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HUG Teachers

Certified HUG Teachers in your neighborhood!
USA Teachers:
Daphne - Pam McKimie, DCP(AAIM)  pmckimie@gmail.com  Read her blog

Fair Oaks - Terrin Henderson, OT, CBE (ICEA)  terrinann@yahoo.com Read her blog
Estes Park -  Nicole Frens, Doula, CBE. birthnic@live.com  Read her blog
Ft. Lauderdale - Trudie Jones, Doula doulatrudie@yahoo.com  Read her blog
Jupiter - Holly Phelan, Doula hollyphelan@gmail.com Read her blog
Jupiter - Susan Schwiering, Doula  susan@naturalnewborn.net Read her blog
Lutz - Sydnie Arnold, Doula (DONA), LCCE  sydniearnold@gmail.com  Read her blog
Orlando - Julee Waldrop, FNP, PNP, PhD Julee.Waldrop@ucf.edu  Read her Blog
Palm Beach Gardens - Sarah Venzara, CAPPA Doula  sarahisondoula@gmail.com  Read her blog  
Titusville - Kimberly Severson, CD(DONA), CCCE, CLC kim@birthingbrevard.com Read her blog

Augusta - Kaye Kennamer, RN, BSN, LCCE Kaye.Kennamer@trinityofaugusta.com  Read her blog

Manhattan - Kristin Cottam, CBE kristin_cottam@mercyregional.org Read her blog

Chicago - Chastity Owens chastity.rolling@gmail.com Read her blog
Grayslake - Lindsey Fry lindseyvanessen@gmail.com  Read her blog
Libertyville - Jennifer Johnson  jennifer.johnson@advocatehealth.com  Read her blog

Branchville - Victoria Deer Victoria.Deer@deaconess.com Read her blog
Metro Detroit - Jill Reiter theafterbabylady@gmail.com See her website.  Read her blog.

St. Louis - Alisa Perozo-Dickerson starshine1985@gmail.com Read her blog
Warrensburg - Christine Lichte sclichte@charter.net  Read her blog
Waterford Works - Mary Kling, Doula mary_kling@yahoo.com, Visit her website  Read her blog
NEW York
Brooklyn - Ellynne Skove, Development Movement Therapist Specialist  e2bklyn@mindspring.com  Visit her website   Read her blog
Raleigh - Chaille O'Neal, RN, CBE    familydynamic@yahoo.com  
Cary - Pam Diamond, Doula pjdisme@gmail.com  Visit her website   Read her blog
Cary - Jan T. Wells, Infant Massage Educator   jan@greatbirth.me Visit her website  Read her blog
Cary - Heather Smith, Post Partum Doula  heather@trianglemothercare.com Read her blog
Chapel Hill - Barbara Hotelling, WHNP, Doula  barbara@hotelling.net  Visit her website   Read her blog 
Chapel Hill - Nancy Spencer, Parent Educator  ncnancyspencer@gmail.com Visit her website  Read her blog
Chapel Hill - Evette Horton gehorton@email.unc.edu Read her blog
Charlotte - Leslie Gallimore, Doula, CBE lesliegallimore@yahoo.com  Read her blog
Durham - Joanne Dahill, Doula    journey2health@verizon.net   Visit her website Read her blog
Durham - Sandra Janovitch Doula  sjanovitch@gmail.com 
Garner - Gail Dixon, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA), CCBE, LCCE, LE   dixonhgp@yahoo.com   Read her blog
Hunterville - Lisa Mather, IBCLC, llmather@yahoo.com, Read her blog
Mt. Ulla - Connie Hoffner, RN, IBCLC  cshoffner@novanthealth.org Read her blog
Murphy - Carri Jump carriljump@hotmail.com  Read her blog
Murphy - Georgia Bull  gebull21@hotmail.com  Read her blog
Winston Salem - Phyllis D'Agostino, CD (DONA), CPD (DONA), LCCE, NCPEN  familycaredoula@gmail.com Read her blog
Olmsted Township, Ohio - Emily Walder, RN. CD walden.emily_b@yahoo.com Read her blog
Racine - Debbie Hill, Parent Educator. debbie.hill0352@yahool.com  Read her blog.
Lynchburg - Laura, Knisley, IBCLC. lauraknisley@ymail.com  Read her blog

Uslter - Michelle Delp, RN, ICCE  delpgang@npacc.net   Read her blog
Beaufort - Gale Touger, BSN, FNP gale@touger.net  Read her blog
Lebanon - Sarah McKay, Doula, Lactation Educator sarah@ninemonthsandbeyond.com  Visit her website  Read her blog
Louisville - Lori Wade, Doula. loriwade4@gmail.com  Read her blog
Ooltewah - Rebeca Perez rebecap@hamiltontn.gov Read her blog

 Rapid City - Vonda Gates, RN, ICCE, ICD, IAT.  Vonda@BirthBasics.org Visit her website   Read her blog
Chesterfield - Tammy Ratliff, RN, IBCLC, CEIM  tammythern00@gmail.com  Read her blog
Richmond - Susan McGrath, RN, IBCLC  Susan.Mcgrath@hcahealthcare.com  Read her blog
Roanoke -  Angela Kinzie, IBCLC   agkinzie@carilionclinic.org  Read her blog
Alexandria - Sharon Stevenson, Doula sharon@yogabirthandbeyond.com  Visit her website  Read her blog

Edmonds - Kathryn Wilson, LC, CBE, Postpartum Doula  kathy@fourthtrimester.com Visit her webpage   Read her blog

West Virginia
Huntington - Crystal Pelfrey, Early Childhood Educator cpelfrey@aol.com  Read her blog
West Columbia - Debbie Hill  debbie.hill0352@yahoo.com Read her Blog 

International Teachers:
Adelaide, South Australia - Kelly Harper, Postpartum Doula. kelly@elementalbeginnings.net  Visit her website. Read her blog.
Avalon, NSW -  Megan Ritchie megsie.avalon@bigpond.com  Read her blog.
Brisbane, Queensland - Anne Thistleton, Educator, Sleep counselor info@thebabycalmer.com.au   Visit her website. Read her blog.
Hobart, Tasmania - Georgia Hodges, Midwife georgie.hodges@gmail.com  Visit her blog
Hobart,Tasmania - Sue Lee, RN, sue.geddington@gmail.com, Visit her blog 
Melbourne - Denise Harris  harrisden28@hotmail.com Visit her blog
North Curl, NSW - Pam Aherns, Midwife pammiahrens@hotmail.com, Visit her blog.
Parkdale, Victoria -  Sandra Morgan-Young  Morgies@optusnet.com.au Read her blog.
Patterson Lakes, Victoria - Carol Pywell carol.pywell@gmail.com Read her blog.
Portarlington, Victoria - Colleen Morrision   bibys@bigpond.com  Read her blog.
Ajax, Ontario - Amy Leung, RN, Postpartum Doula. aleung16@gmail.com  Read her blog.

Tehran - Maryam Mozafarinia - NICU Nurse smaryammozafari@yahoo.com  Read her blog

Genoa - Benedetta Costa - benecost@gmail.com Read her blog  

Tokyo - Yoko Shimpuku - Midwifery Faculty   yokokitty@gmail.com Read her blog. Visit the Japanese Website
Chiba - Yasue Ota - Midwifery Faculty yohta@juntendo.ac.jp Read her blog.

Shah Alam - Ning Desiyanti Soehartojo,MD ningds@gmail.com Read her blog.  

Casablanca - Zahra Bouchibti  zahrabouchibti@hotmail.com  Read her blog.

In addition to the Certified HUG Teachers above, 230 dedicated and enthusiastic professionals are well on their way to becoming Certified HUG Teachers. Can't wait for that group HUG!!
What will Certified HUG Teachers do for you?
Certified HUG Teachers will soon be available to offer  "Understanding your newborn" in a class near you!  In addition they will be prepared to use The HUG techniques and strategies to help you prevent and solve problems around a baby's breastfeeding, crying, sleeping, and around parent-child attachment and bonding.Give them a call!

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