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Newsletters for Parents
All parents are excited, and sometimes a bit worried, about being a new mother or father. But knowledge is power, and this HUG Your Baby e-newsletter will boost your confidence and give you the skills and resources you want and need! 
Complete the form below to receive the free e-newsletter for parents. After the free series, if your wish you may sign up HERE for the 10-week follow-up series.   

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Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success E-newsletters for Parents
This year-long E-Newsletter series for parents begins prenatally, continue weekly for 12 weeks, then monthly for a year. 
E-newsletters cover important developmental events that impact breastfeeding from birth to one year such as:
  • Increased crying at two- weeks
  • Squirmy, active sleep of the one month old
  • Confusing distractibility of the four-month-old
  • Teething of the six-month-old etc., etc! 
Roadmap E-newsletters have video links to parents encountering expected, but sometimes stressful, changes in their baby's behavior. Stay ahead of the game! Understand what these changes mean. Learn how to respond effectively so that YOU and YOUR baby are thriving!  

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Contact Jan (hugyourbaby@earthlink.net) for discounted rate to enroll the parents you serve

Newsletters for Professionals 
Newsletters designed for the busy professionals who want quick, but effective, tips for supporting expectant and young parents. Complete the form below to receive the free e-newsletter for professionals.