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Handouts for Parents

Engaging Handouts
for Efficient and Effective Parent Education

Understanding the Secret Language of a Newborn Handout
offers clear, engaging language helps parents read and understand their baby's body language. Captures key information from The HUG DVD to prevent and solve problems around
a baby's eating, sleeping, crying and attachment.
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The Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success Handout (below)
Extend Breastfeeding Duration!
Handout provides lactation education and support from prenatal to baby's first birthday. 
Clarifies normal child development--and breast milk production--changes that mothers often misunderstand or misinterpret as breastfeeding problems. 
Back of handout explains each Roadmap step along the way!
Front of handout is available as a poster (18x24") to display in your facility.
Order handout and poster HERE.