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Part III:Certified HUG Teacher

It's for You!
Nurses, Doulas, Childbirth Educators,
Midwives, Infant Massage Educators, Lactation Specialist
Early Childhood/Parent Educators, and Childcare Professionals

Approved for 12 Contact Hours credit by DONA, CAPPA, ICEA, 
NC Nurses and Lamaze (competencies 2 and 4)
Though many professionals will feel that introduction to The HUG material via the online course or an on-site training is sufficient, others will seek a deeper understanding of the background, techniques and applications of The HUG. 
How will HUG Certification Benefit my Practice?
  1. Boost your knowledge, confidence, and skills with young families. (Study engaging material and receive two phone coaching sessions with Jan Tedder, HYB president.)
  2. Increase your recognition as an expert on babies. (Be acknowledged on the HUG Your Baby website.
  3. Increase your business.  (Use ready-made course which easily brings new business your way.)
  4. Enhance your teaching resources. (Join HUG Your Baby for PROFESSIONALS at Facebook.)  
  5. Earn Continuing Education credit. (Approved by ICEA, DONA, CAPPA, and North Carolina Nurses Assn)
What are the pre-requisites to become a Certified HUG Teacher?
  1. Be a certified, licensed or credentialed:
    • professional infant, child or maternity healthcare provider (nurses, doctors, physician assistants, midwives, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nutritionists, doulas, childbirth educators, lactation specialists, parent educator and infant massage educators
    • or, a childcare or early childhood professional.
  2. Have a Certificate of Completion for   The HUG Introduction Part I &Skill Building Class Part II (either from the online course or from a Live, all-day program)
What is the training process?
See expected time requirements here
  1. Complete Required Readings and review study questions.
  2. Use and document your use of The HUG with 2 families and a HUG class, or with 4 families if teaching a class is not part of your usual job. 
  3. Submit (or collaborate with Jan Tedder to author) one (1) HUG Your Baby Blog story. 
  4. Pass the Certified HUG Teacher exam (passing grade is 70%)
 What does a Certified HUG Teacher Receive?
  1. Access to the online Certified HUG Teacher course (access available for 6 months)
  2. Parent DVD "The HUG: Understanding the Secret Language of the Newborn”
  3. Tips and tools for teaching a HUG class.
  4. Handout for parents: "Understanding the Secret Language of a Newborn" (Packet of 5, more may be ordered)
  5. “Ask me about the HUG” button: to prompt questions from staff and patients
  6. Subscription for The HUG  Newsletter
  7. Certified HUG Teacher Certificate (when course is completed)
  8. Name and contact information included on our website: Certified HUG Teachers. 
 What is required to maintain HUG Teacher Certification?
  1. Every three years:  Teach at least six HUG classes  OR document six new parent visits using the “Visit with Parent” form. 
  2. Make Understanding the Secret language of a Newborn Handout, The HUG Your Baby DVD, and HUG Your Baby E-Newsletter for Parents available to the families you serve.
  3. Discount on Handouts and DVDs available to Certified HUG Teachers
  4. Maintain HUG Your Baby Membership & Networking.(Dues are $75 every 3 years – due by January 15th).

What is the cost of this program? 

If you have already purchased this course through CAPPA and want to return to your course or purchase another course, please go to this link.


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