figures in American history including Daniel Webster, Abraham Lincoln, and Robert Jackson.
This website also contains information about Professor Huhnhis scholarship in the field of Constitutional Law, and briefs that he has filed in constitutional law cases. Professor Huhn blogs about constitutional cases and other legal issues in the news at and  Akron Law Cafe.  A summary of those posts is also available from this website.

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