Evolutionary psychology

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Evolutionary psychology is a cross between cognitive psychology and evolutionary biology. More precisely, evolutionary psychologists use evolutionary biology to make educated guesses regarding the function of cognitive mechanisms. This framework has proven to be quite controversial since it has been introduced in the late eighties. However, it is more and more influential, and now many psychologists will provide at least a 'just so story' explaining why the cognitive mechanisms their theories postulate are evolutionarily plausible. 

     Adaptive thinking is the drawing of inferences from the function of a mechanism to its structure, or working. This has been instrumental in developing the view of reasoning I subscribe to. According to this view, reasoning has an argumentative function. On evolutionary grounds, a good argument can be made that this function is much more plausible than the function which is generally attributed to reasoning (i.e. improving the epistemic status of our beliefs, making better decisions, dealing with novelty).

Darwin's tree of life, from one of his notebooks.


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