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Part II:Strategies and Skill Building

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"Entertaining, fun, and educational. This HUG programs reminds me why I love this work!"
Denise Shaver, RN, BSN, Publich Health Home Visiting Nurse

The HUG Strategies & Skill Building
Four Contact Hours Credit
Contact Hour Credit provided by  Lamaze, DONA,  CAPPA  ICEA  


Explore an innovative approach to connecting with young families. "Start Here not There", "See then Share", and "Gaze then Engage" will be explained, case studies described and educational resources provided.

Discover the medical and child development literature used to develop HUG Your Baby. Gain insight and skills into how to help parents with issues around crying, eating, sleeping, and attachment. Experience the power of parent stories, role playing, and case studies.

  • shows how the HUG Strategies enhance parent's confidence and care of their baby
  • demonstrates how use of the HUG Strategies enhances the patient-provider relationship 
  • provides more in-depth review of medical and child development literature on infant zones, crying, eating, sleeping, and play
  • enhances providers' ability to demonstrate baby's abilities to see, hear and respond to her parents
  • reviews impact of The HUG on fathering and on secure attachment
  • presents case studies, video analysis, HUG Your Baby blogs, and problem-solving experiences
  • Click HERE for Objectives, Outline, and Bibliography
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