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 HUG Your Baby Training Online Courses
Enjoy as an individual course, or take all 3 for certification
Contact Hour Credit provided by  NC Nurses Assn, DONA,  CAPPA, and  ICEA 
Lamaze (Credit approval under learning competencies of 2 and 4)
Part I: HUG Your Baby -
Helping Parents Understand their Newborn
2 Contact Hours Credit - $35
This program gives professionals strategies and tools to help parents prevent or solve problems around newborn sleep, eating, playing, and attachment. Professionals will be able to boost parent confidence, enhance breastfeeding, and promote bonding.
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Part II: HUG Strategies and Skill Building
4 Contact Hours Credit - $65
HUG Strategies:
Explore an innovative approach to connecting with young families. "Start Here not There", "See then Share", and "Gaze then Engage" will be explained, case studies described and educational resources provided.
HUG Skill Building:
Discover the medical and child development literature used to develop HUG Your Baby. Gain insight and skills into how to help parents with issues around crying, eating, sleeping and attachment.  Experience the power of parent stories, role playing and case studies.
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Part III: Certified HUG Teacher Training 
12 Contact Hours Credit - $150
Allowed one year to complete certification
Prepare to teach The HUG to expectant and new parents. Reflect on engaging articles and blogs, discover ready-to-use teaching materials, and participate in effective classroom or one-on-one education of parents.
PRE-REQUISITE: completion of Parts I & I
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 Specialized Online Training
Lactation Course:
The Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success:Teach Child Development to Extend Breastfeeding Duration
3 (L) CERP or Contact Hours Credit - $60
Research confirms that women abandon breastfeeding when they misunderstand a baby's behavior or misinterpret normal variations in breast milk production. This program reviews normal developmental events from birth to one year that are commonly misunderstood by mothers. Engaging parent video, educational music videos, professional PowerPoint lecture, and  memorable graphics make this program a fun and effective way to gain skills and resources to extend your patient's breastfeeding duration.

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  Participants must complete entire course to obtain credit.

This is an accredited activity and does not imply endorsement by the NCNA.
DISCLOSURE: HUG Your Baby has a parent educational DVD and handouts for sale as well as other professional educational activities. However, these educational activities are free of commercial advertising of products.